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Share3 Pin21 Tweet Email +11Total Shares 25You know we Southern women love to brag about our gardens.
Several years ago, right after Neal and I married, Aaron announced that he wanted to have prom dinner at our home complete with a prom photo session around the fountain. On the appointed day, I was out there in the cold with my flats of pansies and bags and bags of tulip bulbs.
Three days before prom, I woke up and was making my usual early morning stroll through the masterpiece garden with my cup of coffee. That evening when I arrived back at the ranch, Neal told me the story of how our neighbor had neglected to close the gates on her horse pens and during the night the tulip- and pansy-eating monsters had visited my garden and helped themselves to “flower salad.” She had retrieved the horses before I got up. Every fall I plant bulbs and plants with great hopes that a beautiful garden will be blooming in the spring. Phyllis, I am new to your magazines and blog, and am absolutely in love with the lovely pictures and stories in each. I sympathize as my problem or problems are deer and rabbits and voles and chipmunks and squirrels.
For me, it was the day of our daughter’s wedding with the photos to be taken in our backyard.
Your resilience in the face of the unknown is an example to all of us in any unforeseen situation. It is good when things are over and we have mellowed a bit to everything that happened & we can then look back & laugh! And, my favorite story is my rhubarb which came from the aunt’s garden many years ago to my brother’s garden in Illinois and now to my garden in Wisconsin! When the delivery company arrived to set up the tables and chairs, somehow they managed to drop two tables on my borders where the party would be!
At night, with the garden lights and candles glowing , everyone said our blue garden was magical, it’s an evening I will always remember for many reasons.
In reading your inspiring but painful story, I can’t help but cringe at the thought of your shock and devastation that morning! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 0116-P Fashion Design Romantic Swan Shape 18k Platinum Crystal Earring Purple (EXPORT) Click More Info.. After successful verification, you can expect to receive your order within 2 to 4 working days. It is almost as exciting as bragging about our secret recipe for the pound cake everyone raves about at supper club.

Neal was thrilled that his son wanted to host the dinner for 12 couples at the ranch, and I set in with the master plan of creating the garden “look” for the photograph background. I came home, planted them, and mulched so as to appear that they had been planted all season.
I, of course, took the compliments from parents and children as they photographed the couples with a stunning background or blooming flowers, wishing the whole time they could have seen the tulip–pansy extravaganza.
Every morning I hold my breath as I look out to see if my Hostas, Hydrangeas, Snapdragons, Phlox and other perennials and annuals are still there.
You recuperated very well from the horses eating your flowers and causing you to think and act quickly.
A huge and beautiful white clematis pulled the netting off the shed wall holding it up and it laid on all the flowers beneath crushing them. Five of my horses got out on Easter Sunday and the entire neighborhood was out in their pajamas, I was in a robe and rubber boots with halters and lead ropes hanging from my shoulder… trying to corral my lovelies. I am no gardener, but my mom surely was; we had a beautiful flower garden year after year thanks to her.
Ye-Gads…but with your incredible southern class, strength and resilience, you went to the office, came up with a great plan and accomplished an even greater feat!
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When I was growing up, at right about this time of the year my mama’s perennial garden was in full bloom. I am totally consumed with catalogues and websites that offer collections of bulbs and plants. Coupled with the knock out roses and lambs ears, these new additions would result in a garden that would be life changing. Without time to buy more, I cut the clematis right back, hubby removed the netting and I fluffed up the flowers the best I could.
Today we have reached a high of 85 degrees and tomorrow will be dipping down to somewhere in the 40’s…yikes! I am hoping that when our grandson and his Leah take that step together they will want to have the wedding here in my gardens .
Over the years we have had many celebrations in our garden, but one that stands out is a birthday dinner for my Mother when she turned 60.
Phyllis, you are an inspiration and I’ll be telling this story to all my family and gardening friends!
A dear friend of my parents spent months planting hundreds of flowers for his daughter’s outdoor wedding at the Northshore home.

Today it is again, and we take great delight in swapping stories about what “came back” from the prior year. Not only that, but I can actually visualize exactly where they need to be planted to create the wonderful picturesque garden that will bloom every year. The photos were taken by the pond and under the rose arbour so no one even realized their had been a catastrophe.
I was too exhausted to fix Easter brunch after that, so my beautifully decorated Easter table was left behind and we went out to eat.
My one little surprise has been a single allium that seems to have come out of nowhere…but oh how I treasure it considering the state of affairs!
I am working on a music garden now with four cherubs each playing a different musical instrument. I had carefully planned, planted and created what I thought was a most beautiful array of colorful flowers in our borders. My friends and I have had similar gardening horrors but yours “takes the cake” for sure!
So I was making plans for a garden moment that would be viewed by more than 75 people at sunset on that magical night, a crowning accomplishment.
The tulips could not have been more beautiful poking their heads through the mounds of pansies. He has lots of beautiful flowers in their garden and he plans what is going where, just as you do. Blue was Mom’s favorite color and larkspur, foxgloves and delphiniums were present in stunning blue colors.
Unfortunately before the first guest arrived, the sky opened up with the sort of thunderstorm south Louisiana is famous for in the spring.
The roads flooded, the tents sagged, and guests coming across the Causeway were turned back due to high winds.
I also keep a 3 gallon bucket and an ice cream bucket in the shower, and that also goes to water the garden.
The neighbors sprang into action ferrying guest from the flooded cars to the parents home on golf carts holding huge umbrellas.

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