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FIREFLIES - Glowing With StoriesThe Children’s Literature Section of Kala Ghoda at Kitab Khana is the space dedicated exclusively to books for children and young adults and remains committed to showcasing the best of children’s literature in 2015 through a variety of sessions that are designed to allow children to explore and sample a wide variety of books.
What happens when three children, on their way to school, follow a pair of birds into a secret sanctuary?
Meet a Scrumpeelious, a Sharmistickle, a Tankstomper and many other strange creatures with Jerry Pinto.

British storyteller Emily Hennessey mesmerizes with myths from around the world from Norse to Indian to African.
The section also attempts to promote reading, and the craft of writing and illustrating for professionals interested in the field.The Children's Literature Section is Mumbai's only space for readers, book lovers parents and educators to explore the best of the year's children's books.

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