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Have you ever not been able to fall asleep, yet felt so tired you think you might just die?
Virginia Tech historian Roger Ekirch theorizes that the two-part system is actually more natural for humans, and that many sleep problems stem from our insistence that we stay in bed for eight hours straight. Some 40 percent of all people have experienced at least one episode of sleep paralysis—disturbed REM sleep in which you feel trapped and unable to move. Multiple cultures have explained the phenomenon by claiming that demons are pinning down the sleeper (in medieval legends, we know those demons as a succubus or incubus). Clay Wirestone is arts editor of the Concord Monitor, as well as a writer, designer, and cartoonist. Do we simply snooze, or do we enter into a dimly lit place of wonders, terrors and peculiar science?

It’s been documented in only 28 families worldwide, and only five of those are in the United States.
While the experience can be terrifying, it isn’t actually dangerous, according to sleep experts. The human brain wants to explain the unexplainable—and if it has to blame evil supernatural forces, so be it. His freelance articles have appeared in Mental Floss, Presstime, and the Yale Alumni magazines. What causes the condition isn’t clear, but it can be worsened by anxiety, over-exertion before sleep, or caffeine. He pops up regularly on public radio and has, improbably, contributed to the History Channel show Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy.

According to scientists who have studied the disease, it’s caused by malfunctioning brain proteins. The brains of those afflicted look much like sufferers of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (the human form of mad cow disease).

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