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To purchase from this website, you will need to set cookies to Always Allow on your web browser. In illuminating detail, the editors of "Time" illustrate the history and background of the most secretive and obscure organizations - cultural, political, occult, criminal, and social - ranging from the Sons of Liberty in the American colonies to the Bolshevik cells of czarist Russia and such otherworldly cults as Heaven's Gate.
Take advantage of these fantastic extra savings simply by selecting the items you require in bulk and entering the code EDUCATE in the promo code box on the basket page - it couldn't be easier! NB: We may require proof that you are buying on behalf of a school, college, university, art club etc, so please ensure your contact details are correct when you place your order. This is misleading, because these researchers are unaware of the fact that the ancient Orders and Occult Sciences were for centuries beacons for humanity—and they still are in many ways. Secret Societies like the Freemasons were founded more than a thousand years ago to protect a powerful pre-Christian spiritual wisdom that needed protection from the tyranny of the Catholic Church and from the unspeakable acts of the Church’s deadly Inquisition. Virtually all disappeared except Freemasonry, which has carried the torch of the ancient wisdom into the modern era.
This changed attitude toward the cathedral builders has been ongoing for hundreds of years. It was because the Freemasons were the inheritors and custodians of a very important ancient Pagan wisdom. This Pagan wisdom reveals vital information on the spiritual nature of Man and humanity, which the Catholic Church has long been suppressing.
It seems to have happened slowly, perhaps over the course of a few decades, rather than all at once, apparently to render the fraternity impotent so it can no longer provide initiates with wisdom, tools, and insight needed to advance spiritual growth. This is why today Masonic symbols like the Pentagram (a very powerful and very great spiritual symbol) are no longer explained to incoming Masonic initiates. How did big corporations like Macy’s, Texaco, and Heineken come to understand the power of the pentagram? With Freemasonry disrupted, it was easy for a (pre-planned) Fifth Column to change its inner workings, in essence hijacking it. For years the Order languished, but historians say the brotherhood was suddenly born anew in the 1860s, a different society altogether; though sharing surface similarities with its esoteric predecessor, it was no longer concerned with esoteric doctrine.
It was as if a new and invisible force, a force alien to the fraternity’s original purpose, had taken hold. This profound statement bears every evidence that the Masonic Fraternity has indeed been tampered with. Here is a three-minute snippet from the Discovery Channel’s documentary on the Freemasons. Was the Morgan Affair a kind of false flag operation, designed to disrupt Freemasonry and allow outsiders to infiltrate and change the Order from inside out? There is, however, a small group of Freemasons alive today?deep, caring, and philosophically-minded individuals?who are actively searching to decode the symbols, piece together the rituals, uncover the secret, and find the missing truth.
As a symbolist, I’ve decoded the key symbols that Secret Societies like the Freemasons use. Only a tiny handful of the millions of Freemasons alive today understand this, due to the fact that Freemasonry is no longer the powerful custodian of this ancient wisdom, this wisdom having been stolen long ago, as described above. The Founding Fathers, many of whom were practicing Freemasons, used this important Secret Society Eye symbol on The Great Seal Of The United States, which is featured on the back of the U.S. The Founding Fathers sketched the Masonic Eye inside a luminous Triangle, and set it hovering above an unfinished pyramid.
Just ask yourself: Were the Founding Fathers of America?many of them Freemasons?a bunch of power-hungry Illuminati? Did the Founding Fathers put the Eye above an unfinished pyramid to show that they were lording it over the population?
All you need to do to figure this out is look at the blueprint for the United States of America, the greatest nation (in its political setup) on Earth. Granted, today the USA has been hijacked by the international bankers and big corporations to the extent that the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves. But those Founding Fathers who created America and the Constitution (and fought and died for it) obviously cared about We The People.
If you bear this in mind, then clearly the whole stupid conspiracy theory that the “EYE-SYMBOLIZES-THE CONTROLLING-ILLUMINATI-WATCHING-OVER-US” goes up in a puff of smoke!
America’s Masonic Founding Fathers were a group of powerful and benevolent men, supported by an equally powerful group of caring women, and their American dream came true, having a tremendous impact on world history and on all our lives. The Founding Fathers told us this themselves, by going to great lengths to encode this Masonic wisdom into the art, architecture, and layout of their cities, streets and capitol buildings. Clearly, most conspiracy theorists have never really sat for a moment and decoded Freemasonry’s Eye symbol, piece by piece, in terms of it ancient iconography. Going into the particulars of how to decode this Third Eye symbol is outside the scope of the present article.
