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The potions might help you to get easy runes but this is not always the correct option as they have other uses too!
You do not get the items like you will in the most MMORPGs – you will have to disassemble weapons, glyphs, potions and talismans to get your required items as you won’t be able to harvest the raw materials. One of the most common things a new player tries to grab is a secondary weapon, if you are lucky enough then you might find it as a drop item but most of you will have to do the hard work.

You will learn about crafting as you make progress in the game, experience will tell you that what you should buy or sell and what to keep or throw.
You have to arrange the items in the rows x columns with the proper manner to craft an item. These are very easy missions and will teach you a lot; do these before you make plans for the long-run!

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