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Canon and Nikon pretty much dominated the market with no competitors or significant innovators in the horizon, until Sony showed up with some outstanding cameras and technological wonders.
Now that we’re getting used to the high standards set by the a7S II and a7R II, Sony is said to be working on a top-secret camera that will be “very high-end”. Unlike Canon’s promises to deliver exquisite dynamic range whenever it releases a new camera, when Sony says ‘high-end’ and ‘revolutionary’ there’s probably a good reason to get excited. Sony Alpha Rumors reported this rumor based on two sources it considers “top trusted sources”, and apparently it was first mentioned eight months ago. The first source, who also shared correct info about the new A-mount A68 camera, claims he heard about this ‘secret’ camera model directly from Sony. Unlike the rumored specs of the Canon 1D X Mark II and the Nikon D5 which sound like they will be upgrades to the current 1D X and D4s (awesome upgrades, but still just upgrades), the Sony cameras is said to be something completely new. As the second source stated, this camera will not be another step in the evolution of an existing camera, but rather a revolution. For a moment there it seemed like Canon was set to catapult itself back to the forefront of imaging technology with its 250MP sensor and especially the rumor that the 120MP camera will use Foveon-like sensor technology, but it looks like Sony isn’t ready to give up its spot quite just yet.
When he isn't waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. To see more of his work please visit his studio website blurMEDIAphotography, or follow him on Twitter, 500px, Google Plus or YouTube.

Stefan Kohler is a conceptual photographer, specialized in mixing science, technology and photography.
The free preview for the issue had a pretty cool Iron Man armor corps spread for fanboys and fangirls young and old! The battle of the Ultimate Tony Stark and the Marvel 616 Tony Stark reveals that a symbol on a the blackboard that evokes CrossGen’s sigil for me. I really am excited to see what happens in Ultimate End #5 and how these Ultimate folks collapses into the new post Secret Wars 2015 on the main 616 Marvel Earth in All-New All-Different Marvel. End of Eternity: The Secret Hours 10 released in manga panda fastest, recommend your friends to read End of Eternity: The Secret Hours 10 now! At this time I am currently out of stock for all hidden compartment tables, but am working to get some new tables completed ASAP!
Sharing the specs would probably reveal his identity, so the source simply stated that the camera will be “very high-end”.
It tells the story of Dipper and Mabel Pines (twins), who spend the summer vacation with the Uncle in Gravity Falls.
I won’t go into them all here as there are many websites that do that much better than I can.
Is that a tease that another tweak to CrossGen’s sigil will be the key to ending Battleworld and overthrowing Doom?

He is the Senior Editor at Comics Nexus and currently writes the special feature - on Mondays when published - DEMYTHIFY column. According to the source very few people know about it and the only managers or employees who know about it are in Tokyo. Just like most young kids he has a crush on an older girl (Wendy Corduroy), but it too shy to let her know. This follows years of producing the NEAR MINT MEMORIES and the ONE FAN'S TRIALS columns at the Nexus plus a short stint at Bleeding Cool producing the COMICS REALISM column. As BabosScribe, John is active on his twitter account, his facebook page and welcomes any and all feedback.
Although The Mystery Shack is fake and is simply just a way of fleecing money from  tourists.

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