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It's only been a week sinceGrand Theft Auto IVshipped, and already, lots of gamers have switched their attention from completing the game's missions to ferreting out its many hidden secrets.
After graduating from college in 2000 with a BA in journalism, I worked for five years as a copy editor, page designer and videogame-review columnist at a couple of mid-sized newspapers you've never heard of. GamesRadar+ is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
There are fourteen "random characters" in total, and they each become available at different stages during the storyline.
The first encounter with Brian is unlocked after the mission "It's Your Call." Meet Brian at Iroquois Avenue, next to Roman's cab depot in Broker. The second encounter with Brian begins at Crockett Avenue in Hove Beach, near the first safehouse in Broker.
The third (and final) encounter with Brian becomes available one week after the previous encounter. The meeting (which takes place at the corner of Montauk Avenue and Sundance Street) doesn't go well, and the three dealers begin shooting. Ileyna's encounter becomes available after completing Manny's mission "The Puerto Rican Connection." She can be found standing on the boardwalk at Firefly Island in Broker. Hossan used to be Niko's shipmate, you may recognize him from the opening cutscene of the game. For the mission, Hossan wants you to go with him and collect some cash that is owed to him. Meet Sara on Garnet Street (at night) after completing Manny's mission "The Puerto Rican Connection." Sara recently got divorced, and she's lacking self-confidence. The second encounter with Sara takes place at Pier 45 under the Broker Bridge in Algonquin. The second encounter with Pathos takes place very close to where the first encounter happened. After the cutscene, kill the attackers (shown as red blips on the radar) and then find a car and get Pathos to hospital.
The first encounter wth Jeff is unlocked after Playboy X's mission "Photo Shoot." Jeff can be found on the sidewalk at Bismarck Avenue, Algonquin, mumbling a load of nonsense about his wife. After the cutscene, get in a vehicle with Cherise, and take her a few blocks north to Frankfort Avenue where the boyfriend is situated. Ivan appears on Farnsworth Road (in Alderney) after completing the mission "Three Leaf Clover," but only if you chose to spare his life during Vlad's mission "Ivan the Not So Terrible." During the cutscene, Ivan claims to be doing pretty well for himself since your last encounter. The encounter with Clarence takes place at the projects on Vauxite Street (at night) after completing the mission "Holland Nights." You may remember that, during that mission, Francis McReary ordered you to kill Clarence, so he will only appear if you chose to spare his life. When you spared Clarence's life, he seemed fortunate and grateful that he had been given a second chance.
Choose the map you want and click "Supersize." This is essentialGrand Theft Auto IVinfo for all completist gamers. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. And while finding all the flying rats or stunt jumps is cool, the real holy grails for secret-hunters are the Easter eggs deliberately scattered throughout the game for eagle-eyed fans to uncover.We're sure there's still a lot left to be found in the dank corners and high-rise roofs of the new, ridiculously detailed Liberty City, but already an impressive amount of stuff has been discovered. My column eventually got me a freelancing gig with GMR magazine, which folded a few months later.

