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GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WORK THEIR ASSES OFF There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice. Ana also said that she is not a humble person and that she loves to manipulate other people. A voz desta vez foi boazinha com os concorrentes e fez perguntas sobre desenhos animados, como e obvio praticamente todos os concorrentes acertaram mais do que o normal. A voz deu uma missao atrevida aos concorrentes, a missao beijo original, essa missao levou os habitantes da Casa dos Segredos a loucura. Ontem na noite de halloween os concorrentes vestiram-se a rigor e viveram o verdadeiro espirito do dia das bruxas,que por sinal foi bastante animado. A Petra nunca esta contente, andou sempre a queixar-se que era nomeada, ontem o Helio nas nomeacoes safou a Petra e ela em vez de ficar feliz, comecou a chorar e ficou revoltada.

And I think it makes no sence to put a walk on Bruno because he didn't officialy entered the season.
Which are the teams?  i dont think wilson is a leader of a team because he doesnt tell them what to do i think they are just a group of friends who were under attack by the rui clan but i dont want to risk wilson we know how they could keep rui look what they did for susanna she was hated so i say rui and burno and plus i want to see the face that lil clan that thinks they are running the house when to people from there side are up Yes I agree with you. Cada uma das concorrentes teve de fazer uma campanha para convencerem o publico a nao votarem nelas.
He is the third person who talked about his penis on his VT )Yeah, they all talk about their penis, I noticed that too. She says that she trusts Bruno, bla bla bla.Than it was shown images from the love triangles, squares and more.
It seems Diogo and Tierry quite hate each other since their season, Sofia is now friend of both lol.The next category is the sexy mens.

As the priest, PEDRO (SS5) also enter in this DF.Next housemates are SOFIYA and FLAVIA (SS5). Fernando said that no-one ever talked about Wilson after he was ejected, Wilson says that's a lie and he was even more talked than him.

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