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Jump into the Secret World of Benjamin Bear as we watch the teddy bears lead lives full of amazing adventures in their very own secret world.
The Secret World of Benjamin Bear has been licensed in over 120 territories worldwide and is a top-performing series for broadcasters such as KIKA (Germany), ABC (Australia), France 5, DRTV (Denmark), and its commissioning broadcaster Playhouse Disney Canada.
Enter The Secret World Of Benjamin Bear, where teddy bears lead lives full of amazing adventures.

Benjamin Bear guides Howie, an irrepressible rookie teddy bear, through magnificent escapades in their quest to bring happiness and comfort to kids.
Irrepressible teddy bears Benjamin and Howie are at it again, caring for their human kids, Maxwell and Eliza, and their pets! Along the way they show what it means to be kind to others by finding pets for kids in need without taking any credit - they can't risk getting caught!

The teddy friends will do just about anything to ensure the happiness of the kids they love.

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