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Secret Squirrel (voiced by Mel Blanc) serves as a secret agent, taking orders from his superior Double-Q (voiced by Paul Frees) of the International Sneaky Service.
Within federal law enforcement circles the slang term "secret squirrel" has been used to describe U.S.

In the military community, the term "Secret Squirrel" refers to the military's Special Operations community and the clandestine missions that they pursue.
In the British private security industry, the term "Secret Squirrel" refers to a Store Detective, Loss Prevention Investigator, Profit Protection Investigator, Private Investigator or anyone who conducts investigations into criminal, dishonest or fraudulent activities. His designation is Agent 000.[1] Secret Squirrel is assisted in his adventures by fez-wearing sidekick Morocco Mole (also voiced by Paul Frees impersonating Peter Lorre).

The pair fights crime and evil enemy agents using cunning and a variety of spy gadgets, including a machine gun cane, a collection of guns kept inside Secret's trench coat, and a variety of devices concealed in his fedora (which he almost never removes).

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