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MANILA, Philippines - Somewhere near the end of Makati’s Legazpi Street is an unassuming establishment that serves up classic menswear.
In cosmopolitan Manila, there’s been a drought of well-curated clothing stores that offer more than just clothes. Take, for instance, those fancy wooden umbrellas from Fox Umbrellas, which take you back to the reign of Queen Victoria. Signet covers a lot of ground in building the definitive male wardrobe — whether it’s jeans, sneakers or sweaters, down to a wide array of accessories ranging from ties, socks, belts and a lot of shoes.
What’s really distinct about this multi-brand store — how it stands apart from the usual repertoire of ready to wear — is its bespoke offerings. Choose among their trusted tailors who fly in from Naples, Italy — people like Orazio Luciano and Ambrosi Napoli who excel in the quintessential Neapolitan style. Store manager Yapjoco invites clients to share a leisurely glass of whisky in-store, while chatting about things like classic menswear, cars, shoes, sartorial inspirations — the whole lot. The Glenmorangie Signet features tactile packaging and a striking graduated bottleSINGAPORE.
There are a few great quests scattered around the desert, but I completely understand the not more sand feeling.
This feeling is not helped by some of the roots you have to take to get from one place to another, which is something that thay are addressing a little in this patch as well. While trends come and go, it’s good to know there still are firm believers in things that really last. One sees in their curated labels a mix of heritage — handmade objects and true craftsmanship, taking pride in things that aren’t mass-produced.
Signet hosts within the store their popular quarterly trunk shows, where clients avail themselves of made-to-order suits and shoes. One signature of this style is a sleek and classic silhouette: the suit fits like a glove, but never too tight.
Guys can be treated to exclusives and it’s something quite unheard of here — limited-edition pieces only available in Manila. And something one should mark in their calendars is Shoe Shine Saturday, which usually takes place very second Saturday of the month.
Perhaps one of these days Manila can find itself stylish chaps to match the likes of Steve McQueen, Cary Grant, Gianni Agnelli, Lapo Elkann, yet with some added Filipino flair.

Glenmorangie has launched the company?s latest creation, Glenmorangie Signet, on an initially exclusive basis at Singapore Changi Airport. Changi is the first airport in Asia to launch Glenmorangie?s latest innovation, a super-premium whisky claimed to be ?unlike anything introduced before? in the category.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I still haven't finished half the desert from the first time through because I got so sick of sand. Semi-formal suits, dressy casual stuff and even work wear is displayed among worn, open suitcases. Think of how Hermes hangs on to its origin story of making saddles; or how Louis Vuitton started out as a trunk-maker. Surely, heritage helps sell, especially for the discerning male consumer who still appreciates handmade products and craftsmanship. Meanwhile, there are those quintessential Breton seaman’s sweaters from Saint James, which has been doing them since 1889. The labels are often operated by small firms; it’s the Signet team’s keen interest in such things that helps keep those traditions alive. Tailors and artisans are flown in for two to three days and interested clients are advised to make appointments beforehand. Not cheap, mind you: bespoke service can run from P210,000 for a suit while a blazer goes for P160,000 and trousers can cost P60,000.
The Signet team plans to bring in as much as they can so that their customers don’t have to travel just to shop.
But for now, stores like Signet will help make things better for the sartorially inclined guys out there. Signet offers something different to the local retail scene, challenging men to pay attention to the smallest details. There’s also a good selection of fine Japanese denim with classic cuts — tapered yet not too tight. They admit they don’t want to be paying a sizable difference of 30-40 percent more in price than something that is pretty commonplace in Manila.
On the other side of the store’s bespoke service, the shoes come from Koji Suzuki, a Japanese shoemaker known for his fusion of Florentine and English styles. The lifestyle proposed by the store is not just on a superficial level; rather, it’s a lived reality for both the folks who started the store along with their staff.

The unique way of making Signet has insured a super-premium single malt whisky that is diverse and truly outstanding.
A selection of sneakers from Doek could also be of interest: simple, yet employing a fine Carmina shoemaker, or an artisan shoemaker from Spain that specializes in Goodyear welted shoes dating back to the 17th century. It’s all about timeless style with value for your money and definitely it’s not something seasonal that easily comes and goes,” store manager Kevin Yapjoco adds. Meanwhile, the more accessible side of the equation includes a special collaboration with Japanese denim brand Fullcount for a limited run of a little over 70 pairs of jeans, available only through the store.
The whole experience is not simply walking in and leaving with your purchase; the staff assists you in building a wardrobe, or just simply helps you pick the right pair of shoes to go with a certain suit. It is a compelling drink for people who seek character and depth; Signet will appeal to anyone who appreciates a full bodied and rich super-premium spirit. Indulge yourself in their wide selection of styles from lace-ups and ankle boots to loafers and monkstraps. James sweaters, while jeans average from P13,000 to P15,000; shoes go for a little over P20,000. We have simply gone back to the first principles of whisky creation and every element, every ingredient, is considered, selected and bespoke.? Glenmorangie became a part of Moet Hennessy, the spirits and wine division of leading luxury group LVMH Moet Hennessy?Louis Vuitton, in 2005 and has acquired a new and contemporary brand image as part of its international expansion plans. In the coming months the likes of Sunspel, Barbour and Orleabar Brown will also be added to the mix.
It?s very dark and very mysterious, very unlike the rest of the range.? Signet is described as "a velvet explosion of intensely deep, dark chocolate notes, rich mocha coffee and sizzling spices" and is created from a secret combination of the oldest and rarest Glenmorangie whiskies. The spirit originated in the Scottish Highlands where, at the Glenmorangie Distillery, it is distilled in the tallest malt whisky stills in Scotland, matured in oak casks, and perfected by the 16 Men of Tain.
The distillery was founded in 1843 and is renowned as a pioneer in its field, uniting tradition with innovation. About The Glenmorangie Company The company is part of Moet Hennessy, the wines and spirits division of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Headquartered near Edinburgh, Scotland, the company produces two main single malt brands ? Glenmorangie Single Highland malt whisky and Ardbeg Single Islay malt ? in addition to a range of other whiskies. About Moet Hennessy Diageo Singapore Moet Hennessy Diageo Singapore (previously known as Riche Monde Pte Ltd) was inaugurated on 1 January 2007.

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