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BREAKING NEWS – Cartagena, Colombia – Approximately a dozen Secret Service agents covering President Obama in Colombia for a leaders summit, were sent back to the United States because of allegations involving prostitution.
FacebookBlake GranthamAccording my psychiatrist, my progression into madness has slowed down. An unlicensed driver was trying to pass a car in New Hampshire when he collided head-on with a car carrying four Secret Service agents, according to the New York Post. It is reported that the snow in New Hampshire had made the roads very slippery, and that the unlicensed driver, Bruce Danforth, 45, made his fatal mistake shortly after 7 p.m.
Police said an autopsy has been done on Bruce Danforth, and the blood-analysis results would take weeks to arrive. The agents sustained serious, but non-life-threatening injuries, according to a Secret Service spokesperson. 4 Secret Service agents hospitalized after fatal car crash in New Hampshire yesterday evening, police say. Court records show that since 2010 Danforth had been charged seven times with driving while his license was revoked or suspended. Police confirmed that there was no improper driving on the part of the Secret Service agents. Hillary Clinton sent her condolences and prayers to those involved, saying she was saddened and concerned to hear about the crash. Secret Service agents are required to travel regularly as they protect politicians and foreign dignitaries, and this is just one of the dangers and stresses of the fraught work.

Check out the #SecretService crash in NH and an Avon mans' bady who was kidnapped found!
Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx: Are They Moving In Together And Pregnant Or On The Verge Of A Breakup? The Secret Service adapts the comic book of the same name for the big screen, with Colin Firth playing a suave super spy recruiting a young British thug into the world of espionage.
I’ve read a few issues of the comic, and the basic premise is that it follows a young punk kid from England, with a bad mom who just started dating some new jerk, when his uncle shows up after years of being absent, and the uncle tries to do something for his nephew as a way of honoring his brother.
The comic isn’t bad, though it was delayed, and I suspect on purpose, for the film so as to not spoil the ending.
The Secret Service wants to know if you were just being sarcastic right there in that last Tweet. But the Secret Service thinks it has a solution to its slow wits when it comes to getting the joke—data! If this technology ever makes it onto the open market, online dating will never be the same.
A White House official, who refused to be named, revealed the man entered the backstage area during or just after Obama’s speech at the Walter E.
Trump Completely Rips Obama for Lack of Action to Help the African-American Community— But Is He Right? All of the men sent packing stated that they cannot go into the intimate details, because each individual prostitute’s kinky services is a secret.

The four security men in the second car were on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s protective detail. A northbound Mercury Sable with three people inside crossed over a double yellow solid line and hit the agents’ Taurus. The names of the agents involved in the incident have not been released, possibly due to their involvement with the protective detail of a presidential candidate.
The repeat offender had been fined hundreds of dollars for his drug-related and driving-related offences and had spent some time in a county jail.
A government official revealed that they were en route from one campaign event to another at the time of the accident.
Washington Convention Center as members of Congress gathered there to have their pictures taken with the president. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. Danforth’s most recent arrest in January this year had resulted in him being ordered to pay $620.

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