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These hidden places prove you don't need to spend big bucks and make a transatlantic trek-- the world's most beautiful wonders have been here all along, right in your American backyard. Kilauea has been spewing lava without stop since 1983 in what is one of the longest-lived volcanic eruptions of modern times.
George Washington himself oversaw construction on this lighthouse, which originally burned lamps made with whale oil. Like at other Latter-day Saints temples, you'll need to get baptized and meet with a bishop before you go inside. We think the indigenous Ute tribe is responsible for the cryptic etchings we've found on this park's red rock walls.
Scholars are fairly certain these intricate caverns were home to American Indian families over 700 years ago.
A wealthy landowner used slave labor to build this expansive plantation house in the 1800s. This flat is incredibly rare because it's made of gypsum, which is usually dissolved by rainfall.
Grand Canyon looky-loos forget to seek out this funky-shaped bend in the Colorado River, which is "nearby" in Arizona terms. You don't have to schlep to Amsterdam for fields that burst into bloom-- there's more serenity and space at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, which locals celebrate each April. This estate belonged to actor William Gillette, famous for portraying Sherlock Holmes onstage in the 1900s.
According to Navajo tradition, Spider Rock's second spire is home to Spider Woman, the creator of the free world. Although the stunning Takshanuk Mountains have drawn adventurers for decades, this former U.S.
Because Haines limits passing cruise ships to one docking per week, it is rarely overrun with (wingless) guests, giving visitors plenty of time and space to get to know the locals. It may seem puzzlingly strange, even macabre, that LBJ — who had been riding two cars behind JFK in Dallas — would reuse the same car in which his predecessor had been slain. The strange saga of JFK's recycled death car began a few years before, when the Secret Service decided to add a new car to the fleet of 10 1950 Lincolns that Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower had used, whose roofs had been modified to provide with extra headroom to accommodate the tophats that once were the fashion for chiefs of state. The President's new car started out as a stock 1961 Lincoln Continental 4-door convertible, manufactured at Ford's plant in Wixom, Mich.
You might suspect that after that, the car would have been set aside as an historical artifact. WETA Television and Classical WETA 90.9 FM are community-based public broadcasting stations serving the Washington area and supported by listeners and viewers. Rumors of secret tunnels inside and around the Washington DC have fascinated individuals ever since the city became the nation’s capital. Robert Hanssen, an FBI officer and counter intelligence expert, is believed to have leaked information to the Soviets about the existence of a tunnel that ran underneath the Soviet Embassy building in DC. The construction of the tunnel allegedly begain in the 1970s and was in full-swing by the late 1980s. The construction of the tunnel was later accused by the Russians of being a, “violation” of international law. The tunnel allegedly ran underneath Wisconsin Ave under the hilltop location known as Mount Alto. Colossal data breach of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail: Culprit brags on hacker forumsA data breach on Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail has millions of users’ passwords and usernames in the wrong hands.

World Naked Gardening Day: Get in touch with your inner hippy this SaturdayThis weekend is the best time to get in touch with your inner hippy because May 7 is the 12th Annual World Naked Gardening Day.
The four agents, whose names were not released, were transported to Frisbee Memorial hospital.
The four agents were on-duty, traveling north on New Hampshire’s Route 16 in a Ford Taurus when the other car, a Mercury Sable, crossed into their lane.
An aircraft preservation group has denied a millionaire's claim that it found pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart's missing plane in 2010 but sat on the news so it could solicit him to pay for a later search.Mystery has surrounded Earhart's fate since her plane disappeared in 1937 in the South Pacific.
THEORIES BEHIND THE DEATHS OF AMELIA EARHART AND FRED NOONANThe most widely accepted theory is that the aircraft ran out of fuel and ditched in the sea.
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Wenn Sie dieses Video betrachten, dann stellen Sie sich vor, was die amerikanischen Kommentatoren von heute, die Medienklasse und Figuren des Establishments von beiden Parteien sagen würden, um diese Aktivisten zu denunzieren. Laut Medsgers Buch gab einer ihrer Reporter dem FBI die Dokumente zurück, um diesem bei der Untersuchung behilflich zu sein, obwohl die New York Times letztendlich einen Bericht brachte, der auf den Dokumenten beruhte. Darüberhinaus zeigte die Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika null Interesse an der Untersuchung und Strafverfolgung der Gesetzesbrecher innerhalb des FBI. Nehmen Sie auch zur Kenntnis, dass diese Aktivisten sich nicht freiwillig stellten und gestanden, um dann von der Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika Jahrzehnte lang eingesperrt zu werden, sondern gezielt alles mögliche taten, um das zu vermeiden. Gillette named his cobblestoned castle Seventh Sister and installed a series of hidden mirrors to monitor guests at all times.
Army outpost, bordering 20 million acres of unprotected wilderness, has become popular in recent years among heli-skiers. Pop in on Tresham Gregg, a legendary local artist who specializes in puppets—and impromptu puppet shows, at one of his three downtown galleries. But apparently, the Secret Service decided that it was faster and more economical to recycle JFK's old Lincoln than it was to order the building of a new Presidential parade limousine. The windshield, which had been hit by the third bullet fired by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, was removed by the FBI and Secret Service, and became Exhibit (CE) 350 of the Warren Commission.
During the Cold War especially, underground passage ways, hidden staircases and secret tunnels running into and around the White House sparked interest as tensions heightened between the U.S. In addition to announcing its existence and location, Hanssen also allegedly provided information on the surveillance operations taking place underneath it. Although White House officials will neither confirm nor deny the tunnel, intelligence sources have confirmed its existence even though it is still unclear how much valuable information was collected from its construction.
The driver of the other car, Bruce Danforth, 45, died at the scene of the crash and two passengers with him were injured. Please join us as we keep all the victims of this accident and their families in our thoughts and prayers,” Clancy said in a statement. It was not immediately clear who the agents were protecting, although several White House contenders are campaigning in New Hampshire. There have been several searches by many different professionals eager to solve the mystery, but none have been proven.Another popular theory is that they landed on the island of Nikumaroro in the Phoenix Islands, 350 miles southeast of Howland Island and fended for themselves for several months until they succumbed to injury or disease.
Der NYT-Bericht beruht auf einem neuen Buch der Washington Post-Reporterin Betty Medsger und dem in Kürze erscheinenden Dokumentarfilm 1971 (der von meiner journalistischen Partnerin Laura Poitras mitproduziert wird). Stattdessen war sie darauf versessen, nur diejenigen zu bestrafen, die das Fehlverhalten auf höchster Ebene aufgedeckt hatten. If you prefer your feet on solid ground, plan a visit in November when the sky is crowded with American bald eagles.

