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As large as it appears on the surface, the complex appears to extend for miles underground. When the House's System is going on a reboot in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner, it leaves Zak quite a pickle. It is barely seen throughout the series, since the Saturdays spend most of their time traveling the world in search of Cryptids. Fans assume that it will be rebuilt at the end of season 2, however, this is not yet prove true.
Parts of it is seen again in And Your Enemies Closer, and it's also mentioned again by Zak, that he and Fiskerton were doing some house cleaning, decribing their home.
Probably after the end of War of the Cryptids The Saturdays have probably gone back to their H.Q. As of War of the Cryptids it is safe to say that the Saturday HQ is all fixed and ready to go. Doc Saturday (adopted father) Drew Saturday (adopted mother) Zak Saturday (adopted brother) Fiskerton Saturday (adopted brother) Zon Saturday (adopted sister) Doyle Blackwell (maternal adopted uncle).
Komodo Saturday is the cryptid pet and adopted brother of Zak Saturday, Fiskerton, and Zon, and the adopted son of Doc Saturday and Drew Saturday. Komodo is a 250-pound, genetically altered Komodo Dragon owned by the Saturday family that has a voracious appetite.
As shown in Kur:Part One, Doc has made a treadmill-like machine which Komodo hooks up to and makes the airship invisible. In The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl, it revealed he can talk, because when they put on the mask in the Aztec Temple he touched Doc's leg and he said "Right here". Komodo is the only member of the Saturday Family not shown in the Expansion Teaser for FusionFall.

Komodo was probably the only character from the Secret Saturdays "rough draft" known as "Cryptids" to be maintained before revision. In the Cartoon Network game, Code of the Cryptids a Chupacabra mobile wallpaper is available for download, when the player finds all the artifacts on all levels.
Reports tell of a creature that resembles a living sauropod (long necked and extremely long tailed dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Diplodocus). In War of the Cryptids, Mokele Mbembes are shown walking on their hind legs fighting with Argost. The Crime Data Base is the computer database network that the Saturdays use to learn about the criminals they might come across, it is unlocked by an eye scan.
In the episode "Van Rook's Apprentice," when Drew Saturday is scanning the Crime Data Base, Hex, Enoch, and Dr. This means that their home is probably been repaired already, or has at least begin or almost finshed reconstruction.
The waheela is said to be a meter and a half tall at the shoulders, and be built much bulkier than today's North American wolf. Komodo’s few strands of mutated DNA make him unique, giving him the ability to become invisible, something that comes in handy when Zak needs a partner for his stealth explorations. Komodo dislikes this because he struck Doc and Fisk with his tail after they un-hooked him. Komodo Dragons were once unknown to science, but has since become one of the most studied animals in science. However, it has been also known for attacking pigs, chickens, and cows in addition to their common goat prey.
Although real sauropods could stand for a while on two legs, they had to walk on all fours.

In addition to sophisticated intruder detection systems, an electric fence also rings the compound.
Many believe that this could be a living fossil--though still a very large variety--of dire or timber wolf. However, despite being as loyal as man's best friend, he would change his allegiance for a good meal.
However, since the difference between animals and cryptids are genetic in the show, Zak can still control Komodo like any other cryptid. Recent sightings of one that resembles an amalgam of animals are coming from Puerto Rico's El Yunque National Park. Zak mentions Interpol when accessing it in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner indicating its their criminal data base. Its unknown if this is merely a homage by the producers or if the two series exist in the same canon, although not likely as Ben would have probably tried to help in bigger situations, then again it could be before Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben Doesnt have the omnitrix. Zak seemed to have Komodo first, even before Zon and Fiskerton, and it is unknown how long Zak has had him.
Later, Doc opened the door for him, and then the Chupacabra was walking out in the line of cryptids.
This beast actually resembles more to the types of elephant-fish seen throughout Egypt, the Congo, Gambia, Asia, Australia, and the upper and lower ice lands.

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