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Wearing powder-blue glasses that perfectly matched his powder-blue shirt, Ian Axel (one-half of the duo that is A Great Big World) sang the tune beautifully, accompanying himself with just a piano. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
Photo 1 of 15 Alessandra Ambrosio at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show hair and makeup room at Lexington Avenue Armory on November 13, 2013 in New York City. If there seems to be some group-think going on, it’s likely because the stakes are so high. Since 1995, Victoria’s Secret has used the cachet of the runway fashion show and household-name supermodels to add cultural currency to their brand. Angel wings made their debut on the Victoria’s Secret runway in 1998, but the modern televised spectacle began to take shape a year later when the company first made its scantily clad fashion show available as a webcast.
In 2001, the show made its television debut on ABC and musical acts were added for additional visual and sonic pizzazz.
Sitting in her standard issue VS pink robe, Kroes never once breaks eye-contact with her reflection as she speaks to me, even as two hair and makeup people busy themselves around her. One need only look to the unconventional clientele such an event demands to see what she means. Later that night, the Lexington Avenue Armory – where the show was held from 2002 – 2005 before departing for L.A. At the afterparty, an open bar affair at hotspot TAO, Leonardo DiCaprio and his notorious “Pussy Posse” hold court at a booth. While Leo has his hands full, actors Dylan McDermott, Idris Elba, Chris Evans and others rubberneck and feign disinterest in equal measure. Noticeably absent is Swift, who closed the show with a strut alongside country rock gal-pal Aldridge. While the champagne flows, Victoria’s Secret model Jessica Hart takes the opportunity to speak her mind about the leggy singer’s attempt at the model strut. Void of minders, she tells a reporter from Women’s Wear Daily, “I think, you know what, god bless her heart.

Top secret aircraft, even those that have been publicly disclosed, remain mysterious long after emerging from the black world.
One such fate that has befallen crashed, retired or failed projects over the decades is burial. The Nighthawks may be the latest airframes to be entombed in the desert, but the practice is hardly new. Great article we should SAVE ONE of Every Aircraft we build weather it goes into full production or not. Today BioWare released three pieces of concept art from Dragon Age 3 through their official blog. While the models still sauntered down the runway, at least for a moment, the attention was just on Axel, his beautiful voice, and the piano. To a ridiculously tall, impossibly goodlooking woman, each swears by the power of the state of being. Buoyed by a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl, the first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show webcast garnered two million viewers.
In 2010, as the company began expanding internationally including its first Canadian store in Edmonton, Limited Brands quadrupled sales.
Smoking an e-cigarette, DiCaprio, who used to be snuck into this event, is now its main attraction, casually making out with Angel and rumoured girlfriend, Toni Garrn. When – and if – secret planes are declassified, they’re treated differently from other military aircraft, and the specifics of their hardware may remain under wraps for decades.
Aircraft have literally been dragged into deep pits miles from public land, often near the enigmatic Groom Lake test site in Nevada, famously known as Area 51. A fifth was scrapped at Palmdale in April 2008 to test effective methods of destroying F-117 airframes. More than 12 aircraft wrecks are known to have been buried in unmarked graves at Groom Lake since the 1950s.

Lockheed engineers have since searched fruitlessly for one of the Have Blue aircraft (above), which was said to be relatively intact. If you were underwhelmed with the visual style of previous games in the series, these images probably won't do anything for you. In the front rows, New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist sits feet away from iconic fashion designer Valentino, while famed DJ and basketball wife La La Anthony rubs shoulders with 2013 Sexiest Man Alive (and Angel fiancee) Adam Levine. While some ultimately go to museums, others are placed into storage well away from prying eyes, awaiting a fate that may take years to arrive. The rest of the fleet, meanwhile, rests at the shadowy Tonopah Test Range Airport near Area 51. Meanwhile, rumours persist that the mothballed fleet is in the process of being dismantled and buried at Tonopah, miles from public land. But the search was terminated when diggers allegedly began unearthing other classified projects.
That's always been my larger beef with Dragon Age: it's tough to distinguish from any other fantasy settings out there. I think what you find is that for a lot of us, we’ve been working for 14, 15 years; what it takes to make it here comes from experience and confidence and knowing how to be confident with yourself. The Have Blue’s final resting place, thought to be south of the main hangar complex, has now reportedly been paved over.

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