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Speaking of throwback horror, 1408 stands as perhaps the last great bastion of the PG-13 horror movie. Directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King, two of the five vignettes in this E.C.
In his nonfiction volume Danse Macabre, Stephen King expertly breaks down the difference between terror, horror, and gross-out, the three tentpoles of horror fiction.
Stephen King has gone on record as voicing his dissatisfaction with Stanley Kubrick’s version of The Shining. Incoming search terms:johnny depp secret windowsecret window johnny deppsecret windowBe Sociable, Share! I trust you more than myself on this topic since you’ve traveled both sides (watching the movies and reading the books). Disclaimer: Depp Impact is a non-official, not-for-profit fansite of the actor Johnny Depp.

With 60-odd novels and hundreds of short stories to his credit, there’s no shortage of material to pull from.
Comics-inspired anthology were adapted from previously published King stories, which is all I need to count Creepshow for this list. Until then, keep watching Under the Dome, or maybe feel free to watch something that isn’t terrible instead. Is it a set limitation of yours that you’re using only theatrical releases rather than any of the made-for-TV stuff, or is that just how the rankings shook out naturally? And yet, 1408, which finds John Cusack experiencing paranormal activity in a haunted hotel room, is pretty pristine; Cusack, for one, is fantastic, the film largely hinging on his ability to captivate an audience, and cinematography and atmosphere dovetail into something legitimately tense and haunting. And yet, there it was when the dust cleared: one of the nastiest, most terrifying, most cerebral modern horror movies to ever be put to celluloid. Comics, an homage to the quick and nasty days of short-form horror, with all the ironic eleventh-hour reversals and gruesome final shots that implies.

This is combustible cinema, excoriating, plump with pure dread, performed to the hilt by a cast of terrific character actors, devastating, satirical, terrifying. In the realm of non-TV movies, all the other ones that exist are pretty inferior and only marginally enjoyable at best (like The Night Flier, Sometimes They Come Back, Riding the Bullet, and I have some misplaced affection for Maximum Overdrive). And thumbs up for including some of his solid less-remembered entertainments (1408, Christine, Secret Window).

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