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The collected crushes of Philly singer-songwriter Peter Marinari(The longest-running blog in Philadelphia, est. The definitive, explanatory, and up-to-date guide on every Marvel line-wide event – including issue lists and how they can be read via hardcover and trade paperback graphic novels. These line-wide crossover events are overarching stories that can involve dozens of Marvel heroes – if not all of them, all at once!
That can make them hard to keep track of, especially at the current rate of one or more events each year. Characters: Though this was primarily an Avengers story, it prominently featured the X-Men and Fantastic Four (but not Spider-Man!) and several international heroes like Darkstar. Contest of Champions #1-3 are collected in Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcover & paperback, which also include Avengers Annual 16 and West Coast Avengers Annual 2. Marvel revisited the idea of a cosmic being pitting heroes against each other in a high stakes game of war with this year-long, 12-issue maxi-series. Unlike many comic events with tie-in issues in the ongoing titles of their stars, Secret Wars did not bleed into any other books during its run.
In 2015, Secret Wars I and II were reprinted in an all-inclusive box set of eleven standard-size hardcovers. The aftermath of the event was felt by many characters – none moreso than Spider-Man, who inherited his black symbiote suit from the ordeal. Although there were no traditional tie-in issues to Secret Wars at the time, many ongoing series did reference the sudden disappearance and reappearance of their heroes. Marvel tried to strike gold a second time with a sequel to Secret Wars – this time occurring on Earth and involving into dozens of tie-in issues. Characters: This saga really did hit the entire Marvel Universe, with nearly every ongoing title including a tie-in issue. Characters: The X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man all serve significant roles in this event, which began in the pages of X-Factor and ends thanks to the Avengers. The entire Evolutionary War story is collected in Evolutionary War Omnibus (full contents below). Individual issues are also collected in various TPB volumes, by title.
The Omnibus includes (in order) X-Factor Annual 3, Punisher Annual 1, Silver Surfer Annual 1, New Mutants Annual 4, Fantastic Four Annual 21, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 22, Uncanny X-Men Annual 12, Web of Spider-Man Annual 4, West Coast Avengers Annual 3, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 8, and Avengers Annual 17.
Characters: The X-Men, X-Factor, and New Mutants drive the central event, but tie-ins included the titles of all New York-based characters, including The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and Spiderman. Inferno was Marvel’s first line-wide crossover not driven by a limited series and including direct crossover between monthly issues of ongoing titles. A 2016 Inferno Crossovers TPB does not included that full issue range, instead only filling in what was omitted by the two 2016 Inferno TPBs!
Another line-wide crossover via Annuals, this time telling the story of the Atlantean Serpent Crown and the return of the Serpent God Set. Characters: X-Titles played a relatively large part in this evolving story, though it is ultimately driven by the Avengers and Fantastic Four.
A line-wide event dispersed through individual runs in many different ongoing series, where Loki convinced villains to cross over to fight atypical foes. Characters: The event mostly focused on The Avengers, with tie-ins from Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.
Main story collected in Acts of Vengeance Omnibus, including Avengers #311-313 and Annual 19, Avengers Spotlight (1989) #26-29, Avengers West Coast (1989) #53-55,  Captain America (1968) #365-367, Iron Man (1968) #251-252, and Thor (1966) #411-413. After two years of line-wide annual crossovers, 1990 marked the beginning of a new summer crossover strategy for Marvel. Though the crossovers themselves were not a line-wide event, the crossover theme and graphic design of the event was applied uniformly across all annuals – which is why they are listed in this guide. Days of Future Present: Fantastic Four Annual 23, 2, New Mutants Annual 6, X-Factor Annual 5, and Uncanny X-Men Annual 14. Lifeform: Punisher Annual 3, Daredevil Annual 6, Incredible Hulk Annual 16, and Silver Surfer Annual 3. The Terminus Factor: Captain America Annual 9, Iron Man Annual 11, Thor Annual 15, West Coast Avengers Annual 5, and Avengers Annual 19. In a second year of a smaller-scale of annual summer crossovers, Marvel slightly shuffled their titles for a different line-up of heroes in each story compared to the prior year. Kings of Pain: New Mutants Annual 7, New Warriors Annual 1, Uncanny X-Men Annual 15, and X-Factor Annual 6.
The Korvac Quest: Fantastic Four Annual 24, Thor Annual 16, Silver Surfer Annual 4, and Guardians of the Galaxy Annual 1.

