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This kit is intended to help clients control their self-injury, and address the common emotional problems that accompany this behavior. Shock Waves is a practical, user-friendly guide for those who love someone suffering from this often debilitating anxiety disorder, whether that person is a survivor of war or of another harrowing situation or event. Each section of Shock Waves includes questions and exercises to help readers incorporate the book’s lessons into their daily lives and interactions with their traumatized loved ones. Using cutting-edge research, this book demonstrates that the underlying reason for much chronic pain is nerve sensitization and learned nerve pathways, rather than actual tissue destruction.

Psychologists and trauma experts Williams and Poijula offer the most effective tools available for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Anxiety specialist Joan Davidson, PhD, gives a thorough overview of ERP, what to expect during treatment, and offers guidance to help readers finally overcome the common fears and anxiety that can stand in the way of getting the help they need. The kit contains 50 cards that show cognitive distortions on one side, and rational responses and positive behavioral activities on the other. Through her own experience, extensive research, advice from mental health professionals, and interviews with those working through PTSD and their families, Cynthia Orange shows readers how to identify what PTSD symptoms look like in real life, respond to substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders, manage their reactions to a loved one’s violence and rage, find effective professional help, and prevent their children from experiencing secondary trauma.

Readers will learn how to determine the type of trauma they have experienced, identify their symptoms, and learn the most effective strategies to overcome these symptoms.

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