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Bernostalgia tentunya hal yang menyenangkan, banyak hal-hal yang dimasa lalu yang kita lihat pada saat ini, bisa itu kenangan buruk ataupun kenangan indah bersama mantan. Ehh tenang guys bukan soal mantan yang akan kita bahas, melainkan Windows 95 yang dapat kita akses secara cepat (tanpa perlu menginstallnya) melalui Web Browser!.
Pada dasarnya OS ini tentunya adalah Emulator, yang dibuat oleh Andrea Faulds dengan menggunakan DOS Emulator (Em-DosBox) untuk menjalankan aplikasi-aplikasi senderhana (dalam kasus ini adalah Windows 95) seperti Paint, Notepad, Solitaire dsb. Namun perlu diingat bahwa ini bukan berasal dari Microsoft, jadi pembuat emulator tidak bertanggung jawab atas resiko yang terjadi nantinya jika ada error, so do at your own risk. Alternate Web Browsers for WindowsMost people around the world will agree that they started using internet through Internet Explorer, then shifted to Mozilla Firefox and have finally landed on Google Chrome today. Browsers such as Opera have also been featured in many devices that we use including computers and some particular OS. U Browser believes in a cross over policy that enables the user to cross over a range of web pages to apps to friends. A gamer’s dream, Coowon browser is known for the facilities it provides for top class gamers like performing automated tasks, Record and Play for mouse clicks, Gamepad Support and controlling the speed of games. BlackHawk is a browser that fulfils the dream of every user who has used both Chrome and Firefox. Dooble was launched in September, 2009 and is available for Windows, OS X, FreeBSD and Linux.
Browzar is another privacy oriented browser that does not save cookies, history, passwords and cache.
Wyzo is known as the media browser because it optimizes the user’s online media experience. Superbird claims to be the fastest browser and lays special emphasis on speed, stability and data security. This light weight baby is mainly and specially designed for all those people who are concerned about their privacy. This is the most unique of all the browsers because it comes with a dedicated cloud space with a dual core design. This is a cross-platform browser that has its entire concept built upon the Qt Webkit engine. I mostly use Google Chrome, I think its the best, Do you have here who know more which browser is the best for SEO. Today in this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to access hidden secret "Advanced Configuration" pages in popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. All these web browsers come with a secret page which allows you to enable or disable many advanced settings which are not generally available to configure from browser Options window.
Using these hidden configuration pages, you can enable many new experimental features which are disabled by default in the browser.
You must be already aware of this page because we have posted so many tutorials about this secret page of Firefox. Unfortunately there is no such hidden secret configuration page available in Internet Explorer but you can always use Group Policy Editor to tweak various settings of Internet Explorer as well as other Windows components. So you can see almost all web browsers allow users to tweak many advanced settings using these built-in but hidden configuration pages. How to Use All New Internet Explorer Platform Preview Build Features in IE Public Beta Build? Is it possible to modify some of these parameters to improve the performance of online games? I don't know what version of Chrome you are talking about but after looking at the entire list, twice no such Enable Instant Extended API exists in the list. Opera has a "Power User Settings" which can be enabled by going to Settings (Alt+P), and clicking anywhere on the page (other than search bar).
You spend a lot of time in your Web browser, but in all likelihood, you’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can do with it.
If you ever accidentally close a browser tab and want it back, you don’t have to open your history or hunt down the web page again. In Chrome, you can head to a website, click the menu button, and select More tools, Create application shortcuts. Modern Web browsers offer “browser sync” features that can save your bookmarks and other browsing data, syncing it across all your devices. To take advantage of this feature, just sign in to the same account on your browser of choice on each device you use. Keyboard shortcuts are critical for getting around your PC faster, and they’re also useful in your Web browser. I’ve covered many other keyboard shortcuts, so check out my list of the most important keyboard shortcuts everyone needs to know for more tips.
This is just a quick look at a few of the many awesome features your browser includes. Hunt down some tips for your specific browser of choice and you’ll discover many more useful things you never knew your browser could do!
