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I’ve been playing the hell out of The Secret World and enjoying myself immensely over the past week and a half, often to the detriment to other responsibilities, such as packing for an early morning flight to San Diego. I played SWTOR through till end game with 3 different classes (JK, Trooper and bounty hunter) and enjoyed it whilst I was there.
Funcom has given more detail on upcoming changes to competitive multiplayer in The Secret World. Any living PvP players will now share XP for kills made by the group, but if players are killed repeatedly their XP value will diminish, making it less worth the killer’s time.
To solve the matchmaking problem, Funcom is allowing players to sign up for multiple Battlegrounds at once.
Coming second in one of the three-way battles at Stonehenge and El Dorado will now offer much higher rewards, making it worthwhile to keep trying even if one side takes a significant lead.
If you’re keen on The Secret World, the subscription requirement has been dropped, so you only need to pick up the client.
Funcom, the developer behind the conspiracy and paranormal MMO The Secret World, has announced it will update the game with new content every month.
Funcom has already added a new dimension to its MMO to accommodate the influx of new players to its servers. Ragnar Tornquist has taken to The Secret World forums to deliver the title's inaugural state-of-the-game post.
Improved character customization options are incoming, as is TSW's first raid (apparently set in New York City).
Because every game deserves a photo mode that can take 360 degree screenshots in one click. 1:47 pm July 4, 2012 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share +1Funcom has launched their new The Secret World today in the form of a MMORPG and has accompanied the launch with a new launch trailer, revealing what you can expect from the game.
Together with a storyline from the imagination of Ragnar Tornquist, the creator of the award-winning The Longest Journey.

Many thought that funcom wouldn’t be able to continue delivering monthly updates for The Secret World, and today Funcom started proving them wrong. The Cat God includes a new investigation mission (The Binding) and a new action one (Dogs of War), alongside a new set of lair missions. On a side note, the developer also promised more clothing options for the cash shop coming soon, and a new pet. Funcom has announced via an update on The Secret World’s website that it has many pots on the stove of the newly released MMO, such as monthly mission packs, and more. Mission packs on a monthly basis- new investigations for every adventure zone in the game; more action and sabotage missions with fully voiced cut-scenes and new media pop-ups for free. Seasonal events such as Halloween and the Winter Solstice are planned with plenty of content to tie into both events. Pets will be updated and upgraded and more and better pets are on the way as well as a few surprises. And while I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the game has to offer, Funcom is gearing up to offer even more. Using Glicko2, Funcom is tracking player skill and will matchmake players to appropriate rivals where possible. New investigation, action, and sabotage missions are in the works, all of them featuring full voice, cutscenes, and media pop-ups.
OK, how about new pets and new social functionality designed to "allow roleplayers and would-be thespians to spread their wings?" We think that just about covers it, but in case we missed something, check out the full letter on TSW forums. They (quite suddenly) released Issue #3: The Cat God, that was just announced a few days ago. It also brings in the assets for the Halloween event, that will feature a whole new questline and a new villain (the titular Cat God). Starting July 31, The Secret World will start a cycle of ongoing monthly updates, bringing fresh new content to the conspiracy theorizing masses.

New investigation missions means more halfheartedly poking at the in-game web browser before calling for hints over general chat.
I’d like to think that when a game director named Ragnar Tornquist talks, he means what he says.
If they keep improving it and listen to the players criticisms and wishes I think it has the potential to become WoW big. Not only they got back on track with the monthly schedule, but they did so on the schedule set by the first update, effectively releasing the third less than a couple weeks after the second. Players will receive a phone call in game as the event will start in October, and things will go downhill from there. You can find the full patch notes (that also include several fixes and smaller updates) here. Civil War manages to be all of those things and more, thanks to a feat of truly impressive cinematic plate-spinning. Players can also expect new adventure areas (two are in the works right now), updated combat, and more social gaming options in the London hub. And the dungeon finder means damage-focused characters like me will have a more organised hour-long wait to find a group for any given dungeon. Seasonal events are also promised for thematic gameplay linked to days such as Halloween and the Winter Solstice.

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