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There is also a competition that will see the top 1,000 players to defeat the Mayan menace granted a special title, while the top 100 will earn an exclusive pet.
While The Secret World players are getting ready to face the apocalypse by enjoying issue #5 and solving extremely intricate puzzles in the End of Days Alternate Reality Game (which is really a lot of fun), Game Director Joel Bylos is still preparing to entomb himself in his bunker. In addition to the video log (that you can see below), a new Director’s letter has been published giving us a glimpse on what will happen after the apocalypse.

The update follows an ARG game orchestrated by Funcom that saw gamers hacking and solving equations to earn in-game items. With them comes new missions, items, pets, challenges and a wealth of new challenges for you to tackle.
For now you can enjoy watching a new video log where he gets blatantly ignored by his whole team and then goes shopping for stuff he’ll be needing into the bunker.

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