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Thursday the 5th was the first round of retail releases, as Japanese stores got Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4, PS3), Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (PS3), and Photokano Kiss (Vita). On Wednesday the 11th, Samurai Warriors 4-II descends upon Vita, PS3, and PS4 while its provocative DLC costumes descend upon gamers who like spicier outfits. If note this month, the Xbox One and Wii-U won’t be making their audiences much bigger. We will never sell or give away your private information, but remember that anything you post is being added to a public forum and will be visible to the public. Microsoft has announced that for the first time in five years, a new DirectX 12 is about to be unveiled at GDC on March 20th 2014. The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. Would not make any since to release hardware just in November that can not run Direct X12 which releases only a few months later? DX12 isn’t only about performance be assured of that and it will most likely bring with it better utilization of the xbox one architecture which IS different than a PC and the PS4. Your fellow xboner up in the comments mentioned it in the book he wrote , also i can’t wait to see those major increases of api update. They’re very good at writing illegible textwalls of pure bull, just like cranks who think perpetual motion works, the earth is flat, and the moon landings were faked. I wouldn’t say this if you Xboners keep it real and stop saying that the Xbone will magically beat the ps4 or even be equally as powerful. Direct x 12 is a new version of API which mean it will require MORE power to take advantage of DX12.
With all my years of PC gaming Direct X has always been hardware specific with each generation of API. Posting educational facts isn’t trolling, spreading FUD, lies, and BS like you is trolling.
Call it bullshit down the road if you will if it doesn’t prove further than what it is now, but so early after launch, even when it’s shown the benifits in games? Also the drivatar, while not revolutionary was a big step up, and was something done at launch at that.
Yes, loads of servers that can run poor AI > slightly fewer servers that can run poor AI. Hardly anyone would take your opinion for being worth something, cause of your solely negative point of view and constant bashing.
Maybe your’e just bullshittin, maybe you just like to try to undermine and hurt some feels or something. Truth be told the Xbone barely run games at 900p and don’t even utilize tessellation, if not, at all. PlayStation Plus cloud storage not only gives you great peace of mind, but it also allows you to move your PlayStation 4 progress between different systems.
Log in to the desired PS4 user account, push up on the d-pad, and scroll to the right until you reach the ‘Settings’ icon. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. So this year I took part in my second MyIGN Secret Santa, something I looked forward to returning to. I've seen several people in the community write a blog where they want to show off their PS4 captures but have to link their Facebook.
From here you'll be able to upload directly to Youtube or you can use a program to add music or any type of commentary over it. Thanks to the PS4's video capture ability I was able to record one of my gaming bucket list moments the other day. I've had a PS4 for two weeks now give or take and I've downloaded several games so I thought I'd run down the list and give some of my quick thoughts. I've always been an avid Call of Duty player so it was a no brainer that this would be my go-to first person shooter on the next gen consoles.
This is a gameplay I captured with the PS4(ways of getting around only posting to FB.) Unfortunately it compresses the video a good bit so takes away from how the game really looks.
I never got into Super Startdust until Sony gave us two free games for the Playstation Network being hacked.
This is a free-to-play game that revolves around having the ability to play with 3 other people or solo, though I'd not recommend solo. The last few months I've been able to get into some of the newer games and figured I'd share some of my thoughts on them. I didn't think too much of Dishonored when it was announced, it just didn't sound all that interesting. I've played every Assassin's Creed game, sans portable games and Revelations(it was stolen), and it's been one of my favorite gaming franchises.
I've never played one of the Persona games before, so it felt weird getting into the fourth game of the series without playing the others. I bought this game just yesterday, got a sweet deal off of Amazon for just $20(Vita version).
Just a FYI, some of these images and other things I've gotten off of stock photos and resources from Deviant Art.
As I sit here today on a somewhat quiet(okay very quiet) Sunday, which also happens to be Father's day I can't help but think about the times I've played video games with my dad. That was years ago, he doesn't get to play too much any more because of work and other responsibilities to his family but by the gods them are some of the moments I miss from my younger childhood. For that I am thankful, not because of the games or consoles, but because he cared enough to always make sure we had something we loved.
I don't get to see my dad as much as I'd like, the past few years it's been only a few times a year as I live in another state but I never forget the impact he has had on me. Even if you don't share the same interests as your father, I hope that there are good memories throughout your life to know that his love means a lot and I hope that you're able to tell him that. With only two more weeks until E3 I decided that this would be the best time to post a few games that are my most anticipated this year(and a little bit into 2013).
