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We’re kicking it up a notch this week, as the love square starts to get going in earnest, thanks to Seul the Master Feeling Denier. Joo-won declares in his ever-so-magnanimous way that he’ll be the Little Mermaid then, and proceeds to toot his own horn about how cool and awesome he is for deigning to put himself at a disadvantage to be with her. Ra-im tells him to get it through his thick skull—she doesn’t like him, so he can take his MerBubbles and shove them up his arse.
She comes home and starts eyeing the chandelier in her apartment strangely, and declares to Ra-im that Joo-won must’ve put a secret camera in the light fixture. She hears that Joo-won wears Oska socks, talks to himself, and gets frequent visits from Ji-hyun (his shrink). Mother reminds him that this is still HER house, and that she can kick him out at any time.
She pushes him in the right direction with a little threat: either start going on blind dates again, or Gil Ra-im will end up in another country. He meets a new woman at the art gallery of course, and soon after Seul calls Ra-im to meet her there as well. She tells Ra-im frankly that if Joo-won is back to going on blind dates, then both she and Ra-im them are as good as out.
Ra-im starts work on her audition tape for Dark Blood and ignores all of Joo-won’s calls all day. That stops her in her tracks as he comes around to face her, wanting to stare at her face a little longer. He tells her to hurry up and give him an answer, (to the letting him be the MerMistress question) otherwise he’ll be back tomorrow. Mom brings her unannounced to the next family dinner, where Joo-won and Oska sit side by side, both stunned into silence by her appearance. Seul: The thing about women is, the most common of women can become a queen, and the most rarefied woman can become a maid…according to how she is treated by the person she loves. After the meal, Joo-won tries to talk his mother out of the match, insisting that Seul is in love with someone else. Ra-im happens to call him at that moment to move their training session around, and he takes the opportunity to rub it in Joo-won’s face, and asks to see her.
Over an open grill and pig skins, Ra-im and Oska have a chat, and he admits to having her meet him just to piss off Joo-won. Ra-im tells him that all demons are wronged beings in some way, and that some women continue to show their love through their intense hatred.
There they sit, the four of them on each other’s dates, opposite the wrong person, and brooding over the other. Joo-won’s sister heads to the department store lost in thought about her last encounter with Jong-soo, when she gets into an altercation with a guy who tries to smoke in a non-smoking area. It turns out that the action school was in a whole bunch of debt, and when Joo-won was Joo-wonda, he happened to intercept a debt collection call, and paid half of it off. There’s other drama at the action school, as two newbies decide to drop out because the training just got too tough. Ra-im’s sunbae Jung-hwan comes to see Joo-won and tells him about the action workshop coming up. Joo-won heads to the mountains to do an inspection of the new resort that he’s building, and the action school pulls up to the villa for their workshop. Joo-won pulls Ra-im aside, asking her what her answer is, and why she’s playing so hard to get. Joo-won joins Jong-soo outside to say that he’s a little bit cool, since as a leader himself he knows that giving up a position of power is difficult. He heads back inside to find Ra-im already asleep on the floor, amidst all the other guys, some of whom are sleeping, while others stay up to drink.
He lies down next to her, just quietly watching her sleep, with the happiest look in his eyes, at just being able to look at her face. As he watches her sleep, she starts to have a nightmare, and he puts his finger on her forehead to wake her up. They have a conversation in voiceover, so essentially one-sided for both, although they answer back and forth as if they hear each other. The best part about this episode is that it makes one thing very clear: words bad, silence good.

