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I get the sense that a lot of players are disappointed by Egypt and just plain fatigued by the time they reach Transylvania. But what I like most about Egypt is the aesthetic: open terrain, modern day Egyptians, and especially sunlight. This ancient ruined town, patrolled by the robed deathless, is the site of a curse I’m starting to unfold through quests.

How can you resist the gnarled little forest witch who knows how to turn into an owl but can’t figure out her 80s-era PC? Wide-open swathes of desert and towns torn by civil war aren’t easy to do with this graphics engine and this usual MMO model of static quests and static mobs.
Luckily, a lot of Egypt is the expected ancient ruins and raidable tombs, but how many times have you Lara Crofted your way through that content already?

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