Johnson joined a visiting head of state, Philippines President Diosdad Macapagal, in a 25-minute noontime parade through downtown Washington. For all its sophisticated features, the car was woefully short on protection against attack. Although this was just one piece of intelligence that Hanssen leaked over decades of his time with the FBI, it was one of the key clues that led to his arrest.
Hanssen later pled guilty to all 21 counts of espionage and is currently serving out a life sentence in prison. Sarah then went on to study at the University of Virginia where she graduated with a BA in Foreign Affairs and Media Studies.
Improvised tools and bits of Plexiglas that are consistent with that of an Electra window were found on the island.A few theorists reckon that she Earhart was spying on Japan and had been captured and executed.
Angriffskrieg ist neben Völkermord das schlimmste Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit. An annual festival draws the world's largest concentration of the majestic birds of prey, which swoop in to feast on the Chilkat River's last run of salmon. If local gossip is what you're after, plant yourself on a barstool at the Fogcutter (907-766-2555) on Main Street with a pint of Haines Brewery's Spruce Tip Ale. In the annals of Presidential events, it was unremarkable, save for one odd and unsettling detail.
The navy blue Lincoln no longer was a convertible, having been equipped with a bulletproof metal-and-glass hardtop roof. According to a 1964 Associated Press dispatch, the customizers added 1,600 pounds of metal and other materials to the car, reinforcing the body with armor plate and replacing its glass with special panes that reportedly were capable of withstanding a direct hit from a 30-caliber rifle round. Although many of these passageways are still rumors fueled by conspiracy theorists and history buffs, the location of one classified tunnel is suspected to have been disclosed to the Soviet Union (and later Russia) by one of our own FBI agents.
Sarah's previous work experience includes working at the Viacom companies Vh1 and MTV International. Sie nahmen nicht nur ein paar Dokumente, sondern haufenweise alles, was sie in ihre Finger bekommen konnten! Cap your day off with an only-in-Alaska sighting on Third Street—impressive hoofprints left by a moose that couldn't be bothered to stay off wet cement as it dried. LBJ and Macapagal rode thorugh the capital's streets in the same customized black 1961 Lincoln limousine in which, not quite a year before, President John F. Its equipment included a pair of radio telephones, interior floodlights, spotlight-illuminated flagstaffs on the fenders, and a rear seat equipped with a hydraulic lift capable of raising it 11 inches off the floor.
Initially intelligence experts believed the source of the leak was from Aldrich Ames (another mole in the FBI who had already been arrested and incarcerated for espionage) but the continuing breaches of intelligence during Ames' incarcaration led to an investigation to find the other Russian informant. A woman from New Jersey successfully sued for $1.5million in damages from the author of a book who pursued this theory. Reale Friedenspolitik, gemeinsam handeln - raus aus der NATO!" (Elias Davidsson - Komponist, Autor und Friedensaktivist).
News & World Report dedicated to the public all rights it held for the photographs in this collection upon its donation to the Library.
The roofs were composed of multiple removable panels that could be used separately or in different combinations, depending upon the weather and the President's wishes.

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