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O fotografo Santlov, especialista em clicar brinquedos em situacoes inusitadas, levou essa ideia ao pe da letra e clicou cenas do cotidiano secreto de um dos personagens mais queridos da Pixar.
Just when it seemed like H&M was finally cleaning up its act, another mass retailer has been caught with its pant(ie)s down.
What ever happened to blotting out tags and logos with a marker or snipping those in half—instead of the entire garment? But in the case of the shopper who returned a pair of sweatpants (that cost $70, we might add) in near-mint condition, why couldn’t the offending garment simply go back on the rack?
I can see if maybe there are health issues involved, but that’s all based on discretion. I recently heard it's company practice to destroy returned merchandise, rather than offering it for resale at a discount or donating it to an at need group.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Que tal dar uma espiadinha na vida de Woody, o cauboi do desenho animado “Toy Story”?

Lingerie company Victoria’s Secret is the latest big-box brand found guilty of destroying merchandise that could have easily gone to the homeless or victims of disaster.
Is it so far-fetched to think that someone else might come along, like them, and still pay $70 for them? I’ve seen this practice carried out by both fashion and non-fashion brands alike and it seems like an awful solution! REI does a used-gear sale, selling off still-usable items for a fraction of their original price).
How exactly would you know if someone wore them, say commando-style, then returned them still with tags and all? One Tampa, FL customer was left speechless after a Vicky’s clerk sheared the unworn sweatpants she just returned, right in front of her face.
And what ever happened to blotting out tags and logos with a marker or snipping those in half—instead of the entire garment—and then selling the clothes at a sample sale?
For items that are returned in mint condition, it seems like they should be able to be re-sold.

I agree, destroying merch that could be at least donated is awful (especially after working at a particular game store where the same happened to beanies). But seeing as VS specializes in items that go over private parts (and not everyone is honest about their hygiene) things can get iffy in that department.
I donate used clothes to shelters or thrift stores, recycle, and upcycle items, to assure that the energy and materials used in manufacture get the most life for the used resources. Nothing some good-old detergent can’t nullify, but still companies have to really be careful without being careless! On the chance I may purchase an item and need to return it, as long as this remains company practice I will no longer be frequenting your establishments. Please consider changing your policy to reflect the possible benefit these items may have to others, as I would be happy to reconsider at that time.

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