I'm pretty bored so I started going through my iTunes and figured I'd share some songs that I like and maybe you will as well! Safetysuit is a relatively new band that I don't think many people know about but their two CD's have been pretty great. Hollywood Undead is a hit or miss band for me but their album Swan Songs had a lot of good songs lyrically. I've had a tablet for a while now but I always used to get frustrated trying to actually draw something. By the way if you're not an artist or familiar with gesture drawings it's where a person takes around a minute or so capturing the desired image without pause or in rapid movement to prepare for their actual drawing. Aside from games such as Gears of War and Halo(them are obvious choices) what are some cheap 360 games you would recommend?
Hey, so I haven't been able to draw as much as I'd like lately but I have done a few sketches and such. 2011 is winding down so I thought I'd take a minute and discuss some of the games I've played so far this year.
A lot of people generally didn't like the new direction DA2 went more towards the Mass Effect route. I've already voiced my opinions on some of this game in my last blog post so I won't talk too much about it here. I bought this game for $8.74 on Amazon the other day and if I could go back in time I'd spend $60 on it. I've been playing a shit ton of Battlefield 3 multiplayer lately and this is the first time playing a Battlefield game. I've only played shooters online so I can't speak for other different games like racing or whatever else they have multiplayer for. One of the last things I remember before I woke up is it had finally turned night time and we heard a helicopter land and heard footsteps coming towards the house. My question is this: If you could turn back the clock and beat a game you didn't when you were younger. So I was reading through some of the blogs around on site and came across one that talked about the old Cartoon Network and such. I remember watching this and thinking that the main character, Kenshin was the coolest guy ever. Not too long ago, the man with the least creative name on MyIGN RyanPalmer asked me if I wanted to be apart of something mediocre. PS3 and PS4 get Dragon Quest Heroes, and it’ll be interesting to see which version sells the best.
Amazing Boss Fight, Vanilla Command by IJAMinecraft, Unique Loot (1.8+)herpsenderpsen on Minecraft Summon Herobrine! There are multiple options available for approachability, or adopting any kind of attacking technique.
That better utilization will be major increases in performance not just a slight bump by the way. If it tops my 700$ pc (which still runs games better even on dx11.0 garbage ports) i am selling it asap to buy xbox. Direct X 12 will not bring any hardware changes to the Xbox as its already out but the PC may get some hardware updates and Open Gl has been giving SONY an advantage along with the Linux based OS it uses. Please tell me when they actually optimize this extra 30%, because comparison videos show that the $3 billion that MS spent on their GPU research seemed to be working.
It’s something that really interest me, and I enjoy finding more info and learning about what we were discussing above. This isn’t your actual opinion, and your’e just trying to urk some nerves right? Look at the comparison screenshots above between dx10 and 11, now imagine one step further to dx12. It can be quite laborious, but there’s a good chance that you won’t be copying the saves for multiple games very often.
It's always nice to be able to make another persons Christmas a little better so I was excited to get this started. I don't have a definite list of what my gaming bucket list would be, it's more a "what I haven't done in a video game yet" type of thing. I may try Killzone: Shadow Fall at some point but the multiplayer hasn't impressed me too much. You play as these really cool looking ninja assassin's where you travel from planet to planet doing a variety of missions. I played Mass Effect 3 early on at the start of the year and then started on Dark Souls which took up a lot of my time.

After reading some of the reviews and seeing some of the games it was being compared to I decided that I should pick it up. I don't particularly like the characters in the game, selection wise, but they have enough that if I care to play a lot that I'll have several to choose from. I'm not really that big of a hunter, my dad always went when I was younger so I'd tag along.
Pretty sure the deadline has passed but oh well, Photoshop has been quite hit or miss lately on my computer so I didn't get to do as many things as I wanted. I read it again today and found that not too much has changed though I have added some new stuff but nothing that needs to be noted because well not many people seen it anyways! He's not very technologically savvy, although I'm surprised to say he can text quite well now-a-days.
He may get annoying because he cusses the TV out so much you get tired of listening to it, and sure I can forgive him for that one time he saved over my baseball season when I had almost completed the entire one-hundred and sixty-two games for the first time ever(DAMN HIM!) For the record, I have never finished a baseball season, gaming wise. I remember no matter how much money we didn't have, how much all the new games cost, I knew that when Christmas came I would have the latest and greatest console that had been released. I know I can always count on my father, the gaming side being only a very small part of the man he is. Two middle schools combined to make one big high school so I was meeting entirely new people. I plan on doing a pre-E3 blog and then a post-E3 blog to see if my excitement level has changed. Say what you want about Ubisoft wanting to release it annually but the games are still damn fun.
