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There is also a competition that will see the top 1,000 players to defeat the Mayan menace granted a special title, while the top 100 will earn an exclusive pet.
While The Secret World players are getting ready to face the apocalypse by enjoying issue #5 and solving extremely intricate puzzles in the End of Days Alternate Reality Game (which is really a lot of fun), Game Director Joel Bylos is still preparing to entomb himself in his bunker. In addition to the video log (that you can see below), a new Director’s letter has been published giving us a glimpse on what will happen after the apocalypse. Much has been about Marvel Comics revisiting 18 classic events as part of Secret Wars 2015.
The 17th and 18th event redux involve the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy for the former and the Walking Dead for the latter. Despite the folks on these classic Marvel Comics event name retreads, there are a few other new series that are part of Secret Wars 2015 that are somewhat unique ands in some cases diverse.

The update follows an ARG game orchestrated by Funcom that saw gamers hacking and solving equations to earn in-game items.
With them comes new missions, items, pets, challenges and a wealth of new challenges for you to tackle. For now you can enjoy watching a new video log where he gets blatantly ignored by his whole team and then goes shopping for stuff he’ll be needing into the bunker. Secret Wars 2015 Potpourri: Marvel Comics’ Spoilers For Eighteen OTHER Non-Event Redux New Series!
Will we get to 20 event redux and will there be more non-event revisits beyond the 16 above?
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