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If you’ve ever accrued enough dough to pick a coveted VIP pass at some hoity-toity music festival then you are about to feel undone. The double layer is a well known phenomena in plasma physics, where the charge exchange occurs across the boundary. If this is all the information you have for the 2012 prophecies you have to get more than that. For example, Im not a big believer in religious threads for example, and if it turns out there is a God, I will be guilty of not believing.
So thats why I realize that I cant get people to believe anything that doesnt ring true to them, and thats fine. Out of all the things that I have read about the Maya and other ancient civilizations a "prophetic doomsday" scenario is not among them. The Z-pinch model offers a simple explanation for the “giant ribbon” found wrapped around the heliosphere.
ENA’s coming from the Z-pinch ring, a giant ring about the solar system and orthogonal to the interstellar magnetic field. The Sun’s heliospheric circuit is connected to the galaxy via the central column and the disk of charged particles. Just to add, this explains the narrow ribbon of ENA's mapped by IBEX and the larger band of charged particles along it seen by Cassini.
Our solar system is tilted by around 60 degrees to the galactic plane so on winter solstice our Sun will rise in alignment with the galactic center. This is a side view with a non-rotating solar plane of the ecliptic, much like the planet Uranus' orbit around the Sun.

This is a view looking down on the Earth's north pole, little blue dots represent the Earth. Side view with a rotating solar plane of the ecliptic that is aligned with the galactic center.
Solar north view showing our solar ecliptic in rotation with the galaxy and always facing towards the center.
I would think that naturally we should be aligned with the galactic plane but we are edge on facing the galactic center. It really should bring home to most people that there is definately something that 'holds it all together' so to speak. Let's just say that solar systems and galaxies are held in place by an electric entity, like little neighbourhoods. If a human being were to travel outside of the areas containing the electricity, would the brain of that human simply switch off? Looking at large scale simulations of cosmic structures is it only a coincidence that it looks remarkably like a neural map of the brain? The galaxy regulates the sun, the sun regulates the Earths double layer or magnetosphere, the ionosphere resonates from the sun and from lightning. To answer your question I think no, however the brain wave patterns are regulated through Schumann resonance. The visible universe is over 99% plasma, it was named plasma because it resembled living blood plasma. Btw notice the complete lack of the word plasma in all these mainstream articles on this subject.

The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Reason being, Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival announcing the world’s most expensive concert ticket.
The pass is a gateway to meet and chill out with your favorite artists and even leverage a private performance with one of the headlining acts! The ribbon also appears to have a fine structure, suggesting that the ion concentrations vary along its length. The date 2012, winter solstice, is solely from the Maya and is the end of their calendar that is based on the motions of Earth and Venus.
And the solar “wind” would seem to connect to the broader disk of charged particles about the heliosphere.
The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. The Ultimate Festival Pass will offer buyers the grueling delights of a music festival entwined with luxurious indulgences every step of the way. The goodies are endless but then when you’re paying nearly a quarter of a million on a music festival there’s a fat chance that you may have experienced all this and more already. The goodies include first class return flights from anywhere in the world and back for the pair, a luxury five-star dwelling abode, complete with 5 bedrooms for five night in Reykjavik, helicopter transfers, a private moment at the Blue Lagoon, assistants, a 24×7 chauffeured car, a private 100-foot yacht party and a lot more.

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