The bands first two albums were pretty amazing, even though lyrically they were dark in a way. Mainly because I didn't understand working in Photoshop at the time(or drawing for that matter). I used to have one a couple years ago so I still have a few games that I brought back with me. You had to be a human, your name was Hawke, and it barely had anything to do with the original DA. I never played the original Deus Ex games, by all accounts were great(well the second one maybe not). Seriously at least 4 deaths each match are attributed to the fact I get spawned in front of an enemy squad. If you're wondering what that post means, RAGE was developed by id Software but is being published by Bethesda Softworks. I always thought of it similar to a cartoon version of Power Rangers, except they were Samurai Warriors. At first I really didn't like it then after getting through a few episodes the characters really appealed to me. Sometimes I think I wish it went as long as Dragon Ball Z or Naruto with hundreds of episodes but I'm glad it didn't. PS4 versions have recently begun to outsell PS3 version of cross-gen titles, so that looks good for the new hardware.
Amazing Boss Fight, Vanilla Command by IJAMinecraft, Unique Loot (1.8+)DYONSTAGE on Minecraft Summon Herobrine! It appears as though a confrontation with more than a couple of enemies is very much an underlying element in Killzone Shadow Fall.
You asked us to bring you even closer to the metal and to do so on an unparalleled assortment of hardware. Remember Cerny said it would take developers years to take full advantage of HSA tech and the Xbox one has full memory coherence. It means what you think you know is irrelevant because with the existence of DirectX 12, it eliminates what everyone told you about the GPU and CPU capabilities of the Xbox One. And once devs understand the xbox one hardware and they use direct x 12, games will improve on the xbox one.
This will make a meaningless difference other than making it slightly easier for devs to exploit the already weak hardware and that will be sometime in 2016, by which point it will be far too late. PS will be locked on dx11 for the full 5 year life cycle while xb1 will be on dx12 and greater, it is a HSA system you realise, meaning it can evolve to take advantage of new software. Even if the news is mainly positive, you’ll still spin it negative and call out all the faults. I have a PS4 (step son) and XBOX ONE (me) in this house, and the differences are pretty negligible. I’m admired of everything Microsoft is doing to improve the xbox, windows 10 and windows phone!
What good is all that hardware if you can’t keep up with the competition on the software engineering level?
Think of software as layers of latency that can drastically hinder performance on so many levels. Remember, you’ll need to be logged into the same PlayStation Network account that you uploaded data to in order to access your files.
You do have to upload to Facebook still but you can download that video as an MP4 video where you're then able to upload to Youtube. One of the things, being an avid Call of Duty player since MW2, was the inability to get a nuke.
Will get Battlefield 4 also but definitely would recommend waiting for them to patch what seems to be a broken ass game. So I kept my eyes on Resongun when I seen it was made by the same developers of Super Stardust. While the graphics look great, I can't help but think that they messed up on some of the shooting mechanics.
Even though I haven't finished it, I'm so very excited to hear that Dark Souls 2 was announced at the VGA's.
Not only that but Matt didn't even ask me what I'd prefer or anything like that and he STILL picked what I was hoping for. But here's a few new things that I've mostly finished(they need some touching up) and I'll post a few of my older stuff but not too much.
I still remember when he tried to play NCAA College Football and after two minutes put the controller down laughing at himself because he kept forgetting the X button was to snap the ball.
I remember him trying to hide the fact that he had set up my Sega Genesis days before Christmas, or the time we didn't have an adapter for the Nintendo 64 on the day of Christmas so we had to wait.
I'm hesitant to play AC: Revelations for fear of some of the gameplay mechanics but I have to know what happens to Ezio before I can accept Connor as the new Assassin. With the announcement of the reboot at first I was a little meh about it at first.Then I started looking at the new character design, some of the gameplay coming out and it really piqued my interest. They say it was a new IP but Activision said it was similar to the True Crimes series so slapped the name on it. So I started just dabbling with it earlier and while nothing looks clean or even "good" I'm happy with the way some of these look. After I set up Xbox Live and make some additional funds towards the machine I'm going to be a little financially strapped. Did some research into the scripting process, setting up a story and turning an idea into something legit.
I wonder if sales would have been better if it had been released closer to November or maybe even December?
I really like the characters in the game, Monkey reminds me a lot of Vin Diesel for some reason.
