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The stunning images on these cards are actual photographs taken within crystals and crystal skulls. These phenomenal photographs allow your guides and the Universe to speak directly to you, and give you messages from the crystalline kingdom. These crystal oracle cards can be used to enhance meditation, healing, communication, imagination, and connection with the Universe, with crystals and with crystal skulls.
The companion guidebook is extraordinarily well-written, providing deep insights and profound messages for each card. My first impression was one of intrigue and amazement as the cards first appeared just like a blur of colour and then I was drawn into the images in the cards to look closer. I loved the messages and how they were divided into Master cards, Healing Cards, Creation Cards and Guide Cards. I have worked with crystals my whole life, and these cards actually allow the crystals to speak to you - you can truly see the crystalline beings that dwell within them. The Secret World of Crystals Journey Cards is a 44-card divination set based on the ground-breaking crystal photography of visionary artist Lee Simmons.
Explore the universal messages contained within the cards as they illuminate life patterns and stimulate inner exploration. 2.Ask for your highest divine guidance to provide clarity, insight and understanding relevant to you at this time. 3.Shuffle the deck for as long as it feels appropriate and fan out the cards in your hands.
5.Study the photograph and spend time allowing yourself to explore the colour, shape and feel of the image. This particular skull was named Henry, which I found funny as an initial reaction is to be serious in the presence of such things. Crystal skulls are an amazing thing to experience and I’d recommend spending time with one. Lee Simmons' photographs within crystals are even more striking in larger prints where you can see more and more extraordinary images appear. Each crystal had a story and I found myself lost for hours observing the play of light reflecting from within the different facets of each crystal.
I just got them today because I was away on vacations last week I already loved the Journey cards, I was blown over by their beauty, colors and complexity.

Lee Simmons' revolutionary crystal images are also attracting attention in the entertainment industry. Secrets of crystal skulls revealed, including ancient crystal skulls, 13 crystal skulls, mayan crystal skull. This is a revolutionary concept that allows for a profound visionary journey into worlds within worlds - they provide a window into the Universe, into crystals, into your consciousness, and into yourself. The Universe communicates with us telephatically and intuitively through symbols and images. The multidimensional photography engages the magical world within crystals and allows them to help manifest change within your life and in your consciousness.
The ground-breaking crystal images can create a bridge to deeper levels of universal understanding and inspire spiritual exploration. The universal messages contained within the cards illuminate life patterns and stimulate inner exploration. The photographs themselves are breathtakingly beautiful, and what is even more exciting are the multi-dimensional images that emerge from them.
This is a masterful divination tool that allows direct communication with your own intuition and guidance. The beautiful high vibrations of the mineral kingdom transcend the images to inspire the spirit and imagination. These spectacular images of Earth's ancient crystals (and the companion guidebook) provide practical insight and inspiration to help navigate life's journey.
Using the language of shape, color and form, the images can assist in strengthening your intuitive connection. If you require assistance with a specific issue, hold the issue in your mind and ask for guidance. Be open to ideas, visualizations and concepts that come to mind, as they are messages from your inner self.
These multi-dimensional photographs bring to life the spectacular beauty of the crystalline landscape.
These note cards are available in a 6-pack, and since each card is blank on the inside, it gives you the flexibility to use them year-around, for any occassion from a thank you card, to a birthday card and even as a holiday card. A flash of pirates and ancient ritual passed through my mind as I held this life size crystal skull in my hands.

These are beautiful to display in your home or office, and are also powerful tools for meditation, contemplation and inspiration. The knowledge that some of these crystals had been forming for millions of years was fascinating. They are one of the many ways to expand our universal awareness and deepen our connection to the source of all things. The more I contemplate them the more animals, spirits, angels, aliens and gorgeous landscapes I can see in them. As you look at these photographs, extraordinary things appear, such as animals, faces, symbols, icons, galaxies, skulls, and divine beings. These oracle cards can be used as a powerful intuitive tool - the more you look at a particular card, the more images, depths and dimensions you will see as you journey deep within yourself. I felt I could spend a long time with each one similar to scrying with crystals and actually step inside these spaces. These photographs are a living expression of the exquisite beauty and diversity within our world.
Discover the magical world within crystals and allow them to help you manifest change within your life.
And what really gets me is that upon looking at certain cards, they seem very familiar, like I know that shape or being.
They push the boundaries of our imagination and challenge our conscious perception of reality. While pondering the exquisite beauty of these ancient gifts from the earth I decided to acquire some specialty camera equipment to explore the inner world of crystals.
Blessings of angels, beings, scenes and sacred ceremonies step forward to encourage, heal, guide and bless us.

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