GF, call me crazy or asking for pain, but like Ra Im I cant help but fall for Joo Won too ?? I’ll take the 4 years or so with and him, and for the further future? I think she was hinting to OSKA that when she loved him, she felt like a queen, so on top of the world just being loved by her. I just love your recapes and o my god I couldn’t stop myself smiling from ear to ear while reading your recap although I already watched the episode 3 times raw and read the translation of it.
It’s the bow-tied, triple-knotted kind of ending for this cast of characters, as we say our final goodbyes to Secret Garden. As announced last week, a special Secret Garden was held on the night of the drama’s penultimate broadcast, January 15, and here are some photos from the event. Secret Garden ends its 20-episode run this weekend, but it’ll have another week on the broadcast schedule, as it has announced a special to air the following week. Okay, there have been a ton of recent parodies and references to Hyun Bin‘s sparkly tracksuit in Secret Garden, but this one really takes the cake. Remember those childhood tales about sleeping giants who could wake the town with their yawn, and woodland faeries who danced along tree branches lighter than a feather? Nestled in the heart of England’s Stratford-upon-Avon lies a secret garden of knotted shrubs and hidden hideaways. With his dreamy color palette and brush strokes, it’s fair to assume that Monet’s inspiration came to him during his sleep. Secretary Kim is in tears, hilariously having a fit over whether or not his boss and his girlfriend are having some secret affair.
She tells him that she poured the best of everything into raising him; therefore, he ought to live up to that. She tells Ra-im that Joo-won was just here, and that either way, he’ll meet and marry someone like herself. He chastises Joo-won for always thinking only of himself, and never how his actions might hurt anyone else.
Joo-won’s sparkly panties get in a bunch, as Oska says that Ra-im is the only person who can make him feel better right now, and runs off to meet her. He did it to keep Ra-im from finding out about the debt, and only paid half because he knew Jong-soo would have a fit about it anyway.
Ra-im sends them off with good wishes, but fights back tears, as she feels personally responsible for not being there to help them stick through it.
The location hasn’t been decided, so Joo-won volunteers to take care of that himself.
Joo-won greets them with a smile, while Ra-im and Jong-soo both look at him with the classic at-Joo-won look: surprise peppered with much exasperation.
He asks what she did with Oska the other day, making mock cooing noises to simulate what the two of them sound like when they’re flirting.
He steals blankets for her and himself, kicking the guy sleeping next to her to make room for himself.
Their banter is almost always a hindrance to them, as they usually end up saying the worst possible things to each other if given the opportunity. But she ended up hearing OSKA denying her as someone HE would get serious & said she was a toy (to some effect, not exact words).
The OST concert featured performances by the artists on the soundtrack, and tickets reportedly sold out within five minutes of going on sale. Phew, what a roller-coaster journey this drama has been, and this episode is no different — it takes us from one extreme to another, serving up some silly moments, light romantic beats, cute comedy, and then more melodrama with lots of angsty tears. It’ll be a standard special, with a highlight reel, behind-the-scenes tidbits, and NG clips, and has a 70-minute running time.
In the New Palace’s flora-filled grounds, the former home ofShakespeare, you can eject yourself from the modern world in the twists of the gardens much like the famous playwright did. Spread across the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, lies one of nine national botanical gardens.The garden’s exotic plants and vibrant colors make it one of the most beautiful secret gardens in the world with a mission equally as trailblazing. But hey, Stupid, where on earth is a woman who’ll jump at the chance to happily and beautifully cultivate a love that’ll just turn to bubbles? Ra-im’s eyes widen, as she asks if Ah-young went about her life as usual, sans underwear and all that, when she expressly warned her to be careful. But now she doesn’t even believe that he has a memory of their love, so she plans to do whatever she can to hurt him.

He tells her it’s her fault for deleting the pictures of her on his phone, and makes her pose for another one. She goes to find him, and he asks her what she wants him to do, so that she’ll drop this charade. He asks her what the real deal is between her and Oska, and she coolly replies that they’re past lovers, nothing more.
Joo-won asks why he’s helping him get close to Ra-im (because he has lots of money, of course) and also why he uses banmal with him. Jung-hwan uses the opportunity to switch right back to banmal with Joo-won, and takes the blame for planning the workshop with him. Jong-soo says that he’s thought about it, but action is everything to Ra-im, and he has no right to take that away from her. Joo-won especially has the WORST case of foot-in-mouth syndrome I’ve seen in a while.
If this abuse was physical Oska any body parts still attached till his body would be a mass of scars.
I think it is much more painful being backstabbed than being told about something straight in your face…. When the garden was founded in 1913, it became the first botanical garden in the world with an ethos of pure preservation. Set in the beautiful countryside of Giverny, France, the impressionist master’s gardens are considered one of the many places of inspiration for his ethereal paintings. He tells her that not everyone who dates gets married, so why should they let that stop them? She orders it disposed of, but Joo-won comes home in time to save the tangerines from an untimely death. The first and last woman he ever loved has returned as his worst demon, and he’s at a loss for how to deal with it.
Jong-soo announces to everyone that his post as the team leader will go to Jung-hwan next year, since the rule is that it rotates every year to make sure that the action school is never without a leader in case of injury or death.
But when given a moment of silence, their feelings are undeniable, and no amount of babble can cover over that kind of sizzle. Odska also stated what was even worse than their breakup was that she went away with the guy he hated the most in the world that he knew was interested in his woman.Seul who thinks she so modern and a woman of the times reacted like the childish immature little girl she is. Through sub tropical jungles and evergreen wildlife gardens, it’s easy to wander for hours. And With an ancient Baobab tree living in a grand glass-topped conservatory, some of the Kirstenbosch plants date back more than 200 million years. The answer is to pit her against another woman, one who’s going to be a fierce opponent. Sometimes that just fuels you in the wrong direction, which is, as anyone can attest, the perennial problem with bad boys. Believing what she heard instead of confronting Oska right then and there she instead cries and decides to breakup with him to get him back for the hurtful words she overheard. I say she should have been a woman about her business and deal with this problem right on the spot. The estate, whose thousand-acre spread had just reached its apex at the end of the 19th century, soon lost many of its key caretakers to World War One and wasted away for a good portion of the 20th century. Her idiocy is even more compounded and her turning down his proposal a man who you heard thinks you’re no better than a easy lay is proposing marriage and you don’t ask him why when you overheard him say what he did to the other guy? Thanks to a troupe of restorers devoted to recreating the garden as a testament to the exceptional work of ordinary people, the over 400 year-old garden is back to its former glory, luring in visitors every day of the year, save for Christmas and Christmas Eve. Now years later you want to comeback in his life torturing him with these silly petty games but not only at his expense but others are being hurt by your childish games.

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