These characters are represented by the green male and female icons on the radar, and approaching them will trigger a cutscene.
There is no action involved in this first encounter, it simply serves as an introduction to the random characters, so all you have to do is watch the cutscene.
Brian has developed an unhealthy drug addiction since your previous encounter, and he wants you do him a favour by taking him to Masterson Street where he can collect "the biggest rock in the world." Afterwards, take Brian to his apartment in Wappinger to conclude the mission. Niko warns him to stay away from Anna Faustin, but the boyfriend is quick to reject his advice. He is similar to Niko in the sense that he moved to Liberty City in search of the "American dream." Complete Manny's mission "The Puerto Rican Connection" to unlock Hossan's encounter, and then meet him on the sidewalk at Garnet Street in Algonquin, where he now has a job selling counterfeit handbags.
The man refuses to give Hossan his back pay, and delivers a Glasgow kiss before speeding off in a car.
She wants to know if she has still "got it." During the cutscene, Sara requests a ride home from Niko, so find a vehicle and take her to her apartment in Varsity Heights.
During the cutscene, Sara doesn't recall your previous encounter, and asks you to do her a favour by collecting a package from Perseus (off Pyrite Street and Bismarck) for a fashion shoot later on. The shop assistant is waiting in the back of the shop with Sara's package, but there's been a slight misunderstanding - the package hasn't been paid for yet, so the assistant is demanding $500.
Pathos is a struggling rapper, and you can find him selling CDs to pedestrians at Star Junction in Algonquin.
Pathos is still struggling with his career, but reveals he has a new CD out called "Pathos - From Suffering and Back Again." During the cutscene, some hecklers arrive, who apparently aren't too impressed with his music (much like in the first encounter). Jeff's wife is cheating on him, and he wants you to follow her and get pictures of her with her new lover. Don't spook them or they will know they are being followed, so stay at least two car lengths behind them at all times.
He calls soon after the first encounter and tells you to go there, and the mission begins as soon as the call is made.
If you are spotted by cops at any point during the journey, a one-star wanted level is gained, and you must get rid of it before proceeding any further with the mission. She wants to turn her life around and go home to see her family, so drop her off at the train station in Easton and say goodbye. The second encounter begins in an alleyway at Cockerell Avenue, Alderney, and once again, Eddie is there between the hours of 10pm and 4am. One of the gangsters is situated on the balcony, several are situated near the garage, and some are situated around the back.
Here's the best of what's been unearthed so far:We're not even sure if this really qualifies as an "Easter egg" per se,but it's always in the same place and it's creepy as hell, so in it goes.
I was hired on full-time by GamesRadar in late 2005, and have since been paid actual money to write silly articles about lovable blobs. These characters are mostly minor characters that featured briefly during some missions, but who didn't have a huge part to play in the story. In the cutscene, Brian reveals that he has entered a rehabilitation program, and "step nine" of the program involves making amends with those he has harmed. You may remember that Mel made a very brief (drunken) appearance during Vlad's mission "Bull in a China Shop.".
When you arrive, Sara's ex-husband is waiting on the doorstep of the apartment, and Sara hopes that the image of her and Niko together will make him jealous. When they reach the Superstar Cafe in Lancaster, go inside and head upstairs to where they are sitting.
Jeff's jealousy appears to have gotten the better of him - his wife is dead, in the back of his truck, with 50 "accidental" stab wounds.

Drive the car at full speed towards the water, and bail out at the last second to get rid of it.
If you beat him up but let him live, Cherise's reaction will be positive and thankful, but if you kill him she won't be happy.
During the cutscene, Marnie begs for drugs or money, and she eventually persuades Niko to give her a ride to a dealer in Alderney City. Eddie has a bag with some heavy contents inside, and during the cutscene he manages to persuade Niko to give him a lift so he can drop it off at the docks. Eddie's behaviour is becoming increasingly worrying, and during the cutscene he turns on Niko, attacking him with a knife. There are five gangsters in total - three are down the alleyway and two are situated on the rooftop.
Kill all of them to complete the mission, and be sure to collect any cash or ammo lying on the ground. You can find this stroller abandoned on a sandy hillside just southwest of Francis International Airport, and while it looks like just another piece of garbage cluttering up the game world, it's actually a lot more ominous than that.Think about it: have you ever seen a kid in a GTA game?
Completing all of the random character encounters contributes 5% towards 100% completion of the game.
Get in a car after the cutscene, and take Badman to the alleyway off Carrollton Street where the Russians are holding a deal.
Mel appears to have cleaned up his act since then, and he wants you to take him to a meeting in South Slopes to act as his protection while he pays some debts. She believes her daughter's boyfriend is ruining her life by "trying to turn her into a stripper," and would like for him to be dealt with. Faustin, since she specifically requested "no more killing!" during the cutscene) or beat him up a little and spare his life. Retrieve his money, and take him to the alleyway off Feldspar Street to complete the mission.
The husband requests a fight, and you can deal with him in any way you like - kill him with fists, kill him with guns or simply ignore him and walk away. After the cutscene, go across to the alleyway and eliminate the hecklers (who are represented as red blips on the radar) but be careful not to hurt Pathos. Find a vehicle after the cutscene, and take Marnie to the dealer's place in Alderney City, on the other side of the Booth Tunnel. There are five or six dealers in total, and each of them is represented by a red blip on the radar. Sara gives you a $500 reward, and she also reimburses you for the package, making it $1000 in total. In fact, with the exception of Louise's baby in Vice City Stories (who doesn't count, because she only shows up in cutscenes) anda few radio bits, there's never even been evidence of kids in the GTA world.Or there wasn't until we saw this stroller, anyway, which sits alone, parked on a hillside in more or less pristine condition, with no parents or baby in sight.
Take out the dealers and protect Brian, and then drive him back to his apartment to finish the mission.
If you stop to think about it, this one lonely object tells a whole sordid story.And then there's this:Eerie, huh?

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