Most theorists are all about doom and gloom and sell ignorance, claiming that the symbols you’ve decoded are symbols of oppression. So, until the time of Christ the Universal Religion was widely followed, and the Mystery Schools were teaching its wisdom. The spirit of the Universal Religion consisted in the idea that beneath our bodies we are all the same; we are all eternal spiritual souls, the same souls (called Brahman in the East), who have chosen to temporarily have a human experience on earth.

The trouble is that when we are human beings we have amnesia of this truth; we have amnesia of who we really are deep inside because we cannot see our inner eternal divinity and spirituality. We think life is real, but it is not; life is in fact just a temporary ride, and we (as souls) have chosen to go on this ride, similar to the way we choose to go on a ride at an amusement park.
A tradition handed-down among mystics teaches that Jesus Christ was a student of the ancient Mysteries; and that he was someone who realized he had been on this ride before. What Christians fail to realize (through no fault of their own) is that the transfiguration is, in esoteric Christianity, the act of Jesus’ awakening his Third Eye. A few years ago, the Renaissance masterpiece painting titled The Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child (shown below) by 15th century Italian master Sandro Botticelli was the subject of a colossal Third Eye discovery. If so, then these ideas are far different than the mainstream Christianity we’ve been taught. Nineteenth century English scholar and Egyptologist Gerald Massey (1829-1907) affirmed that this Christian denial of the eternal divine soul was the result of the Church purposely distorting the ancient Mysteries, with the Mysteries being the worldwide Universal Religion upon which Christian theology is secretly based.
In books and lectures Massey insisted that in the Mysteries the concept of “Christ” did not, in fact, refer to one particular man. According to Massey, Christianity had subverted this “Christ within” concept; while the Mystery traditions link it to an inner reality common to all of humanity, Christianity instead bound it to one historical personage, moving the path to enlightenment and ascension from an inward, internal path to one externalized to a Messianic figure. This gave rise to the two thousand years of the Church’s domination, the empire we know today as Christendom. Massey gained acceptance among early 20th Century scholars, and many took up his investigation.
Kuhn’s work showed how basic Christian tenets were perversions of age old spiritual Mysteries.
Kuhn insisted that the early Church purposely hid the “god within” or “Christ within” wisdom in order to consolidate their hold on power over the masses. The Church instead promoted the idea of the coming of a future Savior destined to save all mankind, provided mankind followed the dictates of the Church. Countless ancient Pagan sects tried to stop the Church, according to Massey, Kuhn and many like-minded scholars of their day.
Thus, Christianity is merely a corrupted line of the age-old Mystery School teachings, of which Masonry became the modern vehicle. As evidence of this is the fact that Secret Societies like Freemasonry began to “surface” in the early 1700s when the Church began to lose its power! The ancient Pagan cultures, their powerful Mysteries, and the keepers and preservers of these Mysteries, the Freemasons, were all good. The more ancient you look into human history the higher, more sophisticated, more spiritual and more intuitive men and women once were. Many people today are reawakening to the power these monuments emit, not because they were taught to do so in school, but because the monuments naturally resonate with something deep inside of them.
Almost two hundred years ago, the then fledgling globalist Elite (the wealthy families who now own the giant multinational corporations and the banks) hijacked the Secret Societies, messed around with the wires, and, in doing so they diluted the power of these organizations.
In some cases they infiltrated them entirely, changing their course and turning them into organizations that are now far different than what these Secret Societies were founded for. Tags: All Seeing Eye, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Cyclopean Eye, False Flag Operation, Gerald Massey, Gothic cathedrals, Knights of Pythias, Masonic Fraternity, oddfellows, Papal Bulls Against Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Secret Societies Good or Bad, Secret Societies Good or Evil? Journalist, speaker and author of Written In Stone: Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals And World Architecture. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Here’s What Yuvraj Thinks About Sachin And Virat’s Comparison And He Is Bang On!
The Gothic cathedrals are an enduring mystery left over from medieval Europe; built a thousand years ago, these stunning stone skyscrapers still leave scholars puzzled as to the methods behind their construction. Chartres Cathedral, built in the 12th century, is both one of the greatest and most controversial achievements of Western architecture. The magic starts upon your first approach to Chartres; the first thing you see is its overpowering size and girth, in comparison to the surrounding wheat fields. The lack of steel tools and modern engineering would seem to make raising enormous stone blocks difficult if not impossible. History informs us that the builders of Chartres had suddenly and mysteriously made rapid and unprecedented breakthroughs in technology, allowing them to reach heights then unheard of in Europe. Upon approaching the Western facade, the first aspect of the monument that makes itself known is how tall the twin towers actually are.