I've played a little more of Limbo and that is a really surprisingly stunning looking game.
One is the internet was shut off for several days because of a miscommunication between the internet provider and us. It was either that or Batman and I never beat Arkham Asylum so it was rather an easy choice although Batman looks ten times better than the first game as in terms of size. Since those are big deals for retail shopping, some companies are shipping games on that day, while a few others are sticking to the Thursday tradition. That means even the PSP will be getting more software than the Wii-U for a month-long block of 2015.
Amazing Boss Fight, Vanilla Command by IJAMinecraft, Unique Loot (1.8+)Da Beast on Minecraft Summon Herobrine!
Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. Now I am going to let the person who built the Earth (Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy reference) show you how round it is.
It's terrible having to pick things for other people to get me, trust me ask my family, but she got me something I really wanted this year. I kind of prefer this way since I can edit in music or whatever else I want before completely finishing it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Resongun came as a free download when you purchased Playstation Plus. Sure it doesn't add anything new or unique but most of the time you're able to play the way you want.
I think the expectations for AC III were very high, but I also believe Ubisoft kind of doomed themselves at the same time.
I've only shot a gun a few times in my life so actually going out to kill an animal(Deer) has never been something attractive to me. Sitting there trying not to move much or be as silent as possible is harder than you'd think.
Believe it or not, I remembered playing Call of Duty and how when you're sniping they have the button to hold your breath. Even though I'm always harder on myself looking at the drawings I like that I do have some "decent" drawing ability.
I was pretty damn awful at BF3 to start but I noticed that I had only played a total of 3 hours online.
Had that taken care of today, just have to gather some documents to send and should be okay. After reading IGN's review it definitely didn't make me want to play the game more so than before.
Amazing Boss Fight, Vanilla Command by IJAMinecraft, Unique Loot (1.8+)CoolDude54 on Minecraft Summon Herobrine! The protagonist, Lucas Kellan has to keep a low profile, while carrying out these covert operations. There is a remote controlled drone called OWL by your side that, that alerts you if there is any form of danger in the vicinity.A DualShock 4a€™s touch pad with the pulse echo enables the player to see through walls and locate enemies.

Things that people have claimed wouldn’t happen years ago have been a norm in the 21 century. I'm not the best player at this game, my highest score so far is a lowly 2 million but it doesn't stop me from enjoying the hell out of this game.
Plus there are other games coming to PS4 soon enough, such as War Thunder I hope, that could be fun. It's like a big playground where you see how high you can go up, or how fast you can get by an enemy. Seeing the assassin class(guys you see my obsession with assassin's?) I wanted to play as that ASAP.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is one of my favorite movies, I used to own it until I discovered that the disc had been cracked so to have the movie again brings me much joy. I became entranced, I lost count of how far we had walked until there was a light peaking through up ahead. There was this girl named Renarda(no lie), I used to think I was clever and call her Retarda.
Instead of the beautiful cities of Italy and what not we're now put into places such as Boston and New York. Also, the developers who made Enslaved:Odyssey to the West(one of my all-time favorites) are working on this. I'm not really fooling myself that it was going to be "the next great thing" or anything like that. Sure there is a good bit of repetitiveness, lame missions, and mostly not varied enough places to visit. To keep this simple I'm just going to post some stats that seem most important in the game. Square Enix announced that a HD version of Final Fantasy X will be coming to the PS3 and PSVita(LIFEEEEEEE!).
When he asked me to contribute as a writer for The Pixl Press I was down like Foreman(boxing reference people.) But in a good way, obviously. If one were to hold down the direction, it increases the pulse at the same time holding it too long, acts as as a spoiler and reveals your location. Not saying the cloud will achieve something amazing cause technically right now it most likely can’t, but who knows the future.
One of the best anime's I've watched in a long time and have always wanted to rewatch again. Typically it's not something I go out of my way for, it's just something that would be nice to get. On next-gen it's hardly noticeable, I'm able to see enemies better and the maps are just over all more appealing to look at. I haven't had a chance to play too much of the game, but from what I did play I enjoyed it.
I decided to play P4G over the likes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss(love me some Uncharted) and Gravity Rush(my anime nerd radar screams love at first sight). I know this is a fighting game and it's not supposed to be all that great story wise but come on. I started texting on my phone for a while until I thought I'd better get serious about this whole hunting thing. The water crystal blue, the sun gleaming down with no cloud in sight, the temperature just right. We'll be able to traverse through the wilderness that not only will you deal with soldiers but animals as well. I was really considering saying, "Oh this is the greatest game ever!" but after the honeymoon effect wore off I won't say it's my most favorite game. OuTLand is an interesting game, you're able to change between red and blue light that counter certain enemies and projectiles. Here's hoping some of them get pushed back a little because I'm clearing my calender for Mass Effect 3. This happened three months ago so we were paying the regular $46 a month without any notification.
