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At the beginning of the level, Mario must jump on a Spine Coaster, which will later lead to another Spine Coaster.
Star Coin 1: After boarding the second Spine Coaster, the first Star Coin is floating just above the Lava. Star Coin 2: After the Checkpoint Flag, the second Star Coin is floating next to two Lava geysers, and is obtained by jumping over them.
Star Coin 3: The third Star Coin is floating in between the two tracks of the two Spine Coasters that are ridden simultaneously. Super Mushroom • Mario Car • 1-Up Mushroom • Mini Mushroom • Propeller Mushroom • Fire Flower • Ice Flower • Penguin Suit • Star • Coin • Blue Coin • Red Coin • Red Ring • Star Coin • Trampoline • POW Block • Light Block • Propeller Block • Stretch Block • Roulette Block • P Switch • ? Amp • Banzai Bill • Banzai Bill Cannon • Big Boo • Big Cheep Cheep • Big Deep Cheep • Big Dry Bones • Big Fuzzy • Big Goomba • Big Piranha Plant • Big Venus Fire Trap • Big Wiggler • Big Urchin • Bill Blaster • Bill Blaster Turret • Blooper • Blooper Baby • Blooper Nanny • Bob-omb • Boo • Boomerang Bro • Bramball • Broozer • Bulber • Bull's-Eye Bill • Bullet Bill • Burner • Buzzy Beetle • Cannonball • Chain Chomp • Cheep Cheep • Cheep Chomp • Circling Boo Buddies • Clampy • Climbing Koopa • Cooligan • Crowber • Deep Cheep • Dry Bones • Eep Cheep • Fire Bar • Fire Bro • Fire Chomp • Fire Piranha Plant • Fire Snake • Fish Bone • Foo • Fuzzy • Ghost Vase • Giant Cannonball • Giant Spiked Ball • Goomba • Hammer Bro • Heavy Para-Beetle • Huckit Crab • Ice Bro • Jellybeam • King Bill • King Bill (New Super Mario Bros. Half puzzle,half skilled platforming.You'll be tested here for sure but with your shell by your side (and on your head) you'll be equipped to take on the many challenges this themed level will throw at you. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to check out other levels the last couple of days, and Woolly World arrives tomorrow, so I'm probably going to be off for a while.

It isn't intentional, I left the top half of the level empty so you should be limited to the bottom screen, I've succesfully used this against jumping over the top and when flying the cloud, but somehow it doesn't seem to work with the KCC.
Also, people, don't put enemies inside the pipes - the spawning time in this game doesn't work, you know. I made this level awhile ago and had previous remakes of Donkey Kong Jr.(levels) uploaded before, but thought it was finally time to upload this one. Also I played a level where when you went down a pipe and then tried to go back down the same pipe you just came out of it didn't take you back where you came from but somewhere entirely different. I think someone here created two separate exit pipes, then dragged one on top of the other. The Spine coaster will lead Mario to a Warp Pipe, which leads to the checkpoint and to another Spine Coaster.
The level is fine as-is, and my wife actually really didn't like most of the changes I'd made. I uploaded a version with blocks to the top to fix this, but now it doesn't lock to the bottom half of the screen like I wanted.

This I usually seen done in don't press anything levels but isn't it possible to do this manually when a shell is launched out of a cannon? Pipes can overlap, unlike most other elements, so you could create a pipe that behaves the way you described - Mario comes out of the designated exit pipe, but then that pipe is hidden behind the second pipe, so when he crouches into the visible pipe again, he's going through a different entrance, which leads to a different exit pipe. This level features the Spine Coasters' first and only appearance, and is populated by several lava geysers.
The Spine Coasters often make risky maneuvers, passing through lava geysers and the lava itself.

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