Above: The Twin Towers at Chartres, capped by the sun and the moon, match perfectly the Twin Pillars on the Masonic Tracing Board, which are also capped by sun and moon. These naturally occurring pairs of opposites form the “lost key” to all the Mystery schools in history (Perennial Philosophy, Hermetic Teachings, Philosopher’s Stone, Alchemy, and so on.) The doctrine of opposites teaches us that we live in a world of both light and darkness, right and wrong, good and evil.
The book will help simplify the vague and obscure details in a new way through images, artefacts, and illustrations. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, then please return the item to us for a refund.
The symbols were dumbed-down, the wires were crossed, and the teachings were tweaked and compromised.

In other words, they need a system of fear-based competition instead of love-based cooperation.
After vowing to reveal Freemasonry’s Ancient Secret, Freemason William Morgan went missing.
It instead now focused on “Faith, Hope and Charity”—its new three pronged slogan, which it continues to promote today.
Many Secret Societies have for centuries used the Eye, including Freemasons, Oddfellows, and Knights of Pythias.
Professor Kuhn’s The Lost Light (1940) asserted that by denying the soul’s divinity and pre-existence, Christianity wiped away a valuable fragment—indeed the key principle—of the Mystery religion. By perverting the Secret Societies the Elite have lessened the chances of anyone seeing what they are rally up to, which, in part is that they are using the ancient symbols and wisdom for their own greedy and sinister ends! The book uncovers a lost Wisdom Tradition that was practiced globally in antiquity, found memorialized in pyramids, Triptychs, and identical images worldwide. Read this article of Topyaps to discover the 10 most mystical and influential societies in the world comprising the self-styled patriots with elevated destinations.
One of the most striking and enigmatic cathedrals is Chartres Cathedral in France; it has long baffled scholars and laymen alike, who claim it is no ordinary building. Few people understand that Chartres is in many ways just as mysterious and baffling as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Or perhaps one should say that it is somehow super-Christian, a place that connects the central spiritual tradition of the western world to a more ancient, strange and mysterious narrative. The right tower is 349 feet tall, and the left is 377, making them taller even than the Statue of Liberty, from the ground to the top of the statue’s torch!
Readers who enjoyed "The Da Vinci Code" and "The Lost Symbol" want to know, are Dan Brown's novels rooted in reality or are they primarily fiction? The whole damn apparatus is broken, and this is because someone purposely broke it, unbeknownst to most modern Masons.
Books on this subject have been flying off the shelves to help readers demystify the secrets and legends of these organizations.
The Thule Society: Founded by Rudolf von Sebottendorf on August 18, 1918, the Thule Society is well known for sponsoring the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP), which later turned into the Nazi Party. In "Time's" book "Secret Societies", the editors will train a spotlight on the underground groups of Brown's novels and many more, separating fact from fiction and rumour from reality, revealing the most fascinating and influential secret organizations in history.
Committed to the betterment of Germany, this society was strictly against the communist mainstream.
The Club of Rome: This secret society is an international think tank which was founded by Aurelio Peccei (an Italian businessman) and Alexander Christakis (Scottish scientists) in April 1968.
Apart from other secret societies, The Club of Rome focuses on crucial global concerns such as economy, education, environment, poverty, resource consumption, cultural diversity etc.
Knight of Columbus: Founded in Connecticut in 1882 by an Irish-American Catholic Priest, The Venerable Father Michael J. McGivny, the Knights and Columbus is the largest Catholic fraternal service organization in the world. A multi-billion dollar non-profit charitable organization, this secret society is devoted to the rules of Unity, Charity, Patriotism and Fraternity. This society was initiated on May 1, 1776, by professor Adam   Weishaupt of University of Ingolstadt.
According to Conspiracy theories, lot of prominent  people were attached with this secret society or still working for it. The notable followers of the Illuminati are – David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Bush family, Barack Obama and Winston Churchill.
The Knight Templar: Also known as The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, this secret society was certified by the Roman Catholic Church in 1129. The Bible is considered as the base of Templars and they are said to be the devotee of Sophia,  Goddess of Truth and Wisdom.
It is claimed that large number of building projects were financed by this society  across the Europe and also started the concept of safe deposit and banking activities.
This philanthropic society worked for the betterment of common people and rejected a specific religion or creed. Throughout history, Freemasons has been criticized for secretly controlling the world politics. Russell, this college secret society is considered as the mastermind of some major cases such as the concept of nuclear bomb and the assassination of J.F. Kennedy.  Symbol of imagination, intelligence and speculation, Skull and Bones is different from other societies on several points. Sons of Liberty: Founded in 1765 by a group of local artisans and shopkeepers in Boston, this radical group contradicted the Stamp Act and other parliamentary revenue programmes of the United States.
Covered with secrecy, this patriotic society had played a significant role in the American Independence from United Kingdom.

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