We all know what happened – Netscape eventually died and Microsoft was put on double-super-secret probation via global anti-trust actions. Directly from the folks who helped bring you Netscape, Firefox is perhaps one of the best 3rd party browsers available for Windows today. The number of people using Google’s Chrome browser has almost doubled in the past year, and most analysts expect it to take over from Firefox as the lead challenger to Internet Explorer sometime in 2012.
Browse the internet with ease with Microsoft’s premier browser for Windows and Windows RT. While IE 10 isn’t bad, I have an issue with full screen browsing, and despite what you might think, IE really wants to function in a full screen, fully hiding the rest of the OS from the user, especially on a Windows RT tablet.

While IE10 is much faster than previous versions, and there is a Windows 7 version available for download, Microsoft has always had performance issues with retro fitting current version browsers for previous version operating systems.
Today in a big Windows 10 event, Microsoft announced about the upcoming Windows 10 preview build, various new features introduced in Windows 10, free upgrades to Windows 10 and a brand new web browser from Microsoft called "Edge" aka "Project Spartan". If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you'll be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free in the first year of Windows 10 launch. Also once a computer device is upgraded to Windows 10, it'll be able to receive all future feature updates at no additional charges. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will work like an Internet service and new features will be added immediately when they are ready without waiting for the next major release of Windows. Microsoft also talked about a brand new web browser "Edge" (codename Project Spartan) present in Windows 10.
This new web browser has been developed for better compatibility with modern websites, reliability and performance. It'll come with many advanced features such as ability to annotate by keyboard or pen directly on websites, Reading view to have a distraction free view of the articles in a simplified layout and Cortana integration for finding and doing things faster on web. You might remember the hidden "Continuum Mode" present in the current Windows 10 preview build. Microsoft is working on universal Office apps which will provide touch-first experience across all Windows 10 devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Windows 10 will also come with many other universal apps such as Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Messaging, Mail and Calendar.
A new preview build of Windows 10 featuring almost all above mentioned features will become available for download next week. This new Windows 10 January Preview build will feature many new features such as Cortana (Microsoft's personal digital assistant), new apps, Continuum mode, new Notification (Action) Center, etc. Since "Spartan" wil be the new name of the Windows' built-in browser, shall we say goodbye to IE?
If you can write an article about How to transform windows 7 into windows 10 without using any transformation pack then that would be great!
If I upgrade my GENUINE Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10, does it require activation (product key) or anything else like that ? My dad has one of the Windows 7 Professional MSCA subscription software will Windows 10 be available for him as of till now the app that asks for reservation for Windows 10 is not available for his PC. Online threat protection company, FireEye Labs was the first to spot this zero-day exploit in Internet Explorer 9 and 10, which is being used by a breached website based in the U.S. The Next Web has reached out to Microsoft to get more info about his ongoing attack and the company has responded with a statement suggesting users to start using Internet Explorer 11, until they figure out a way to fix it. I still can’t understand why people still use these outdated browser when they can get better, faster, secure browsers for free. Kami membahas berbagai hal seputar Microsoft, Windows, Windows Phone, PC, Gadget dan hal seputar teknologi lainnya. While it is true that Chrome happens to be the most widely used browser, it is also true that there exist many other browsers which could prove to be better than Chrome. Coowon is popular for its features like reopening closed tabs button; double-click for closing tabs, Floating Window and Translucent Window. It provides you the latest films and songs, live cricket scores, news from multiple regional sources.
It is an open source project and is based on Nokia’s QT framework and Apple’s WebKit rendering engine. It claims to be the fastest browser available and incorporates multi-source downloading wherever possible. Unlike Chrome, it sends no data like installation id, client id, bug tracker or malformed URL to google. It’s user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience. The most outstanding feature in this browser is that it harnesses three different engines that will render.
This means that it is so light and fast that it loads pages at speeds that were never imaginable. It’s most important features will include a concept of a unified library that tackles all your bookmarks, history and feeds too. We have posted about hidden secret features present in Mozilla Firefox, secret debug menu in Windows games, secret about pages in Google Chrome and much more in past. You can also disable many unnecessary features which you don't need or don't like in your browser.
