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AN enchanting new documentary series introduces us to the residents of one of Britain’s most popular zoos. PHProud mum Thi Hi Way with her one-week-old calf, NanditaDealing with gangly giraffes, mischievous meerkats and pregnant elephants is all part of daily life for the zookeepers at Chester Zoo.
We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. After previous weeks have bought us a spindly new-born giraffe, inseparable best friend penguins, and lazy aardvarks, prepare for more ridiculous levels of cuteness on The Secret Life of the Zoo.
It’s back to the elephant enclosure of Chester Zoo in Episode 4, with hilarious rough-and-tumble duo Hari and Bala having to make way for new baby Nandita. It’s not just the new arrival that’s causing drama in the enclosure – on a more serious note, a virus outbreak among elephants in captivity and out in the wild sparks safety concerns. With the babies most at risk, the zoo’s veterinary team have to do everything possible to make sure they’re not affected. From stupendously cute baby elephants to one of the most unsightly creatures in the animal kingdom, prepare for a closer look at the naked mole rat. Be warned: it’s not a looker, and you’ll be watching with a sense of grim fascination, waiting for the moments when Nandita ambles back onto the screen. We’ve delved into the secret lives of children, students, and even pets, but Channel 4 now turns to our furry friends at the zoo. While 1.6 million visitors flock to Chester Zoo each year, none are given the kind of access that Channel 4 viewers will be privy to. We all love baby animals and the first episode of the series welcomes a new-born elephant, by way of matriarch of the herd, Thi. The Channel 4 documentary series set behind the scenes at Chester Zoo has already brought us a touching story of best friend penguins Rud and Spike, and the arrival of an adorable baby elephant.

Now in Episode 3 there’s another new arrival as giraffe Orla gives birth to her three week-overdue calf.
It’s not about the long-limbed favourites though – elsewhere there are the adorably smiley, if scarily huge, mountain chicken frogs, which make up part of Chester’s conservation efforts as a species close to extinction.
Finally, we also meet a trio of mischievous aardvarks to see what they get up to when no-one’s looking.
Following animals in captivity might not be the usual angle for a wildlife documentary, but this warm, funny, and caring series finds plenty to enjoy from the colourful characters that Chester has to offer - and that includes the staff.
The Secret Life of the Zoo (working title) takes a look behind the scenes of Britain’s most popular zoo. Channel 4 says that viewers will see a baby giraffe being born, tigers moving house and a pregnant viper being x-rayed. The series will also examine the logistical operation required to keep all 12,500 zoo animals fed, watered and happy.
Finally, in terms of Northern productions, 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown returns for a seventh series. Originally commissioned as a one-off special, it will feature original captains, Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, alongside guests including Jason Manford, Richard Osman and Vic Reeves. As The Secret Life of the Zoo reaches its final episode, we’ll be sad to say goodbye to the staff and the adorable animals of Chester Zoo. The series has proved a welcome pick-me-up each week, shedding light on delightful births, sad deaths, and everything in between. In this last episode of the series, the staff take on a job that sounds like the set-up to a joke: taking part in the annual bat census. It’s a task that proves as arduous as it sounds – each bat in the enclosure must be caught so that they can keep track of how many new arrivals there have been in the past year.

Unless a second series of this charming documentary series is commissioned, the next best thing will be a trip to Chester Zoo itself.
For example, the young elephant Hari messes around with his aunts just because he can and red panda Nima snubs her partner Jung. We can also expect to meet the meerkats, witness feeding time, and see animals selected for breeding. After the trauma of the birth is all said and done with, we get to see how it mingles with the rest of the herd. This includes the fourth and final series of Fresh Meat and a “major new” documentary based at Chester Zoo.
Using a range of filming techniques, including micro-rigs to capture close up animal behaviour, it will explore what the animals get up to, as well as their relationships with the keepers. Filmed at The Sharp Project in Manchester, it takes the students into their final year of university.
If the trailer is anything to go by, the cuteness factor will be unavoidable (except maybe when the tarantulas receive their airtime).
Along with meerkats, her current charges are aardvarks, sloths, giant anteaters and mongooses. When people come to the zoo in daytime, they only see the aardvarks asleep and will sometimes make comments that they’re boring or lazy.

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