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Beatdown: A Hammer attack which hits one target, knocking it down and Impairing it for a few seconds. Touchdown: A Hammer ability which makes you leap fifteen meters through the air and hit several targets around the spot where you land. Punisher: All your Strike attacks cause the target hit to become Weakened with an effect which causes it to do less damage for several seconds. Invasive Measures: Whenever you hit a Weakened target you have a chance to Build a Resource for your primary weapon. Close Quarters: Whenever you hit a target which is within three meters of you, that target becomes Hindered and has its movement speed significantly reduced for several seconds. Choose a deck from the menu above to see its description, weapon requirements, the Seven Passive and Active Abilities and a description of what the deck philosophy is, along with pro's and cons. In addition to the benefits of a deck’s ability synergies, completing a deck will earn the uniform pictured.. This is a Tanks Tank deck designed to ensure that no one in the party gets aggro besides the tank. Support to the group with a Barrier to place on party member and self healing through the use of Escalation. Deck is designed to keep HoT's rolling and AoE splash heals to keep everyone topped off whether they need it or not.
The Warrior is a ranged specialist using the Assault Rifle and Shotgun to bring down her enemies. The Deck is very good for solo play, as it can control its environment and leap out of danger if enemies come close, but the Warrior must be very careful when facing opponents which are resistant to being Hindered. Designed around Hindered to control movement to allow greater concentration of the numerous damage abilities.
The Neoshaman utilizes both Blood Magic and Chaos Magic to painfully extinguish the life of his opponents.
The Deck is very good for solo play, as it can Impair its enemies and deal increased damage to them while they are helpless. The premise of the deck is to apply Impaired and Weakened on the targets through both AoE and single Target abilities. Without hate generating abilities beyond the High Damage output, control in maintained via the AoE knockdown abilities.
The Pandemonist combines the forces of Elementalism with Blood Magic to be a raging torrent of magical power on the battlefield. The Pandemonist Deck is good for fighting against groups of monsters both alone and in a team. This deck picks summoning abilities from the Elementalism tree as well as a turret from shotgun. The Goon deck tanks with several hate generation abilities and a healthy dose of self-healing.
The Illusionist focuses on Chaos Magic to hunt down and trap his opponents, and backs his magic up with stunning Hammer blows. The Deck is focused on healing and therefore tailor made for team play, as it can do little damage on its own. The Deck uses both Elementalism and the Shotgun, and it can deal with almost any situation. Utilizing burst attacks which stack dmg procs on the offensive target (prey on weak, one-two, and four horsemen), as well as utilizing dash moves to be mobile and quickly swap between targets (bushwack, helter skelter, chaotic pull). The Deck is very good for solo play, because the Soldier can avoid most damage heading his way by staying out of range of his enemies with high manoeuvrability and Hindering prowess. The Preacher uses both Blood Magic and Blades to specialize on cruel damage-over-time effects. The Deck is good for both group and solo play, focusing on hitting a single target with constantly renewing damage-over-time effects. However the Puritan lacks defenses, so each battle will be like a damage race when fighting alone. If the target hit is still within five meters of you after a few seconds, you deal an extra hit for extra damage, and receive the Minor Ward effect, which reduces all damage done to you for several seconds. There are eleven unique decks for each faction, representing the various specializations they have taken up to combat darkness—and each other.

She can do a lot of damage to both single targets and groups of monsters with Penetrating hits and Afflict them with damage-over-time effects, but her main tactic is to constantly Hinder and slow down those who stand against her, so she can shoot them from a distance. The Warrior can be very useful in player-versus-player battles, where slowing down opponents often can be the key to victory. He excels at doing a lot of damage to single targets, with strong Focus attacks and a host of damage-over-time effects. Being able to impair enemies makes the Deck a good choice for player-versus-player combat, and the ability to do a lot of damage-over-time to a single target makes it very useful against powerful dungeon bosses. He is a master at knocking down and stunning his enemies with brutal Hammer blows and cunning Chaos Magic. The Warlord can also tackle groups of enemies, but needs to kill them off quickly as the Deck lacks defences. This results in amplifying damage dealt by the other abilities and assisting the party’s damage by putting Exposed on the targets, which increase damage by 3% per stack. Every 15 seconds you can dash through a group of mobs knocking them into the air and Epicentre can keep up to 5 mobs on the ground for 2.5 seconds.
It can Impair enemies and hit them with augmented Frenzy attacks, which give buffs and heals.
She is excellent at crowd control, being able to Impair and Hinder large groups of enemies with roots and stuns. It is however always crucial for the Pandemonist to be able to keep a distance from her foes, because of her lack of defenses. As such it excels at controlling space on the battlefield by AoE damage and application of the Hindered State. She uses the powers found within Blades and Hammers to become a formidable defensive master. The Goon has good damage mitigation, self healing powers, and effective abilities for getting the attention of enemies.
This deck is most effective against Afflicted enemies, but it has only one passive that causes Affliction.
The ability to constantly weaken enemies and deal high amounts of damage to monsters nearing death can be invaluable against powerful bosses, who often use their most potent attacks at the end of their lives. She combines the wondrous powers found in Blood Magic with the Assault Rifle to heal her companions and keep them safe. The Necromancer is very handy for groups who want to tackle difficult challenges like Lairs or Dungeons.
She uses both Blades and the Assault Rifle to deal devastating Penetrating hits and brutal damage-over-time effects. It lacks mobility and defences, but through raw damage output the Slayer can still come out on top in most situations.
She is both maneuverable and able to dish out high amounts of damage with punishing critical hits. It is good for solo play, where it has access to both strong crowd control and high damage abilities, but the deck is also excellent for team play, especially in all out damage races against powerful bosses. He can not only rescue those in danger with powerful healing spells, but can also sacrifice some of his own health to heal his entire team at once. The Exorcist can do no damage on its own, but has strong protective and healing abilities which benefit the entire team.
This build also has some crowd control with impaired attacks (knockback from passive ability, bushwack, chaotic pull, and see red). With all guns blazing he hits his enemies with a hail of bullets from his Pistols and Assault Rifle.
Some opponents however are very resistant to Hindering effects and against these the Deck needs either allies or to come up with completely new strategies. This strategy can be very effective against strong bosses, which have a wide array of tricks to keep attackers at bay for periods of time.
With a host of Frenzy attacks she can damage large groups of enemies at once, and control the battlefield by Hindering, Impairing and Weakening those who stand against her.
However the Gladiator will find the most use for her abilities in player-versus-player combat. The Puritan also is also able to Impair, Hinder and Weaken her foes, and quickly close the gap if someone tries to flee from her furious onslaught of attacks.

