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Agents Fite n' Maad prevent Mighty Endowed from escaping the All-Purpose Enforcement Squad headquarters. Secret Files and Origins This issue is a special "Secret Files and Origins" issue supplying background information to an ongoing volume, character, team or concept. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Secret Files category. Artemis Crock is a member of the Team, originally under the name Artemis and later Tigress. Artemis left the hero life behind with her boyfriend Wally West, but returned for an undercover mission. During her adolescent years, Artemis's personality was a product of her unusual upbringing.
While operating as Tigress, she wears a predominantly burnt orange and black costume, with a hard orange mask that covers her forehead, nose and cheeks resembling a stylized tiger's face. Artemis's father trained her to use a bow as her primary weapon, and frequently subjected her to apparently criminal tests. When her mother Paula was released from prison, she returned home and spoke in private with Artemis's father.
During one of her nightly patrols, Artemis stumbled upon a fight between Amazo and Superboy, Robin and Kid Flash in the halls of Gotham Academy. Artemis practiced with Green Arrow and the Team, and attended classes by Black Canary and Captain Atom.
The month started with a mission in Bialya, where the Team lost access to the last six months of their memory. She continued her patrols with Green Arrow in Star City,[25] and started classes at Gotham Academy. On the same day as her first school day, the Cave was attacked by Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. What was meant to be a simple telepathic training exercise went horribly wrong after Miss Martian's emotions took over after Artemis "died". Early on in the month, Artemis continued to pressure Zatanna into joining, and she eventually got her wish, though not in the way she wanted. The party was cut short by a series of ice fortresses attacking the continental United States.
Red Arrow returned on the Team and had a mission involving Sportsmaster, and Artemis volunteered. The Bio-Ship dropped Artemis and Alpha Squad off near the digsite where doctor Sandsmark was last seen. At the Museum of Natural History, Alpha Squad fought its way through several squads of Shadows, all the while avoiding debris from increasing seismic activity.
With Sportsmaster gone, Alpha Squad could focus on civilians, who were still trapped in the museum, which had become increasingly unstable.
Aqualad needed help for his deep cover in the Light, and he and Nightwing recruited Artemis.[42] Aqualad's position had to be secured, and for that to happen, he had to "kill" Artemis. Young Justice is a great show for comic book fans and probably those fair weather fans also.  The series is fun, complex and much deeper than you’d expect from a “kids” show.  With some really screwed up characters trying to work out their problems, tons of big super-hero and villain cameos, and a great look, Young Justice is a must! Young Justice learns that Green Arrow has taken up Artemis as his student and learns Speedy is now going by Red Arrow.
Kent Nelson disappears, and Young Justice is sent out to find him.  When Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch-Boy use Young Justice and Nelson to gain access to Dr.
Aqualad returns to Poseidonis and is reunited with Tula but learns things have changed since he became the leader of Young Justice. Young Justice demands information on Red Tornado and his family and learn that Aqualad knew about a traitor.
The sword of Beowulf has been stolen by a villain named Harm and is now being used for evil. It is Kid Flash’s sixteenth birthday and a snowstorm has struck the country created by Vandal Savage. Biaylan is threatening to overtake Qurac, and Young Justice is sent on a covert mission to see if Queen Bee is behind it.  When Young Justice discovers the Logan Animal Sanctuary and learn that Ms.

