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Now you can argue that the Secret Success Machine is selling a quality educational system that teaches personal growth and online marketing skills.
Within my review of the Secret Success Machine, I will explain exactly what they offer, and why I feel this is a poor investment for those that want to create real wealth online. I also want to let you know that much of the information that I gleaned during my investigation, is based on an interview with a Secret Success Machine Representative. Note: There is very little information online about the Secret Success Machine because they switched their name recently from Millionaire Marketing Machine due to a legal issue with another (MLM) company named, Million Dollar Marketing Machine.
Franchises sell products and reputation, not over glorified infomercials about how wonderful your life will be after you buy into their franchise. You don’t have to buy into the Secret Success Machine fad so that you can achieve your dreams.
And you don’t have to look like the lady on the cover photo here, you can have a little more dignity than that.
There are 6 different product packages and each package is considered it’s own franchise. Because if you sell someone a higher priced package, you only get credit for that sale on the franchise level you purchased in at. The products are broken down into 6 different packages, each one with a $197 administration fee. Each package contains a certain number of CD and Video training’s for you to implement in your Secret Success business.
Below I have listed the courses and broken down the hourly rate based on the hours of content per course. The CD’s and Video Courses cover a good range of relevant topics for Internet Marketers and Sales People. The system is built off of Big Name Marketing Gurus that never have any direct mentoring to you as a student of the program. The commissions are large, and that is exactly why the people who are recruiting a lot of people are making big money. If your new members buy a membership above your membership level, you only receive commission at the level you bought into. Now if you’re reading this review and you’re considering buying into the Secret Success Machine, what does your gut tell you? They are not focusing on the training, the long hours that you have to put in, or the marketing skills that are imperative to learn. And this is what real online success takes, not over inflated success based on following a machine to success. If you’re going to go forward with the Secret Success Machine, know that you are going to have to learn how to sell, market, network, and do everything else required of any real business.
I spoke to my Secret Success Machine Rep tonight, and the first thing he mentioned was the big sale he just made.
Nothing about educating his new recruits on building their businesses, nor about the awesome training he received. As a matter of fact, the sales rep didn’t understand several concepts that are explained in the Secret Success Machine training program on building a website, understanding SEO, writing content and driving traffic to his site. As a matter of fact, you can’t even control the content management system of the website that you receive with the Secret Success Machine.

Now maybe he hasn’t gotten to it yet, but it leads me to believe there is no structured educational system within the Secret Success Machine whatsoever. The average income for these types of high pressure sales-type MLM programs is less than $300 dollars per year. But the only automated magical system out there is to take what you learn and apply it to your own business, not some MLM bogus franchise.
You have to work hard and create a marketing system to promote whatever product you are selling. All the information listed on the sales page of the Secret Success Machine is based on internet marketing skills. Based on the conversations I shared with my SSM Rep, and from the feedback of this review by people who have worked with the Secret Success Machine (as well as my SSM rep himself), education isn’t the priority, sales are. Instead Wealthy Affiliate is so confident in their training program, they let you try it out for free.
Before you go blowing 12,000 dollars on a program that may or may not work for you, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. I would hate to see you loose thousands of dollars and a month of your life just to realize that you got yourself into another online scam. If you want to really make money online, start building a business that can turn into a passive income source. Take a look at the comparison chart below to see the difference in value between Wealthy Affiliate and the Secret Success Machine. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment about my review of the Social Success Machine, by all means, please do. Todd is a full time online marketer, avid traveler, Occupational Therapist, and currently lives in Medellin, Colombia. I wanted to get a real education on how to make money online from a website, not cold call people all day and try to talk them into the ssm sales team.
This is a direct sales program and there is no real training on internet marketing or how to build a website that makes money.
I’ve read your review and signed up for the free membership and have played around inside their training platform. I get questions about achieving results within 12 months using WA training program and of course it varies on hard you work through the program and what your sites all about. It takes some time to build any online business, but the cool thing about it is that it has sort of a snowball effect.
At the 11 month mark, he posted a great success story inside WA showing that he is making over $4k a month in Amazon commissions from one site.
Colton made a year long commitment to Wealthy Affiliate and in return, WA gave him training, tools, support and a community so that he could achieve $4k a month in Amazon commissions.
Thanks Jacob for sharing your experience with Secret Success Machine, sorry to hear they scammed you and wish you would have read our review first and saved 3K. If you’re looking to really learn how to make money online, check out my #1 rated resource. Well Todd, I have read a lot of your page here but in all honesty I cannot bear to read it all. I started my selling years ago in California knocking on doors selling Fuller Brush and did ok for a partime gig.

If you want others to join up with you, please have the decency to find a way to do it without runing down another way of thinking unless you are setting yourself up as judge which you are not qualified to do for anyone. Well John, you didn’t have enough time to read my entire review which takes about 5-10 minutes but had time enough to write me close to a 500 word response to tell me of your life story. The top products I support on this site are educational based and you can take a look at them on my home page or reference them here.
Wealthy Affiliate: perfect educational system to teach people how to create online businesses and website development.
Jaaxy: The perfect keyword research tool I use to get my posts to rank on page one of Google. Thrivethemes: For building landing pages and content and a few other programs, you can see them on my sidebars of any page on this site.
I believe that for most, it’s a scam, but for those who are experienced network marketers or sales people, it can be a real opportunity. If you are selling a product, wouldn’t the focus of the sales pitch be about the product? The higher levels include additional training of course, but also include the same training from the lower levels – makes sense. So you’ll never receive higher commission unless you buy the highest franchise level.
Otherwise you’d be loosing out on higher level commissions whenever someone buys a more expensive product. The only difference is, can you ethically live with yourself for selling this overpriced system?
You can try it out for free through Wealthy Affiliate, the best online training program available in today’s market. He strives to help people make a better life through self education, determination, and following their passions.
Click here at get started on your classes, put in an honest effort and bring your online dreams to life John.
I only refer people on my site, Learn To Grow Wealth Online, to products that are beneficial to people and I don’t think the secret success machine is a good program. I have some cool ideas for an online business but wanted to ask you how much time will I need to put into this education before I’m making consistent money.
I think it’s an overpriced poor training MLM that applies high pressure sales to snag thousands of dollars from inexperienced online marketers. I went from struggling single mom barely making it to a steady 6 figure income in 6 months. Are you getting people to sign up for a MLM that most likely won’t work for 99% of the people?

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