The Deck is very useful in dungeons when pitted against powerful bosses, or in player-versus-player skirmishes where taking down opponents quickly can be the key to success.
The Neoshaman’s ability to impair enemies, and draw the life force from them to replenish his own, increases his survivability. With the ability to constantly Weaken and Impair those who stand against him, those who face the Warlord is in for an exercise in utter frustration.
However the Warlord needs to be very watchful against those who are resistant to being Impaired.
And with Pulling the Strings adding Precise to ensure you don’t glance, there is very good synergy to have Impaired and Weakened always up on your targets.
As there are a number of Mobs and Bosses that ignore Hate Mechanics, this a perfect tank for those scenarios.
The Chaos Theorist is also very mobile and able to control the positioning of his enemies, by Impairing and pulling them towards him, so he can ensure he hits all of them at once. The Chaos Theorist Deck can be very good in player-versus-player combat, because it can control the battlefield, render opponents helpless and unable to flee to safety. She can keep a safe distance from her rooted foes and let loose with wicked Chain attacks which not only hit them all, but also do brutal critical hits and Afflict them with punishing damage-over-time effects. In player versus player combat The Pandemonist can be excellent at trapping enemy players with nasty roots, so her teammates can fall on them like a pack of hungry wolves. The Goon is highly survivable, with a strong defence and a wide array of tools to replenish her health, even against large groups of opponents. The Deck is especially suited for tanking large groups of monsters at once, because it can constantly build both Hate and apply damage-over-time effects to many opponents at the same time. She can replenish life directly, put up defensive barriers or give teammates handy Leech effects which return some of the damage they do as healing. The Deck does not specialize on healing one target quickly, but instead on healing and protecting the whole team continuously.
Letting loose punishing Frenzy attacks the Slayer can handle large groups of monsters at a time, showering them with damage. With the ability to constantly do Penetrating hits and damage-over-time effects the Deck can be very useful against strong monsters which take a long time to kill and require a team effort. While wading through swarms of monsters his great ability to weaken enemies and Block incoming attacks keeps him safe, and he wreaks havoc among his foes with strong Blast attacks.
She can trap and Hinder groups of opponents and increase her entire team’s damage output through clever buffs. Everyone will breathe easier with an Exorcist at their side, because he can continuously give himself and his allies protective barriers and heal-over-time effects.
The Deck is very good when facing strong opponents, such as dungeon bosses, because it has good powers for healing both single targets and groups of allies.
He will Impair and Afflict his enemies over and over again, draining their life force away second by second. The ability to Impair enemies is also very handy in player-versus-player combat, and seeing opponents die from damage-over-time effects as they try and run to safety never gets old. The Gladiator lacks defensive abilities, but can use her maneuverability to stay one step ahead of her opponents. Slowing down and Hindering groups of enemy players, so that allies can jump in and slaughter them, can be an invaluable talent in the battle between The Secret Societies. He can avoid damage by being maneuverable and by impairing his enemies, but must defeat them rapidly as he lacks defensive abilities and the staying power for a long fight. Being able to leap quickly onto groups of other players, hitting all of them at once while staying alive with strong defenses, is a good strategy for a frontline fighter. If the Soldier is not pinned down, but allowed to keep shooting, slowing down enemies and constantly manoeuver out of harm’s way, he is a nightmare to face in any scenario.

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