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The area consists of 3 major communities influenced by the New River which originates in the Everglades and passes through: cypress and maple wetlands, mangrove and pond apple wetland and the laurel oak hammock. Near the entrance is the Butterfly Island which is a walk-through butterfly garden filled with over 20 different species of butterfly friendly plants.
The Monarch Interpretive Center offers interactive interpretive displays with a working beehive, live snakes, and a theater with presentations on the Everglades.  Three computer kiosks feature interactive programs about plant, animal, and marine life, as well as weather and soil.
The charming Julia Hall may be rented for private events with a capacity of about 100 people and a fully equipped kitchen. Fort Lauderdale's beaches offer crystal-clear water, beautiful white sand and great weather year-round!  You'll probably find the beaches of Fort Lauderdale a little tamer than South Beach but just as much fun for the family! With 1.5 million acres of swamps, saw-grass prairies and sub-tropical jungles, Everglades National Park is one of the most unusual public parks in the United States. Butterfly World offers visitors a fun, educational opportunity to get an up-close look at this 10-acre butterfly farm and research facility.  In addition to being the birthplace of over a million butterflys, Butterfly World features the largest free-flight hummingbird aviary in the United States.

Las Olas is Fort Lauderdale's hottest place to eat, drink and be merry!  If you're nautically inclined, feel free to pull up in your boat and dock for free!  The restaurants of Las Olas will serve you right on your boat! The Broward Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA) is one of South Florida's premier entertainment venues.
Located on the southern tip of Florida, the park is home to 14 rare and endangered species, including the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther and the West Indian Manatee. The trail has a series of four bridges that allow access through a tidal marsh where you can see leather ferns, pond apple trees, white mangroves, and a variety of palms.
Explore the trails at Secret Woods while learning about native South Florida habitats. For all ages. A large portion of the park is primitive, explored only by adventurists and researchers ? but visitors have ample opportunity to walk, camp and canoe. The museum is home to over 200 exhibits including the largest living coral reef in captivity, bats, snakes, the Runways to Rockets aerospace exhibit and an IMAX theater.

Delight in the little critters that inhabit this area like crabs, lizards, birds and squirrels. The Swallowtail Classroom can be reserved  for a fee via the park office and offers an environmental education classroom for up to 20 occupants. Students can earn community service hours for graduation and college scholarships, and others can help improve and preserve the environment. Volunteers should dress appropriately with long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toe shoes that can get dirty.
Design and create signs, decorations, and games for our upcoming programs. Need community service hours to graduate?

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