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I worry at times that DC Comics waited too long to give the green light to an ongoing Secret Six series. With the race to find Tarantula and Neron’s Get Out Of Jail Free card finally over, the Secret Six gets to stop and catch its collective breath. Gail Simone’s latest issue of Secret Six could best be described as a typical sitcom episode, if sitcoms regularly had assassins and mass-murderers as their main characters. Secret Six is a fun book, and best of all I think it works well with the monthly format, shifting from multi-issue stories with strong cliffhangers to one-shot stories that progress the overall story forward while standing on their own as well.
Strix, a former Talon once in the service of the Court of Owls, seems to have found a place in the world with the Secret Six.

The original Villains United mini-series was certainly a buzz book, and the follow-up Secret Six mini-series was well-received as well. But now someone from her past comes calling, threatening to undermine whatever semblance of peace she has experienced with her newfound friends. For those who are a little overwhelmed by the grimness of a lot of super-hero universe comics these days, you might be surprised at just how entertaining a comic starring super-villains can be. In a wasteland of strong ongoing series, it’s nice to see some of them understanding the format.
So deals involve not killing anyone for the evening, obstacles include former targets out for revenge, and so on.

It’s a nice synthesis of the two different styles of sitcom and super-hero comic, and Simone handles the merge pretty effortlessly.
Perhaps more importantly, the issue serves as an excuse to Simone to let the readers catch their breath after the previous seven issues of mayhem, and just have a lighthearted romp with a dash of characterization thrown in.
With one of the cast being a brand-new character, it’s especially nice for the reader to start to learn a little bit more about Jeannette and how she works, as well as fitting in with the rest of the characters in the book.

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