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Plus, since you are a busy mom, sometimes the time it will take to record what you’re eating will be enough incentive to keep you from eating something out of convenience. Knowing you have to write down the calories for a cupcake or a soda is enough deterrent to not eat or drink those two options.  You will eat less and make healthier choices because you know you’ll have to record it. With a food journal you don’t just record calories.  You’ll record other information like the time you ate, why you ate, how hungry you were feeling and what your reactions to that food were afterwards. You’ll learn if you eat more during certain times of the day.  Or maybe you eat because you are watching TV.
Recording how you feel after each meal is a great motivator.  If you record that you had a huge energy boost after you eat an apple or protein bar you’ll be more encourage eating more of those foods.
Whereas if you eat a bag of chips and don’t feel like doing anything after or are irritable you are more likely to avoid junk food.  Being aware of your reactions is half of the battle.

A food journal helps you see in black and white exactly what your healthy eating challenges are. With a food journal you’ll be able to manage or eliminate all of these challenges.
You can even just text or e-mail your eating info to a buddy so you can encourage each other and hold each other accountable.
I’ve used all 5 of these food journaling techniques and they are all equally effective. In other words, it doesn’t matter how you track what you eat, it only matters that you do it. Most of us work with what we have when we're styling our hair, but in Hollywood, hair gurus like Salma Hayek's stylist, Robert Vetica, aren't afraid to give their clients a little boost with temporary extensions.
Just like we underestimate how much we spend until we sit down to track our budgets, we also tend to underestimate how much we eat.

In fact, for the Golden Globes, he added a few inches to complement the "Hollywood noir" look of Salma's Gucci gown. Being aware of when you eat and if you are actually hungry while you are eating will help you change the behavior.  You’ll be able to find a hobby to do instead.

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