The Justice League debates new members and questions what it takes to be accepted in the League.
There is a traitor in Haley’s Circus, and Robin has taken Artemis, Superboy, Red Arrow, and Ms. As Red Arrow, Icon, Plastic Man, and the Atom are sworn in as members of the Justice League, Young Justice welcomes Rocket to the team.  With a new lead of Cheshire and the technology stolen during the Injustice Society’s attack, Young Justice heads out on a mission that will expose all of their secrets.
Red Arrow is revealed to be the mole as the Justice League is overtaken.  Now it is up to Young Justice to free the Justice League from Vandal Savage and Klarion the Witch-Boy before Earth is overtaken.
These one-shots appear frequently, and often serve to more pointedly establish official canonical sources for in-universe content about characters. Always ready with a witty and biting remark, she is intent on proving herself to anyone who questions her.
She has olive-toned skin with long thick blonde hair and dark gray eyes.[6][nb 1] Artemis is slender in stature, yet has an athletic build.
It was colored in various shades of green and consisted of a mask extending from the hairline to the cheekbones, a sleeveless top with a stylized arrow tip on the front, fingerless gloves, pants with black knee pads, and black combat boots.
During one of their crimes, her mother, Paula was crippled, and as a result took the fall for her husband.
She stated that she had gone straight and that she wanted Artemis to do the same, and she wanted him to leave.
Green Arrow devised a cover story for her, that she was his niece and new sidekick.[21] Her first meeting with the rest of the Team was rocky, as Red Arrow was also present and did not like his place being taken. They succeeded, with help from the Justice League.[28] Not long after, Zatara decided it was time to introduce his daughter Zatanna to the Team. Artemis slipped into a coma, from which she did not awake until after Miss Martian was "killed" as well. She was upset about it, and Zatanna offered her a distraction: crime fighting in New York City. Witnessing Wally's attempts to get a kiss from M'gann, Artemis decided to tell him she was taken. But when she learned her place on the Team was because her mother had begged Batman and Green Arrow to help her—and not, as she thought, because she saved Kid Flash—she began to question her position. The rest thought she was just eager to show herself off against Red Arrow, but at least part of it was to assure herself she earned a place.
After Superboy confessed his connection to Lex Luthor, Artemis decided to tell her friends about her family.
Artemis immediately apoligized for a poor joke from Wally, blaming it on a lack of pancakes. She discovered Sandsmark had left a message on it, explaining that the League of Shadows was after a Babylonian artifact she recovered. Artemis disagreed, citing the loss of Aquagirl as a heavy blow to the Team and Garth in particular. He told her about his day—trying to persuade Red Arrow to get his act back together—and how it was a failure. Martian, Superboy, Artemis, and Rocket and show that they are up for the challenge.  The threat of the mysterious Light grows, but the biggest traitor to Young Justice and the Justice League might be right within their ranks. When Red Arrow reveals to Young Justice that a prominent scientist was forced to design a weapon technology stealer for the League of Shadows, Young Justice sets out to protect her while trying to stop the League of Shadows. When Poseidonis is attacked by Black Manta and his agents, Aqualad discovers Black Manta’s real target is a strange giant sea star.
As the team tries to remember their identities, they try to remember the events that led them to Biaylan. Red Arrow finds himself forced to protect Luthor and finding himself the target of Ra’s Al Ghul, Cheshire, and Sportsmaster.
Martian and Superboy go undercover at Belle Reve as the Terror Twins to investigate why Killer Frost, Captain Cold, Mr.
Captain Marvel steps in as temporary instructor, and Young Justice finds themselves being sent to Africa to investigate reports of gorilla attacks. Young Justice prepares for a big Halloween dance and Zatanna and Artemis decide to take a girl’s night out when Artemis learns about Ms.

Without the Justice League or any adults, Young Justice sets out to help the younger children and restore the adults. With the Justice League and Young Justice stopping an attack, Wally is charged with delivering an organ to save a girl’s life. Superboy is contacted by Lex Luthor and learns that Cadmus could be hiding another clone.  With the revelation that he is part human, Superboy is given “shields” from Luthor that allow him to access his full Kryptonian powers and finds out more about himself than he wanted to know when he finds a program called Match. She is the daughter of Sportsmaster and retired villain Huntress, and the younger sister of Cheshire. Artemis conceals her defensive nature with an aggressive attitude, exhibiting a wild temperament that is apparent when people argue or belittle her.
At the age of fifteen, Artemis had hair down to her waist, which she often kept tied back in a ponytail, both in uniform and civilian garb.
She had a black utility belt and pouch strapped on her left leg that were likely filled with assorted tools.
Because the two robots had managed to overpower their superpowered teammates, Artemis heavily doubted her ability to defeat them.
Unfortunately, Cheshire and Sportsmaster threatened to expose her secrets, and she botched the mission.
They took it well; Robin already knew, and Kid Flash finally realized why she failed the earlier mission. They chased him to the Antiquities wing, and found him when he had just stolen the artifact. Artemis consoled him, and was surprised after all of that, Wally remembered Valentine's Day, for the first time in five years.
With a special Glamour Charm, they concealed her identity, allowing her to go undercover.[43] As "Tigress", she posed as Aqualad's hand-picked lieutenant, and helped him in his role as the Light's chief field operative. Martian finds adjusting to Earth is more difficult than she thought and that Superboy doesn’t trust her because of her powers.  When Red Tornado sends Young Justice to investigate an attack at a power plant, they encounter a villain named Mr. Artemis finds is accepted into a prestigious school and is forced to accept for her mother. When they discover the last six months of memories are gone, they realize Superboy’s pre-Young Justice days only had an animal side. When Captain Marvel is captured by Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, Young Justice must work together to rescue him. Billy Batson finds himself unable to transform into Captain Marvel without risking disappearing.
When Vandal Savage delays Kid Flash, Kid Flash learns he is part of a greater chain of events.
Megan’s real form comes into question.  Psimon is exposed as the villain and threatens to show all of Young Justice what Megan truly looks like. Artemis carried a quiver along her back with a bow and a multitude of multi-purpose arrows. Encouraging words from Robin did not help much, but when he too was captured and all pressure was on her, she pulled through. With renewed resolve, the Team took out an ambush by the Light,[32] and later the mind-controlled Justice League aboard the Watchtower. They fought him, but when a helicopter arrived, Sportsmaster could escape with the artifact. When the forces working against Young Justice learn of Young Justice’s interference, an inside operative is revealed. As the children search for their parents, the adults find themselves in a world without parents. Martian and Superboy face the first day of school under the names of Megan Morse and Connor Kent and meet Wendy and her brother Marvin as they adjust to school life. When Billy discovers that he can travel between worlds, Young Justice and the Justice League plot their attacks.

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