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First, there are currently three different Dungeon Decks to choose from, each of which mimic actual dungeon instances from in the game. The Deadmines – “Lies, greed, and deception—these are the things that my father stood against. Each deck comes with its own special cards and contents, but for the most part they are all built the same. As for the contents, the types of allies and abilities will change depending on the dungeon, but these are the basics for what to expect to see when you open up a Dungeon Deck box. Then the raiders, the players, set up their decks on the table opposite the dungeon hero and A.I. At this point a die needs to be rolled to determine the raider upon which the dungeon will rain down its fury. Now that turn progression has been covered, let’s move on into how to actually defeat the dungeon.
Lastly, it’s important to note that these Dungeon Decks are designed to be used with Class Starter decks from the WoW TCG.
We fought hard, we were brave, and eventually Morgraine’s might had seen its final hour. Konami BEWD Yu-Gi-Oh Single Tri-Horned Dragon Secret Rare - SLIGHT PLAY (SP)Slight Play ConditionCards in Slightly Played condition show definite, minor wear. Burst damage with high knockdowns and stuns make up the Witch Hunter's repitoire allowing him to decimate foes up close with the power of his hammer and sword. However, in order to get to how the game is set up we’ve got to cover what comes in the box.
Genn, you and those other disgusting mongrels that plague Gilneas, I sought death before I would serve you again. For years, he worked tirelessly, helping to rebuild your devastated city, and what thanks did he or anyone else get for it? Steady on the draw there, Leeroy, we’ve got some bases to cover before we get into the boss room, such as turn progression.
When the dungeon has allies on the field, raiders can choose to take them out, or deal straight with the dungeon hero. The dungeon is defeated when raiders have effectively brought the dungeon hero down to zero health.
The Dungeon Decks for the WoW TCG are extremely fun, encompassing, and stay very true to the MMO.
Introduced to tabletop gaming at a young age, he quickly picked up video games and developed a passion for all things gaming. While it’s true that video games are certainly my forte, I also like to get into some tabletop and TCG (trading card games) every now and then.
The Scarlet Crusade offers you the protection that you so desperately desire, and if you will pledge yourself to us, surely we will reach our ultimate goal.

Things for the raiders will be set up as normal, such as placing their hero at the bottom left of their play space, putting their playing deck to the right, and leaving the necessary space in between for equipment and allies as well. Turns will always progress the same way, only differing depending on the level of the dungeon. The catch here is that they aren’t to target any other raiders unless they are healing or using abilities. Once this happens, all available dungeon allies and the dungeon hero will attack the marked raider’s hero. If the dungeon hero successfully brings each raider to zero health, you have failed the dungeon. These decks are designed for multiple players, though I’ve managed to get through them with just two raiders.
Raine has been writing all his life, and finally put that skill to use when he gained the opportunity to follow his passion with GamerFront in 2010. Cards signed by individual's including signatures by the cards artist, or cards with a professional event stamp, are classified as Slight Play if they would otherwise be Near Mint or Slightly Played. Just recently Cryptozoic, a leading producer of themed board and card games, released a new expansion set, so to speak, for the World of Warcraft trading card game.
Defy us, and you will be dispatched in a blaze of golden light unlike any you have ever witnessed. You showed your true nature when you allowed Crowley to leave with his life, and so I took yours instead. What choice did they have but to turn on those who the crown favored to get payment, one way or another? This dungeon deck is composed of dungeon allies, abilities, and equipment that can be used by the dungeon hero (we’ll get into turn progression later).
Depending on what level your personal decks are, they will determine what level the dungeon hero starts out as.
Once each raider is set up, has their dice ready to roll, and has plenty of snacks, it’s time to crack the doors on the dungeon and shake up some mischief. Raiders will roll a die to decide who takes the first turn, and turns will progress clockwise from the first acting raider. During this time, other raiders can protect to block incoming damage, play instant abilities, and do whatever else is necessary at the time.
Through the course of the game, raiders will need to concentrate efforts into picking away at the dungeon hero’s health.
At this point you’ll lose a certain amount of experience gained in the dungeon, and have to start from the beginning. Foils in this condition will generally have some clouding or wear on the front of the card.
My father, known to many as the Ashbringer, one of the most powerful paladins ever to walk the path of the Light, fell to my hand.

As you take on different runs with the dungeon deck you’ll earn experience that will level up your raider decks. The only exception to this rule is that on higher dungeon levels sometimes the dungeon will take the first turn.
For example: High Commander Morgraine at dungeon level 2 will flip, or play, two dungeon cards per turn. It’s a great sense of bringing the game to the table, though it can be heartbreaking.
Dave & Adam's recommends opaque sleeves for use of Slightly Played cards in organized play events. Even with the murder of my father, your foolish attempts to destroy the Defias have been in vain.
Players can earn achievements, level up their decks, and even pick up some sweet dungeon loot cards in the process to make their decks come out stronger than before. The sheets are accompanied by the obligatory rulebook, which is essential to play the game.
You’ll want to have a player run as the tank, with a lot of protector cards in their deck, one run as a healer who can help injured raiders, and a couple of DPS decks that will deal with picking off the dungeon allies and eventually the hero. You see, once the dungeon hero has accumulated specific amounts of damage on each raider, the hero can then level up. I decided to gather up my time with these new decks in order to bring them to players, so here’s the review. There are also achievement cards in the package which serve as rewards that grant XP which is later used to level up. Two dungeon boss cards are included, and they serve as the “end boss” for the actual dungeon. The damage they’ve sustained and all abilities attached will stay, but they can become very nasty. If you’ve got the time and want to add a little spice to your card gaming, be sure to snag one of these decks for yourself. These cards look much like the hero cards that players have, as they have their own health points, abilities, and more, but they’re much larger than the normal-sized cards. Finally you’ll find a nine-card treasure pack which contains epic loot cards, allies, equipment, and more.
To determine when a hero levels, know that it’s always at the start of the dungeon turn after all dungeon cards are readied.

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