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I know I’m about to break some sort of girl solidarity thing here, but girls do some weird things. Not Washing Your Hair For DaysUnless you have really oily hair, it's not good to wash your hair every day anyway!
Source: ShutterstockTrying On 600 Outfits Before Leaving The HouseMost of the girls I know, myself included, will try on like five different outfit combinations before deciding. Source: ShutterstockThrowing Clothes All Over The RoomWhile deciding what to wear, instead of hanging everything back up like a normal person, we will toss everything on the floor or bed.
Source: ShutterstockRewearing ClothesIf it doesn't smell or have stains on it, there's a 99% chance we're wearing it again before washing it.
Source: ShutterstockUsing Perfume As FebrezeIf something does smell a little, we may or may not substitute our perfume or body spray when we're out of Febreze. Source: ShutterstockShoving Everything Into A ClosetWhen someone is coming over and you don't have time to clean, what do you do? Source: ShutterstockBorrowing Your Friends ClothesMy friends have never borrowed clothes from me.

Source: ShutterstockTouching Our BoobsWhether we're adjusting them or just messing around with them, we touch our boobs.
Source: ShutterstockKissing And TellingYou are lying if you say you don't tell your friends about that juicy hookup you had last weekend. I do basically all of these except trying on a bunch of different outfits (that only happens like once every couple years) and not washing my hair for several days. Most people have a hard time going more than 10 or 15 minutes without checking their cell phone.
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And you're actually not supposed to wash them after every use because it ruins them, so there.

But they have "borrowed" clothes, and by that I mean I never knew they took something until they were wearing it to dinner.
Show your woman she is the most important thing in your life by turning off your cell phone at the beginning of a date.
Maybe this will help some of you who are doing these things realize that you’re not the only one. She will be super turned on by knowing that all you need in your life for the next few hours is her. There are so many things that girls do in secret that we don’t want anyone to know about.

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