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This week’s issue of Secret Warriors saw the conclusion to the Wake The Beast arc, and most likely pushed us to a bit of a halfway point in the series, as Jonathan Hickman has declared it will probably end by issue #28.
It also didn’t hurt that Caselli came out of the box firing with the greatest work of his career so far. The second arc, God of Fear, God of War (#7-#11), was a more subdued affair because it was Hickman putting his plan on hold for a beat while he tied into the greater Marvel U. The arc opened up strongly by showing back story to a one of the more interesting bad guys, Gorgon. The second issue is easily one of my favourite issues of the whole year as we are given the identity of the father of one of the Secret Warriors, we watch Gorgon fight for naught as one of his HYDRA allies is captured, Fury schools us in how the powers split after the second world war and we get an idea of the scope of Leviathan as an enemy to rival HYDRA. By the end of the arc, everyone is completely powerful but we slowly realise that no one is to be trusted. Sometimes I find myself forgetting about the eponymous heroes as I’m too caught up in trying to work out who exactly the Contessa is working for, or loving the dialogue of Baron Von Strucker, or just wanting to see Fury give bad ass motivation speeches to massive legions of soldiers willing to kill or die for their leader and their cause.
It’s interesting to note that this arc and the story of the first meld together so well as to make one larger, continually flowing, arc.
The next arc is the Last Ride of the Howling Commandos and it looks to have Fury put the old band back together, alongside Steve Rogers, and I get the feeling it will be just as good as the rest of the series has been so far.
For the most part i like what Hickman is doing, however, I'm not happy with what is happening with the Contessa. Hoping they dont kill Hellfire or Daisy off is pretty much the only reason this is still on my pull list. For those that dona€™t know, Secret Warriors was a Marvel Comics series that ran from 2009-2011. Nick Fury had already been underground for some time, since the events of Secret War, at this point. While Fury certainly had issues with Norman Osborn, the primary antagonist of the series is definitely Hydra.
In Secret Warriors, he went by the name Kraken, and was responsible for training many of Hydraa€™s best operatives. One of the defining points about Secret Warriors is its connection to the past, how it treats the heritage and history of the characters and organizations that play a roles in the series. A6796 BSecret Warriors (2008 - 2011) CNick Fury has gathered the next generation of super-soldiers to combat HYDRA and other shadowy terrorist threats plaguing the Marvel Universe!
No one was sure what to make of the return of Nick Fury behind a team of new kids that no one knew about. If the first arc was about Fury discovering who he needed to fight and what he needed to best fight them, then this arc has been about truly discovering what makes up his enemies and how drastic the battlefield just might be.

We see what a sadistic and powerful individual he is and this gives us an idea of the enemy we are dealing with. We also got one of my favourite sequences of the year which was the creation of the Hive, a very cool villain that Hickman has introduced through the series.
But, just when the battlefield seems clearly delineated, a short jab is given to knock the wind out of our guts. We’ve already seen spy espionage, teenage dramatics, mythological heroics, and science fiction creativity abound, why wouldn’t we tackle a bit of the old two fisted war time grit as well? It’s dipping a hand into a glut of genres to paint a tapestry of storytelling that is making a tale completely epic and very dense and I really dig that.
I hope they do not let go Gail Simone nor Bedard too, they are not really appreciated in Dc as morrison or Johns are. Around here Fury has just met the group of mercs that spun-off the Howling Commandos and SHIELD. My only problem is it is a slow burn,i never get enough of it and it will be best read in trades. In fact, we think it may be the biggest inspiration and influence on the series so far, particularly during its Season 2. Turns out, he was forming the team of young heroes that would come to be featured in Secret Warriors. The terrorist organization was reorganizing and reconsolidating its power, and it was up to Fury to keep the organization in check.
Coulsona€™s team have spent pretty much every episode since Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit theaters battling Hydra. We outlined the theory in a previous article, but the gist is that Skye is being groomed for leadership and has a special connection with Coulson in a way that mimics the relationship between Daisy Johnson and Nick Fury. Furya€™s relationship with his old band of Howling Commandoes plays a key role in the series, as does the true history of Hydra. This pulled a few heads out of the sand and then the rest of the arc was spent defining who the enemies were and who the goods guys might just be, and the grey area in the middle made for some fascinating interplay. We dealt with the son of Ares coming to grips with his place in the world and it was all obviously just set up for when Ares would eventually be torn apart like a dinner roll by the Sentry in Siege. Then Fury unveils his other two project squads and we realise so much more is happening behind the scenes than we at first imagined (which is why I am going to theorise that it is the real Fury in Secret Avengers, but that’s a tangent for another day). The one issue had enough moments to make me stop and savour it all that I appreciated the $2.99 I dropped on it.
To step foot into this world almost necessitates that you only truly work on your own and expect to benefit yourself.

It’s a harsh reality and one that is clearly affecting the young charges that Fury has placed onto this team.
I don’t mind only getting a little part of the tale each month as I know that this sort of long form story that Hickman likes to immerse himself in is a ride that I enjoy for the breaks, not despite of them. The series told the story of a secret group of young operatives Nick Fury had brought together to fight the good fight during a time when doing so wasna€™t exactly popular.
From the shadows, Fury and his team continued to fight the good fight, away from Osborna€™s eyes. She made her debut during the events of Secret War, and followed Fury underground afterwards.
In Secret Warriors therea€™s a twist that reveals the Whitehall in the series isna€™t everything that he seems, but the character of Whitehall was created for that series. Hea€™s less of a physical presence, but his longevity is present in his original comic book form as well, and one could construe his reeducation techniques as the television seriesa€™ reinterpretation of his role as a trainer. We know that Baron Wolfgang von Strucker is heading things up elsewhere, so perhaps the Council of Hydra is in place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. Wea€™ve seen multiple flashbacks to the era of Agent Carter, laying the groundwork for Season 2 with the events of decades past.
By the end of the arc Fury has a new army at his control and we knew where he was going to aim it, directly at HYDRA’s heart, if it indeed had one.
There are a few people trusting in others, but mostly there are only backs so that knives have somewhere to live. I have no doubts that it will continue to be for at least another year as the war gets bloodier and more personal. Count me in to ride with the Howling Commandos, and I hope plenty of people have enjoyed the issues of Wake The Beast, or are planning on getting the trade as soon as it hits shelves. Coulson has taken his team to the shadows, and there they continue to try to save lives and fight Hydra. It’s all pretty messed up and I get the feeling that all of these tensions are going to explode in a very big way in one of the coming arcs.

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