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If you’re an enthusiastic, tech savvy iPhone fan, the odds are pretty good that the iPhone is an open book for you. Here are five somewhat secret things your iPhone can do that power users might be familiar with, but most people have no idea about. There’s nothing worse than being included on a massive group text with no end in sight. Thankfully, Apple’s iPhones can address both problems thanks to recently added software features.
Siri is pretty great when it comes to helping you find information and do things using only your voice, but sometimes Siri has trouble pronouncing your name. Did you know that unless you disable the feature, your iPhone tracks everywhere you go and saves all of that location data? This is a feature that stirred up a lot of commotion among tech fans who are concerned with privacy. This is a simple one, but I can’t tell you how happy I was when Apple added this feature to the iPhone. In the default camera app, you don’t need to contort your hands and tap the on-screen shutter button to snap a photo.

Located inside the iPhone setting app is a set of secret settings that most people overlook.
Instead, you can just click one of the physical volume buttons on the side of the iPhone to take a picture. It is always a good practice to clear up unused apps, data, old pictures and videos to ensure your iOS device runs smooth.
Zedge has changed this with a free app that offers free ringtones that can sync up to your iPhone or iOS device free. These settings are the iPhone assistive touch settings and allow you to some pretty interesting things.
This is mainly used if your home button breaks but has a lot of other cool features as well.
In other words, I want the camera to watch me and when I shake my head to the left, I want the system to bring up Siri. Included in the tutorial will be some extra tips and the camera settings section which holds some extra features. Zedge can be downloaded free in the app store and includes instructions on how to setup a wireless sync for ringtones.

Within the assistive touch settings you can create digital buttons, actions, gestures and movements to create a totally unique experience. How To Get Hidden Spock emoji (Vulcan Salute) ???????????????? ???? Using your iOS device, navigate to this page using Safari. Below you will find the full video tutorial and instruction on how to access these secret iPhone settings and how to use the iPhone assistive touch settings.
What you can do is access Siri, get into some settings within your devise and even create special gestures within the favorites tab.
Refer to the video above for a full demonstration on how to use all of the assistive touch features on the iPhone 5.

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