This page contains many experimental features and other advanced tweaks which can be enabled or disabled by clicking on Enable or Disable link given below the option description. As soon as you enable or disable an option, a new "Relaunch Now" button automatically appears at bottom which can be used to restart Google Chrome to take effect. Now you can customize and tweak various interesting and hidden settings of Internet Explorer. This new web browser also comes with a hidden secret experimental features page which can be accessed using about:flags URL in addressbar. There are many games that do not run optimally, even with a graphics card, good processor and enough ram, still there now may be assigned more resources to optimally run these games? I know how to set it in opera mini browser but it is not there in opera mobile browser pls help. Web browsers are packed with useful, hidden tricks you might never find until someone clues you in.

In Internet Explorer, open the New Tab page and use the Reopen closed tabs menu at the bottom of the page. In Internet Explorer, you can head to a website, point your mouse at the website’s icon in the address bar, and then drag-and-drop it to your Windows taskbar. Head to a website in your browser, right-click the tab in the tab bar, and select Pin Tab in Chrome or Firefox.
This makes pinned tabs convenient for email, social media sites and other webpages you want open all the time without cluttering your browser or taskbar.
But your browser can sync a list of your open tabs between your devices, too! This makes it easy to open a webpage on your laptop and then continue viewing it on your smartphone later, or transition from your smartphone back to your laptop when you sit down.
For example, Chrome for your PC can synchronize with the Chrome browser app on Android and iOS. Today, they still have to present a browser choice screen allowing European users the option of downloading and installing a different desktop browser. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. It'll feature a fresh and minimal user interface matching with Windows 10 Modern (aka Metro) UI. These built-in apps will have updated design that will look and feel same across all devices. It'll be released free to public and people who are using Windows 10 Technical Preview build in their computers, will be able to install this new testing build. If it makes you happier, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users can get a free upgrade to Windows 10 in the first year after release. Are Windows going to get paid like regularly, like Office 365 or Adobe CC or it isn‘t claimed yet? If you’re one of those folks who still use IE for browsing the web, you might be in great danger as a massive flaw on the browser seems to be spreading malware to computers. But if you’re still unaware of great free browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, now is probably the best time to start using them. We talk about geeky creations, weird incidents, funny LOL stories as well as latest of technology, gaming, gadgematic, and social news. Since it enables so much multitasking, social persons and companies would love to work with U Browser.
The result is a browser with the operating speed of Chrome and the practical functionality of Firefox. It offers a set of designs and ideas and features that are expected by modern-day browsers. NetGroove has a full menu of useful links and tools for navigation and includes predefined links to useful sites. The best feature about Epic is that it has a privacy module that protects the users from being tracked by advertisers and MNCs.
It supports third-party search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and Cuil and also has a built-in torrent client.
Its features include password manager, multi-thread download manager, instant photo upload and framing, web page and text translation, spell checker, ad blocker and popup blocker. This is ideal for those who love to store photos and share them with their social group and it also have a single click embedded grabbing tool.
As mentioned, it offers cloud space making the concept of web browsing easier by making all data available anywhere. However, after seeing some of the benefits and features of these alternative browsers, I will have to give a few of them a try. In Firefox, you can tap the Alt key, click the History menu that appears, and use the Recently Closed Tabs menu. You might want to break that website out of your browser and give it the attention it deserved. The tab will shrink to a tiny icon so it will take up less space on your tab bar and be easier to leave open all the time. Effects of that anti-trust decision have been long reaching.  The browser wars were effectively over more than 10 years ago. 1 year after release, M$ will switch back to the old-fashioned "you want the OS, you buy it with money" strategy.
If you have upgraded to or purchased Windows 10, it'll be free for you on that device forever. It has a friendly download manager, informative display for cookie management and a plain and simple bookmark system. One can switch between these engines at the click of a button making this particular browser ideal for technology geeks and nerds. I am currently subscribe to Office 365, as between myself and wife, and a daughter in collage, desktop, laptop, phones, tablets, we fully use all of the 5 computer "seats" plus mobile devices. Its fast, easy to use, and offers the same value as Firefox, if with a different presentation.

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