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It has been known to many as a "Bird of Doom", for it causes bad luck to anyone who sees it.
Honey Island Swamp Monster (Crbaochyungothropuis paludosus), is a large, hairy, bipedal creature that has gray fur, yellow eyes, and resembles bigfoot. Seen in Ghost in the Machine, where it is seen and revealed to be the first cryptid Doc Saturday tracked. Ever since Harlan Ford and Robert Mills initially saw the creature in 1963 and the presentation of a footprint cast in 1974 there have been various reported sightings of the Honey Island Swamp Creature.
There are many cryptids called "Bigfoot" found throughout the world, although it is commonly used to describe the North American Sasquatch. Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free. It wasn’t until 1974 when the two friends returned to the Honey Island Swamp to hunt for ducks that they saw signs of the monster again. These sightings include that of Ted Williams who claims to have seen the creature numerous times and is noted to have said that there is more than just Honey Island Swamp. You may be looking for Sasquatch, a term for the North American ape commonly called Bigfoot..
The term is sometimes synonymized with Sasquatch, a hominoid cryptid found in North America. Some, such as the yeti, colloquially known as the abominable snowman, are believed to inhabit Tibet, Nepal, and India, while Yeren are alleged to inhabit Hubei, China.
Ever wondered what would happen if the world's greatest detective faced the world's greatest thief on a match of wits and resources? This time, although the friends did not see the creature again, they were treated to an array of dead wild boars.
Williams used to say that he had never attempted to shoot any of the creatures because they did not seem to want to harm him either.
Well, today's session will deal with such scenario by pitting the Gentleman Ghost against Batman. Ford and his Friend Robert Mills were in the swamp lands looking for an abandoned camp that they had spotted from the air.
At present, there has been no news on Ted Williams since he was reported to have disappeared one day when he took his boat into the deeper part of the Honey Island Swamp. It is believed that Bigfoot stands at around eight to ten feet tall--however the Hibagon stands at only four to five feet--and has long arms. Witness in amazement as the Cadaverous Cavalier of Crime confronts the Dark Knight on a series of battles that would make them sworn enemies. This ghost bird of Scotland was famously seen at the eve of the battle of Culloden in Scotland's history. They came into a clearing and were surprised to see in front of them a massive creature that was down on all fours. Mills asked Ford as to what the creature was, it supposedly heard them and faced the two men, after a while it stood up and ran back into the bush.

Not wanting to risk their necks, the friends left the Honey Island Swamp and only came back later that night to create a cast of the prints they had found beside the boar. It has very large feet, which is why it is called "Bigfoot." Some people believe that Bigfoot is the descendant of the prehistoric giant orangutan Gigantopithecus, whereas others think it descended from prehistoric homininds such as a Neanderthal Man or Australopithecus. It's Showtime!The stories that we will see today were taken from Batman # 310, 318 and 319 as well as Detective Comics # 526. This creature has been sighted in The Honey Island Swamp, which is located in Louisiana USA. The two men ran after the creature in an attempt to get a better look at it, but all they found were its tracks. The plaster cast prints remain until today and have helped dispute claims that the wild boar killings were only that of an alligator.
This area is a vast swamp land that is located in the middle of the east and west Pearl Rivers. The nocturnal mood helps a lot to picture this poetic struggle between two opposite forces. It has been sighted walking upright and down on all four, it is described as a huge, wooly, bipedal mammal, near 7 feet tall with a weight of roughly 400 and 500 lbs., with sickly yellow eyes. We all knew that it was inevitable to see the Gentleman Ghost testing his skills by duking it out with Batman.
The Honey Island Swamp is located in Louisiana and is a vast swamp land that is located in the middle of the east and west Pearl Rivers. It's like a modern fight between Moriarty and Holmes.At the beginning of our first story, Batman is seen preventing a robbery at the Riverside Museum.
A part of the Honey Island Swamp is under the protection of the Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge and the other part is managed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The fists of Batman burn with the fires of justice as he easily pummels the would-be robbers. It was during the 1960s, as the human population started to encroach upon the swamplands that sightings of a tall, wooly, bipedal mammal were reported.
It's an easy job for Batman but soon he's about to face a powerful opponent as he starts hearing an eerie voice. The Gentleman Ghost has arrived.The Gentleman Ghost and his gang escape with their loot afterwards, leaving Batman with a feeling of bitterness and fury. Batman had already heard about James Craddock from Hawkman's reports and he was skeptical too about Craddock been a real ghost. What Batman regrets more than been humbled by the Gentleman Ghost is the fact that there were some golden lanterns from Wayne Manor among the stolen treasures.
Batman tries contacting Alfred considering his knowledge about English History but he's nowhere to be seen.
A surprise is already waiting for him inside.If the Gentleman Ghost had a face then you could see the satisfaction of stealing prized treasures from the Wayne Family as well as the loyalty of Alfred Pennyworth. Let's see why Alfred has become loyal to James Craddock.Batman arrives to fight once more with the phantom plunderer.

