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Straight after you get in, what you can see is a fabolous stair case made of crystals and a wall of a massive screen which displays bits of shows and other videos. The different levels are litterally full of underwear, but also accessories such as bags, body lotions, parfumes, make up and so on.
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So for this reason, I always been very keen into discovering this store which in US is a fashion icon, and I have to say, also a great marketing strategy example. The only thing that I wasn’t really happy aboout was the lingerie, which seemed fairly cheap looking (I mean, the sort of lingerie you would find at Primark) and definitely overpriced. The windows display some outfits from the various fashion shows, with a little picture and a description on the side on each of them.
It kind of make you feel closer to the models too in my opinion, because you can see in front of you very famous outfits of different fashion shows.

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