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This week’s nominations in Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble have seen real twist as only the captain Priya Malik was asked to nominate two Bigg Boss 9 contestants and she nominated Dignangana and Suyyash. However there is shocking twist to the evictions this week in Bigg Boss 9 as host Salman Khan will tell the inmates that the voting lines have been closed this week.
He will further tell them that the inmate to be evicted between Digangana and Suyyash has to be decided by remaining inmates. This is the real twist as reaching consensus in Bigg Boss house always leads to the beginning of major fight. Let’s see who between Suyyash and Digangana get the chance to go to secret room this week. Now for those of you who saw the episode, you obviously saw the Secret Society trio whose identities have not been revealed yet. Since they were left without an introduction, there’s been a lot of buzz around them since last night.
This television veteran is most famous for his role as Duryodhan in the original BR Chopra‘s Mahabharat. Popular RJ, Pritam Pyare, of a famous radio station is now all set to showcase his witty side in the Bigg Boss house.
Hard Kaur’s Party Song Features Gaurav Gera, Saroj Khan, Raghu, Manish Paul & MANY OTHERS! During the judgment day of the captian, Puneet tells Bigg Boss that Ali had misbehaved with the girls in the house but he will not punish him as he wants his guilt to kill him.

Puneet opens that Ali had commented something bad about Sonali and Upen when Liza had come in the house.
Asianet TV Anthapura Anuroopa Dream Stars Hosa Luv Story Khushi Kannada More.. Asianet TV Bombat Bhojana Season 2 Nirbhaya CAPTAIN TV Om Shakthi Colors Kannada Bigg Boss Kannada 3 Bigg Boss Season 1 - Kannada Majaa Takies DD CHANDANA Aaha Yentha Ruchi Antharaala Cheluvige Chitthara Chinnara Loka City Round Up More.. Season 6 is really alag che as the eviction, kidnaaping and padosi village house all are different in this season 6. In store room Imam was complaining about a particular juice to the camera and suddenly two men in a black dress came in store room and kidnapped Imam. There is TV in that room and Imam is  watching all the contestants on television from that room. Like us on Facebook and Google+ to stay updated about what's happening in your beloved country India!
Just in case you missed out on watching its inaugural episode, do check out our recap of it and leave us fun comments.
The SS is going to have maximum advantage over all the other contestants… like a bed for starters! Interestingly enough Puneet Bhatt, who plays Shakuni in the current Mahabharat series, is in the house. However, we are certain that these powers are only temporary and it will be fun to see their equation with the contestants once they’re off their given pedestal.

After sometimes Sapna realizes that Imam had been in the store room for longer than usual and goes to check on him.
Imam is instructed by Bigg Boss to stay and observe the others in the room till his next instruction. We hear that they’ll be the link between Bigg Boss and the others, and will have way too much authority over all the others. Raj Musix Kannada City Beats College Masthi College Superstars Devi Vs Deva Game Station More..
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