Subterranean Wars: Avengers Annual 20, Incredible Hulk Annual 17, Namor The Sub-Mariner Annual 1, Iron Man Annual 12, and West Coast Avengers Annual 6.
The Von Strucker Gambit: Daredevil Annual 7, The Punisher Annual 4, and Captain America Annual 10. The first line-wide crossover focused on Marvel’s cosmic heroes, The Infinity Gauntlet saw villain Thanos wielding the Infinity Gems to master the universe in his continuing efforts to court Death. This crossover used the modern model of a primary limited series (written by Jim Starlin) with a number of tie-in titles. Characters: Though Infinity Gauntlet includes nearly every Marvel hero, it mostly focuses on Thanos and Adam Warlock.
Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 are collected in paperback and recently out-of-print Marvel Premiere Classic hardcover. Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath paperback collects Silver Surfer (1987) #60-66 and material from Annual 5, Dr.
This crossover between the Avengers, Avengers solo titles, and Quasar never quite reached linewide proportions, but at the time it was one of Marvel’s most far-reaching direct crossover between monthly titles.
Marvel’s final year of summer annual crossovers expanded to six storylines with the addition of new titles Darkhawk, X-Force, and X-Men Vol.
Assault on Armor City: Darkhawk Annual 1, West Coast Avengers Annual 7, and Iron Man Annual 13.
Citizen Kang: Captain America Annual 11, Thor Annual 17, Fantastic Four Annual 25, and Avengers Annual 21. The Hero Killers: Amazing Spider-Man Annual 26, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 12, Web of Spider-Man Annual 8, and New Warriors Annual 2. The Return of the Defenders: Incredible Hulk Annual 18, Namor The Sub-Mariner Annual 2, Silver Surfer Annual 5, and Dr. The System Bytes: The Punisher Annual 5, Daredevil Annual 8, and Guardians of the Galaxy Annual 2.
Characters: This focuses on Adam Warlock and Thanos, but Quasar and the Fantastic Four also make significant appearances. Infinity War #1-6 are collected in paperback, which also includes Warlock and the Infinity Watch #7-10 (and, possibly a brief story from Marvel Comics Presents #108-111).
Infinity War Aftermath paperback contents are to-be-announced, but at minimum should contain Infinity Watch #11-17. A third installment in Marvel’s Jim Starlin cosmic saga, this limited series follows a second thread of ramifications from the original Infinity Gauntlet.
The main story of this crossover alternated between the titular limited series, Warlock and the Infinity Watch, and Warlock Chronicles.
When Charles Xavier’s son Legion travels back in time with the intention of killing Magneto, his actions cause an alternate timeline to form. This innovative crossover was not truly line-wide, but it interrupted the monthly run of all X-titles to replace them with four months of tightly-coordinated alternate-reality versions of themselves. Characters: Every X-Men active as of 1995 is represented in the initial run of the story save for Psylocke.
The timeline’s history and present day were previously collected in a single integrated order in Age of Apocalypse Epic Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4, which are entirely covered by both Omnibus volumes.
The 2005 revisitation of the series was previously collected as X-Men: The New Age of Apocalypse. Years later, the timeline is continued in Uncanny X-Force #11-19 (see Uncanny X-Force), which leads to Age of Apocalypse Vol.
Capitalizing on five years of accumulated hints across the X-Men titles, this long-simmering plot exploded to threaten the entire Marvel Universe and resulted in the cancellation of the entire Avengers and Fantastic Four lines of titles, all of which would see relaunch in their own separate continuity. Onslaught consisted of two framing issues bearing the Onslaught title, a direct crossover in a core of X-Men books and Fantastic Four, and outlying tie-in issues in the X-Men, Avengers, and Spider-Man lines.
Characters: Though this event began in the X-Men line, it is a true line-wide event that touched nearly every ongoing title (although, Spider-Man is involved only glancingly). There have been two different printed sequences of Onslaught collections, presented below with their associated issue ranges.
Collects (in this order) X-Men #50, Cable #32, Uncanny X-Men #333, X-Man #15-17, and Cable #33. Collects X-Men #53-54, Uncanny X-Men #334-335, Avengers #401, Onslaught: X-Men, X-Man #18, X-Force #57, Cable #34, Incredible Hulk #444, and additional excerpts listed below. Collects Amazing Spider-Man #415, Fantastic Four #415, Green Goblin #12, Punisher #11, Spider-Man #72, X-Factor #125-126, X-Force #57, X-Man #18, and Wolverine #104.