This post might be on a PlayStation site, but that doesn’t mean I want other hardware to fail.
A slight tap on the D-pad gives you a quick reminder of the tasks to be accomplished.The single player concept is well done. You are in denial, what happens when microsoft confim dx12 and the games show that the xb1 is the much better console?
I'll give it another go but be prepared for some instant deaths where you're left wondering how exactly you died.
It took me a while to finally get the game but I've poured about 40 hours or so into it without doing any of the DLC. All of the characters say almost the exact same thing except it's related to "their world" It probably took less than 20 minutes to fight through the entire story. There were a few instances where I would walk down the hall and a group of kids would be walking the opposite way and I'd hear one of the girls snap her head towards me and say, "What's wrong with him?" in the most vulgar ways.
My experience growing up has helped me accept others for who they were when if I hadn't gone through that maybe I wouldn't have been so open minded. What really got me hooked is reading that the lead designer for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Mark Richard Davies, is working on the game.
But I liked the combat, the voice acting was okay for me, there were strong missions that actually had an emotional affect on me. Graphically it's a beautiful game though there are some noticeable frame rate drops at times. One was because I backed myself into a corner against the Penetrator and he sliced me to hell. This one is full of unexpected twists and happenings that change the course of the game and sure gives you a high at the end of it all.
I was pretty happy when I got it, probably the last time I'll do that for a while, anyways. There were so many moments when we figured out a puzzle stage where we sat back and was like, "holy shit!" A lot of great moments.
We were battling for recruits, winning our games, destined to meet each other in the National Championship.
The story was engrossing, the combat worked, the stealth was hard as hell at times but so fun.
I love the character building, the setting, especially considering I hate medieval type games. It just didn't sound interesting and seemed like it was getting more praise than it deserved. From narrow filth strewn roads, conjested ghettos to tall buildings and skyscrapers; the player is expected to get accustomed to every environ depending on the enemy. Forget about judging the hole from 20 feet with a slope and wind coming from the west or what not. Yesterday I read a few things that have been on my mind constantly.(blame my slight OCD) So much so that I'm having to write this as a blog just to get it out of my head.
I've never met a person who enjoyed making a person feel like complete shit except for her. There was another moment where I was talking to this freshmen girl in the class(I was a sophomore) and I told her I had a twin brother. Anyways, The Last of Us looks a whole lot darker and should have a ton of moments that have you in pure panic. Over all there were more varied missions, way better voice acting, and Cole was just this badass super hero who had to make some tough choices in the end. I'm going to put so much of my life into this, my mission will be to beat the game that's eluded me for so long.
It is these action packed sequences that add up to the whole experience.Guerilla Games has also made the multiplayer experience count.
If it wasn't making fun of the way I walked it was making fun of the way I have to get out of a chair. I hope that it can be a "different" open-world game that separates itself from the GTA's of the world. It's different when you're by yourself but when you have GlaDos egging you on telling you how crappy of a human being you are, well, you really want to prove her wrong. It didn't make a whole lot of sense but I made the best choice that I thought was to be made and I felt bad at the same time.
And also the fact they put in some bullshit ending to keep the series going is just another headache. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I think this is a game I'll be able to always come back to throughout the coming year and still enjoy. I figured I'd go out of the norm and share this particular experience with you fine people. Luckily, I had friends who would either step in the way or a teacher would notice what was happening and stop it.
The graphics were great, the player animations were spot-on, and some of the game modes were actually fun. No matter how insignificant the story was to the main game I really thought they did it well. It probably won't be considered too much for GOTY but it's probably the most overlooked game of the year.
Then I started reading some twitter comments from other game critics and this one really caught my eye.
I'm standing there readying for the blow and then my cousin came out of nowhere and just swung a fist. One night while my family went to my older brothers football game I was home alone after an awful day.
We tried to go on for another season but the problems started really rearing their ugly head. I try to do as many tasks in the games as I can but there is so much that it gets overwhelming. I decided I was just going to push through the last few months of school then I wouldn't have to see most of them kids anymore. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" It was repeated several more times before the sound of the helicopter disappeared.

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