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Following the Famous Five 70th anniversary celebrations, another classic Blyton series gets a brand-new look for today's readers from the ever-popular Tony Ross. In their first adventure, the gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow .
Each book features rarely seen bonus Blyton: extra stories, a quiz, additional artwork and insights into Blyton's life and writing process. Enid Blyton, 1897-1968, wrote over 600 books for children, and is still regarded as one of the most popular of all children's writers.
Secret Seven Book Series — Buy Secret Seven Book Series, Price , Photo Secret Seven Book Series, from Navrang Bookseller,Company. Get latest priceDescriptionThe Secret Seven of the group are : Peter (the group leader), Janet, Jack, Barbara, George, Pam and Colin. They meet every holiday in the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet's garden - and solve mysteries, and eat lots of delicious food.
In the 2008 Costa Book Awards, Enid Blyton was voted the best-loved author, ahead of JK Rowling and Shakespeare. But since then some below-par artwork has crept in, ranging from really naff to downright atrocious. Her books are translated into more than 90 languages, and have been adapted for film and TV. I can see that this topic might spark a deluge of suggestions for the Worst Cover, and anything I suggest below is probably the tip of the iceberg.What prompted this post? In 2012, Hodder Children's Books celebrated the 70th anniversary of the first publication of the Famous Five by reissuing the first five titles, in aid of the charity House of Illustration, with new covers by Quentin Blake, Chris Riddell, Emma Chichester Clark, Oliver Jeffers and Helen Oxenbury. Recently I've been toying with the idea of collecting the American editions of the Secret Seven books, since there seem to be so many of them knocking about on the US version of eBay.
He's long, thin and bony with a red and white striped all-in-one bodysuit and he has a bright yellow face, no ears, a pointed nose and a missing tooth. I can imagine that it must be pretty unnerving to be sitting in the back of a car at night, quietly waiting as your father hops out and runs a quick errand in a nearby building, and then a couple of nasty-looking criminals hop in and drive off! It's not really "silly" in the way that the Portuguese edition of "Invisible Thief" mentioned by Hari is silly, though! It's such an unnecessary "mistake" too, when you consider how much wasted space there is to the left of Janet. Why not just make the two children actual human child size instead of this oddly surreal pixie size?This isn't the first badly scaled cover I've seen.

In my opinion, one of the few really bad original covers is The Mystery of the Invisible Thief (which happens to be one of my favorite Five Find-Outer Mystery books).
I'm not sure what the artist was on at the time, but Mr Goon looks like something out of the Dandy comic, with his cartoon shoes and unusual posture.
But even taking into account that he's coming down a hill towards the "farm," it's still a terrible illustration. If the white house is drawn to the correct perspective, then planet Earth's horizon is about 100 yards away. I can't believe the illustrators or the publishers couldn't be bothered with the illustrations that suit the story of the books.
And even though the gate is probably supposed to be hanging off its hinges, its odd angle and central position in the picture seems to scream "Look at me!" After this, that Picasso painting you saw at the local art gallery probably looks quite normal.The 1970s are always good for a laugh, and I might as well grab the "gay and colorful flared trouser" version of the same title while I'm at it.
Thank goodness that the story is good and that people will buy it without doubt, which is Enid Blyton's fans and had known that all her books are outstanding.
Imagine a stranger that know nothing of Enid Blyton -- perhaps there isn't one -- and decides to stretch his legs to the nearest bookstore to find a good storybook to ease his mind from his bad day and he came through Enid Blyton's books corner and what he saw was only books and tons of books with poor illustrations. Sorry, but unhealthily skinny adolescents with bad hair and garish clothes is NOT how I imagine any of Blyton's characters. Heck, I don't even see them in jeans and t-shirts, never mind PINK jeans and ORANGE t-shirts.
If he had the time to read the synopsys, maybe he would buy it but if he didn not have the time? I'm guessing the yellow-haired girl is young Bets, wearing a dress that surely reveals her knickers even while she's standing still and upright. He would simply glance at the book and choose others.See how important the illustrations are? I guess Pip is the one with the orange t-shirt, but he's not exactly a pipsqueak, is he?Aside from observations about terrible seventies' fashions (fashions which included skinny people wearing tight clothing that showed just how painfully skinny they were), all the covers from this era were kind of garish, sporting bright orange or green or purple backdrops. Yeesh.Whereas the 1970s put some effort in and produced covers we wish we could forget, it seems the publishers of Malory Towers and St Clare's around 2000 really couldn't be bothered, as this cover proves.
Ugh!Oh, and the new Six Cousins book cover looks very strange too -- rather like a cartoony New Year's party. I think it's about some kids at school, and this one's about twins, so paint something that represents twins somehow." *Sigh* I mean, what grabs you here?
I realize that the more famous an author is, the larger his or her name is printed on the cover — but these are still children's books and they should appeal to children.

However, one potential explanation is, subconsciously Soper proved that George was "just like a girl" after all, by demonstrating she didn't even know how to handle a telescope properly.
Shouldn't they?On the flip side, it's possible to go too far in the task of appealing to children. Many will argue that the more recent Egmont covers are the worst yet, depicting the children as cartoons. Ian, that Three Investigators cover is hilarious, like something out of a Roald Dahl story. But apparently those kinds of covers are not appropriate for children anymore; no, today's younger generation wants their characters dumbed down. It's a strange phenomenon, if you think about it — kids today are supposedly more sophisticated, so perhaps the suitable age range of Enid Blyton books has slipped down a year or two. But if 7-10 year olds are sophisticated enough to read these books, then why are they not considered sophisticated enough to appreciate "serious" cover art? But you can't talk about book covers and fail to mention the greatest blooper of all time, as shown here.
You can perhaps excuse Soper for getting the telescope the wrong way round — this was 1947 and, I don't know, perhaps telescopes were a rarity then? I guess we'll never know.This post could easily be longer, but rather than blather on about it all by myself, it might be far more interesting to hear suggestions for the silliest covers from all you good folks out there!
It's just so funny, I couldn't help myself going all red with endless laughter until my mother looked up from her recipes book that she had buried herself in most of the time. One thing that tickles me so much is Keith's description about the "beautiful indeed" cover: "unhealthily skinny adolescents", "PINK jeans and ORANGE t-shirts" and the sentences that followed. I had mentioned of Keith being a column-writer in "Those crazy Americans" post, but I think he should be a clown now.
Joseph Abbey, an original illustrator of the Mystery Series, produced some awful illustrations.
I think the drawer must be sent back to his or her drawing class again because they should be trained properly to draw before they put down their pencil!!!
While Fatty looks like a mutant boy, Bets look absolutely larger and bigger than she ought to.

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