Collects Avengers #402, Cable #35, Incredible Hulk #445, Invincible Iron Man #332, Thor #502, Uncanny X-Men #336, Wolverine #105, X-Force #58, X-Man #19, and X-Men #55. Collects X-Factor #125, Amazing Spider-man #415, Green Goblin #12, Punisher #11, and Spider-man #72. As a result of Onslaught, the Avengers and Fantastic Four lines splintered into their own pocket universe for a year before returning to the main Marvel 616-timeline and a series of newly relaunched titles, with high-profile creators like Jim Lee and Rob Liefield. Characters: Fantastic Four and The Avengers, which for this purpose included Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Wonder Man, Black Knight, Swordsman, Hellcat, Vision, Hank Pym, and The Wasp. This mini-series followed up on the original Marvel event by offering one-on-one battles with fan-voted outcomes. A council of representatives from most of the sentient worlds in our universe decide that Earth’s heroes have meddled in galactic events beyond their reach one too many times (in this particular instance, Professor X is to blame). Sounds reasonable, right? Except, as punishment (and protection of their planets), they render Earth’s solar system as an intergalactic prison for the worst offenders in the galaxy! The main plot of the crossover is driven by a one-shot and subsequent three-issue mini-series, but the action spills into all of the Avengers and X-Men ongoing titles.
I have omitted most line-specific crossovers with only one or two cross-line spinoffs, such as X-Men’s Mutant Massacre and Fall of the Hulks.
Godlike entity The Beyonder whisks a cross-section of heroes and villains to a Battle World of his design to fight for supremacy.
Characters were whisked away and returned with little time passing in their own titles – sometimes between panels! The Omnibus also contains a retroactive tie-in Thor #383 and a retcon from She-Hulk (2004) #10, plus What If? Unfortunately, that pulled in a lot of weak and not especially relevant material along with a small amount of coveted stuff I’ll cover the Secret Wars I books here, and the Secret Wars II books below. In this saga, Earth’s heroes must repel a meddling and reality-warping Beyonder from their planet. 1 Premiere HC, collecting Secret Wars II #1-3, New Mutants (1983) #30, Captain America (1968) #308, Uncanny X-Men (1981) #196, Iron Man (1968) #197, Web of Spider-Man (1985) #6, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #268, Fantastic Four (1961) #282 andAvengers (1963) #260.
Inferno stemmed from character developments to Madelyne Prior in Uncanny X-Men and Illyana Rasputin in New Mutants, causing a demonic infestation of New York City. Both reprint X-Factor #33-40, X-Terminators #1-4, Uncanny X-Men #239-243, New Mutants #71-73, and X-Factor Annual #4. They grouped their titles into fan-friendly lines of three-to-five titles and ran a series of smaller crossovers. None of this year’s events were particularly notable, though Kings of Pain featured the debut adventure of X-Force, and The Vibranium Vendetta starred Black Panther and Ultron with an appearance from Venom! 1: Collects Infinity Crusade #1-3, Warlock Chronicles #1-3, and Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18-19.
2: Collects Infinity Crusade #4-6, Warlock Chronicles #4-5, and Warlock and the Infinity Watch #20-22. Without Xavier’s leadership and peaceful philosophy to stop him, Apocalypse usurps control of the entire mutant race and enslaves the entire world. While non-X characters appeared throughout the tale, the crossover did not have any effects or tie-ins with non-X titles. The Fantastic Four play a significant role, and the Avengers figure heavily into the climax. I checked these ranges with the actual books open in front of me – many other sites have them listed incorrectly. Also, interspersed with those entire issues are related portions of UXM #287, XMv2 #25, X-Man #10, UXM #322, Wolverine #93, XMv2 #46, XMv2 #49, X-Force #52, X-Men Unlimited #10, UXM #331, Wolverine #100, Generation X #15, Cable #31, X-Men Unlimited #11, and Excalibur #99. The correct reading order is: (several pages of Excalibur #100), Wolverine #104, X-Factor #125-126, (final page of Sensational Spider-Man #9), Amazing Spider-Man #415, Green Goblin #12, Spider-Man #72, X-Man #18, X-Force #57, and Punisher #11. The correct reading order is: XMv2 #55, UXM #336, Cable #35, X-Force #58, X-Man #19, Hulk #445, Iron Man #332, Avengers #402, Thor #502, and Wolverine #105. Citizen Kang has since been referenced, and Shattershot includes the final X-Men work from Jim Lee. Hulk’s appearances leave some room for question, since he was also appearing in the main Marvel Universe at the time!

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