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The Royal Medallion of Kumari Kandam was originally given to a Kumari king by a Sumerian during Kumari's trading age. Ulraj is a Kumari and the king of Kumari Kandam as well as Zak Saturday's friend in The Secret Saturdays. He returns in The Underworld Bride to join the Saturdays on a visit to New Guinea to find a new cryptid that tries to kill and eat Zon. In War of the Cryptids, he leads his Kingdom in the counter offensive against the cryptid armies of V. The Kumari Kandam Sea Serpent, or simply Kumari Serpent as Zak Saturday calls it, is an enormous sea serpent that carries the city of Kumari Kandam on it's back (thats how Kumari Kandam moved). It was prevented from attacking a beach when Zak Saturday, being carried by Zon, was able to get close enough to it to use his cryptid power and several cortex disruptors on it.
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The episode starts off with Drew and Doc training with each other in the airship. They are positive that Zak is in bed, while he actually stays up to watch Wierd World with Komodo, Fiskerton, and Zon.
Zak uses the Cortex Disrupter for the first time in the series, and it shows that he may need more time to learn how to use it.

The writing on the face translates to "Before the Breath of Kur the sentinels will fall," referring to how it is used to summon a spirit to defeat the stone sentinels guarding Kur's tomb that would otherwise attack all intruders. He tries to train Zak Saturday with his cryptid skills by practicing on Rhinoceros Dolphins and later on combat training. With the help of Zak Saturday, they are able to break Rani Nagi's control and with the help of Ulraj and the kumaris they were able to defeat the Nagas. Stream cartoons The Secret Saturdays Episode 6 Episode Description : The King of Kumari Kandam After the Saturdays track down the Popobawa in Pemba, Tanzania, they receive a distress call from a Secret Scientist claiming that the lost city of Kumari Kandam has resurfaced. Like other Kumarians, he is shown to be able to detect magnetic fields, shown when Komodo tried to sneak up on him, which can be blocked by rubber. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again.
The next morning, the Saturdays track down a Cryptid called the Popobawa, however Komodo steals the eggs from the Popobawa's nest, and she swoops in to grab her eggs back from Komodo. Fiskerton gets a hold of the eggs, and tosses them to Zak.
He tried to help Zak catch Zon by setting up a trap using a fishing net and fish, when asked how and why he knew how to catch birds he said "We do have to eat". But later reveals he is not attracted to her, he just doesn't like losing any thing to Zak. It is very unlikely that this great beast has a vast population range, but we can say that these cryptids don't have short life-spans. Doc and Drew are captured by his soldiers, while Zak and the cryptids escape to safety in the airship.

They say no, and also reveal that they knew he was watching Weird World. They then receive a distress call from another Secret Scientist that the lost city of Kumari Kandam has resurfaced.
Argost and Munya escaped with the medallion which Ulraj stated to be to dangerous to wield. They return to save Doc and Drew when they meet Ulraj (a prince whose father was killed by Argost’s plan) who is the rightful heir to the city. Unfortunately, despite saving the city and the Indian subcontinent, Drew is injured and Argost and Munya escape with another clue to locating Kur. Doc and Drew are captured by his soldiers, while Zak and his cryptids escape in the airship. They later return to save Doc and Drew when they meet the true king of the city and help him reclaim his throne. Despite saving the city, Drew is injured and Argost escapes with the Royal Medallion of Kumari Kandam, another clue to finding Kur.

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