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What I love most about The Secret Society app is that it includes a story line wound into a variety of activities that keep my mind sharp. In addition to the hidden object puzzles there is a block puzzle, pipes puzzle, memory match, and gem puzzle.
I have been playing Secret Society for a couple of months now, and I’m totally hooked. I love hidden games but it’s hard to find good ones to load onto my phone (I only keep a few on there). September 3, 2014 Leave a Comment A big thanks to G5 Entertainment for hosting this conversation. The Order of Seekers is a clandestine community of people with the unique ability to move through magic worlds. Regular updates with additional quests and more – It’s updated every 4-6 weeks! You can pretty much download The Secret Society -Hidden Mystery on every single device you may own! Be on the lookout because I’ll be working on another post to share with you all my thoughts on the actual game. What I have found, though, is that in that downtime I want to do something I enjoy, but it has to be something that keeps my mind sharp, too. If you’re looking for a game you can enjoy that offers excitement, variety, and mental sharpness, I definitely recommend it!

These types of games are easy to get into and don’t require as much skill as some of the more advanced video games.
It’s completely free to download and there is no pressure to buy things once you are inside the game.
If I do something mindless, I’m more likely to fall into a slump and not bounce back! I enjoy all types of games and I actually find the more casual ones to be much more relaxing.
After a period of despair, you realize that you too are blessed with these special powers and thus are the only one that can find him! I have to help them out in their games so I bet they are going to be thrilled when I ask them for help on mine. There are different levels, different ways to view the pictures (such as night mode, pairs mode, pieces mode, morphs mode, etc.), so the pictures never get dull no matter how many times you investigate the same pictures. If I need a quick break between blog posts, homeschool lessons, laundry, etc., I can do one or two puzzles, or if I’m winding down for the night, I can do puzzles until I run out of energy! Download it now from iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Amazon, and be sure to add me as a friend!
Locate your beloved uncle, protect the sacred Artifact of the Order and thwart the forces threatening the entire society in this fantastic blend of hidden object tasks and puzzles! You interact with various characters in the story line to complete quests and continue the search for your missing uncle.

The daytime is spent getting the big kids out the door, getting Gracie on and off the bus, running my daycare business and getting Jack through his different therapies throughout the week. The game I’m sharing with you from G5 Games  has been around for a year but it gets constantly updated plus it just updated to it’s Halloween theme and Halloween is right around the corner! There comes a time in the evening when everyone is in bed and my brain can not focus enough to keep blogging – so I end up playing online games.
I love the mini-games because it just mixes things up and you don’t feel like you are stuck in a gaming rut. The Secret Society app is free and available on my Android, iTunes, Amazon and even Kindle Fire, Fire Phone and Mac. In the game, you become a member of the Order of Seekers and start exploring enchanting worlds by entering photographs.
The goal is to collect clues that will expand even further the world you’re traveling in and help you unravel mysteries related to your missing uncle. This wildly popular hidden object adventure also features social elements: you can help your game mates, make friends and send and receive in-game gifts.
A lot of times Jack wakes up and I will lay in bed to feed  him, but I’m not tired yet and don’t want to go to bed myself.

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