One of GG's flintlock guns is taken by Alfred as he is ordered to shoot Batman.Alfred manages to free himself from GG's mental control thru sheer force of will and the feelings of friendship towards the dark knight. It's quite bothersome for a man who fancies himself as the world's greatest detective.Several months later, two hoodlums enter the Eternal Gate Cemetery at Gotham City to steal some gold that was hidden inside one of the crypts. It seems somebody was already inside the crypt before them.Once again we get another badass cover from Joe Kubert. This time the Gentleman Ghost savors victory before Batman's possible demise as if it was a famous painting.The Gentleman Ghost and his two new lackeys return to their criminal careers by robbing a nice amount of industrial diamonds but it'd not take much time for Batman to face them. Our caped crusader makes short work of GG's lackeys and prepares himself to put a black eye over GG's monocle.
Craddock is not impressed by Batman's skills and challenges him to a duel between gentlemen.It's delightful for the Gentleman Ghost to recognize that he favors more melodramatic death-traps instead of relying on murder and chaos.
It's also nice for him to express the fun he has been enjoying by defeating Batman.Batman uses his skills to escape this death-trap and follows the Gentleman Ghost towards Wayne Manor. Wasn't it a better idea for Batman to remain undercover at the masquerade instead of having to meet GG at the old factory? Batman faces several clones of the phantom plunderer at the costume party but deduces that the real one might be already escaping. Theirs is a battle that won't be won by strength alone but thanks to intelligence and strategies.It wouldn't be until 1983 that the Gentleman Ghost would haunt the lives of the Bat-Family and not exactly on the same manner that he did on the stories above.
At least he was considered as one of the villains that appeared on this cover.The plot of this story is quite simple.
The Joker and Killer Croc have gathered all the villains that have faced Batman before to wreak havoc all over Gotham. It seems that the Gentleman Ghost received an invitation to this meeting.During this storyline we also get to see Jason Todd (with his real hair color) becoming the second Robin for the very first time. He discovers a secret meeting between the Gentleman Ghost, Killer Moth, Two-Face and the second Clayface.This alliance of evil starts planning to take control over Gotham City by betraying Killer Croc. It's thanks to the Gentleman Ghost and the second Clayface that they start eliminating all kinds of resistance.As you might imagine, the Bat-Family manages to imprison most of the villains except for certain mischievous monocled mugger. Maybe he got bored of trying to conquer one city while the whole world could offer him endless treasures for him to steal.
He would always get the last laugh against the super powered community and that's already a victory for him.That's all for today, me duckies, and I hope to see you next year (I am not going to be at my home for 2 weeks as part of my vacations) for more episodes of this elegant saga. I will assure you that next episodes will deal with what I consider the swan song of the Gentleman Ghost before the Crisis on Infinite Earths changed it all.

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