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Disclaimer: Information from this page is based on the contributions submitted by visitors and members of Theiapolis. Jim Canfield, convicted of a crime he did not commit, escapes a Nevada prison with several hardened criminals.
OverviewSteve Jobs started life as an adopted baby whose mother wanted a better life for him.
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11 Jul 1892 - Thomas Mitchell, (Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA) 4 Sep 1892 - Rosa Rey, (Spain) 10 Nov 1894 - Martin Garralaga, (Barcelona, Spain) 9 May 1895 - Rankin Mansfield, (Muscatine, Iowa, USA) 28 Jan 1896 - Kurt Katch, (Grodno, Poland) 30 Aug 1896 - Zacharias Yaconelli, (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 27 Jan 1900 - Carlos Rivero, (Mexico) 26 Mar 1901 - Dimas Sotello, (Mexico) 30 Jun 1901 - Glenda Farrell, (Enid, Oklahoma, USA) 7 Dec 1901 - Harry Stanton, (Washington, USA) 7 Aug 1904 - Grandon Rhodes, (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA) 9 Sep 1904 - Miguel Contreras, (Sonora, Mexico) 31 Jan 1905 - Geraldine Hall, (Springfield, Illonois, USA) 1 Oct 1905 - Delmar Costello, (Costa Rica) 15 Dec 1905 - Faustino Espinoza Navarro, (Cuzco, Peru)22 Feb 1907 - Robert Young, (Chicago, Illonois, USA) 18 Sep 1907 - Leon Askin, (Vienna, Austria) 31 Aug 1908 - Edward Colmans, (London, England) 6 Mar 1910 - Hernan Brana, (Cuba) 10 Nov 1914 - William Henry, (Los Angeles, California, USA) 30 Sep 1915 - Robert Tafur, (Litano, Colombia) 14 Mar 1916 - Rodolfo Hoyos, jr.
19 Jul 1954 - Dimas Sotello, aged 53 30 Dec 1956 - Miguel Contreras, age 52 14 Aug 1958 - Kurt Katch, aged 62 15 May 1961 - Delmar Costello, age 55 17 Dec 1962 - Thomas Mitchell, aged 70 22 Jan 1969 - Rankin Mansfield, aged 73 7 Apr 1969 - Rosa Rey, aged 66 18 Sep 1970 - Geraldine Hall, aged 65 1 May 1971 - Glenda Farrell, aged 66 ?
He leads them to the small farming community home of the man who not only framed him, but committed the crime. By joining our free community, you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content, and access many other special features. I am actually baffled that Amazon allowed it to be exhibited on their forum - have they no standards?Watching SECRET OF THE INCAS just to see a view of Machu Picchu is baffling, as well. I closed my eyes and recalled the movie I had discovered while planning the itinerary for our pilgrimage to Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. But Jim's plans for revenge are put on hold when he discovers that the local men have all joined the posse in the convict's pursuit, leaving their women behind.
Never one to be particularly motivated by classrooms, he marched to his own beat, dropping out of high school to focus on learning what he wanted to learn and especially on experimenting.
Don't know how people write such silly things to say that they are saying something very dignified! There are thousands of Youtube shots of the Inca citadel - so why watch a 100 minute 60 year old movie just to see a few glimpses of it? It was titled “Secret of the Incas” (1954), starring Charlton Heston as a fortune hunter who finds the legendary Golden Sun Disk that was stolen from the Temple of the Sun.

The seller has one negative feedback from about 4 months ago, from a buyer who complained about the content and high shipping cost (probably shipped to another country).
DagfinnssonA Life magazine worker (Stiller) who lives inside fantasy worlds sets off on a global journey to find a missing picture, which is needed for the final issue of Life.
He soon becomes attracted to the beautiful and resourceful Marcia, who turns out to be the fiance of the man who framed him. With the help of Steve Wozniak, he invented some of the most ground-breaking technology of the early computer age, but he endured some devastating setbacks along the way.
I replayed the movie in my mind: A haunting song of a Peruvian woman resonates across the Sacred Valley as Harry Steele (Charlton Heston) brings a group of tourists back to the airport in Cusco.
It doesn't really make sense since obviously the other almost 300 buyers were apparently satisfied. Can Jim protect the women from his less-civilized comrades, fall under Marcia's humanizing influence and still maintain his murderous resolve? He also sometimes sacrificed personal friendships for the sake of getting ahead in business. Another group arrives for Harry, whose side job as a tour guide provides a cover for his treasure hunting.
The seller also includes some colorful additions to the listing page and seems to be a fan of the film:There's also a bonus in this somewhere - a Radio version of the film!
The seller also explains how he's able to sell a DVD-R and be within eBay guidelines (I wasn't aware of this; I tried to sell some DVD-Rs a couple of years ago and my listing was deleted by eBay admins).
Harry finds out that the museum has a stone map – with a missing piece – of the tombs of Inca rulers in Cusco and Machu Picchu.
Harry tells the tourists of a larger sunburst that has never been found; and he tells them of the legend that the stolen sunburst cost the Incas their empire, and if it is ever found, their empire will be restored. Harry agrees to help her get to a safe country like Mexico if she helps him get a single-engine plane for him from the person who is after her. She manages to get the plane, and Harry flies the plane over Cusco and lands in the Sacred Valley, where he uses a raft to float down the Urubamba River to the trailhead to Machu Picchu.

When they enter through the gate of Intipunku (sun-gate), Harry discovers that an archaeological dig is underway for the hidden tomb of Manco Capac, the last Incan Emperor.
A mummy is found, but it is not the mummy of the puppet emperor of the Spaniards, who finally got rid of him in 1544. An interlude in the story occurs, with the extraordinary five-octave voice of Yma Sumac singing a song about the Virgins of the Sun God as Quechua females perform a ceremony by offering fruit to Mama Cuna (the head Virgin of the temple). Locals seek the end, like the Harry Steele, an American adventurer with a slightly dark ways, who want for personal gain, as his opponent, the ace of an elderly atimias. The story continues with another treasure hunter confronting Harry, but Harry outsmarts him as they compete for the sunburst. When the main tomb of Manco Capac is finally opened, Harry uses a gold reflector to reveal the cornerstone that hides the golden sunburst (disc) of the sun god’s face with nineteen rays. Harry returns the sacred golden sun disc to a native named Pachacutec – in honor of the ninth Inca emperor – and the native returns the golden sun disc to the Temple of the Sun in Machu Picchu. Yma Sumac sings the closing song in her bird-like voice to the Apus of the “High Andes” (Ataypura).
In my mind’s eye I visualized the legendary golden sun disc, and I remembered reading of a legend that said the solar disc was brought from Lemuria – the legendary continent of the Pacific – and placed at a temple in Lake Titicaca, and then it was brought to Cusco by Manco Capac, but when the gold-hungry Spaniards came, it was returned to an etheric kingdom, like Shambala, in Lake Titicaca. This was the place where the legendary Manco Capac struck the golden staff (tupayauri) of Wiraqocha into the ground and claimed the valley (as the axis mundi) for the Inka people. This ancient valley was known in the beginning as “Acamama” (this one that contains the things, or this one who is mother).

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