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4th May 2016: The Spring Festival Update has finally been released for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. 20th April 2016: The Spring Festival Update has been released for Android devices in the Google Play Store. 18th April 2016: A new update has been released for Kindle devices in the Amazon App Store - introducing the Spring Festival Update!
24th March 2016: A patch has been released for the Mountain Vacation Update for Android devices in the Google Play Store.
11th March 2016: The Mountain Vacation Update has now been released for Kindle players in the Amazon App Store. 9th March 2016: A new update has been released for iOS and Android devices - introducing the Mountain Vacation Update!

18th February 2016: A server update caused all access to Friends areas to go offline for a couple of hours. The original wall sculpture measured 63 x 80cm and was produced, at first, in polyested, then later in metal.
Tentatively, it looks like the server update may have helped alleviate or even solved Locked Board Syndrome, with players reporting that some LBS boards are now open again. That might be true in some occasions, but please allow us for a longer shipping time, if the item has to be cast upon your order request. There has been 110,000 edits made to the wiki in it's second year, compared to 6,500 in its first year, and we hope to build on this into the future. Players with LBS may have to open and interact with their games for the change to take effect. Currently SS has no in-game tutorial, and only a limited FAQ available on the publishers website.

A huge thank you to all contributors, readers and curious players for helping to make our first 2 years so successful, as this place would be nothing without you. Hopefully one will be provided in a future update to the game, but in the mean time this wiki can help new (and old) players get to grips with the many aspects of the game. The SS community is a fantastic one, and together we can build a wiki as big as the game itself.

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