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The Honorable John Hay, Secretary of State, handing to Jules Cambon, the French ambassador, the $20,000 due to Spain under the Treaty of Peace.
When his friend William McKinley became President, Hay was named ambassador to Great Britain in 1897.
Voter Turnout is estimated at 22.31%, which is sadly average for primary elections in Arizona.
This entry was posted in Arizona Congressional Races, Arizona State Legislature, AZBlueMeanie, Elections, Governor, Primaries. One of these following facts about John Quincy Adams is going to make you more admired of him.
Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams was the daughter of an American merchant and an Englishwoman. John Quincy Adams was made a diplomat to the Netherlands in 1794 by President George Washington. President Madison named Adams the chief negotiator for peace between America and Great Britain at the end of the War of 1812. Despite losing the presidency in 1828, Adams was elected to represent his district in the US House of Representatives.
Adams was a key part of the Part of the defense team for slave mutineers on the Spanish ship Amistad. Those following facts about John Quincy Adams might make you feel more amazed about the his life.

Some of the recognition of the longstanding community of interests between that country and the United came as a result of Hay's stay there.
As you know, John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States and served as American diplomat, Senator and Congressional representative.
He would serve as a minister to a number of European countries from 1794-1801 and from 1809-1817. He brought his diplomatic skills to bear while establishing fishing rights with Canada, formalizing the western US-Canada border, and negotiating the Adams-Onis Treaty that gave Florida to the United States.
He served in the House for 17 years before collapsing on the floor of the House and dying two days later in the Speaker of the House’s private chambers. He attended Brown University in Rhode Island before becoming the secretary of fellow Illinoian, President Abraham Lincoln. As a son of former President John Adams and Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams was also a member of the Federalist, Democratic-Rebulican, National Republican and later Anti-Masonic and Whig parties.
President James Madison made him minister to Russia where he witnessed Napoleon’s failed attempts to invade Russia. Further, he helped the president craft the Monroe Doctrine, insisting that it not be issued in conjunction with Great Britain. The belief is that Henry Clay negotiated that if he gave the presidency to Adams, Clay would be named Secretary of State.
While he asked for a number of key internal improvements, very few were passed and he did not accomplish much during his time in office.

However, many in the south opposed the tariff as it would result in less cotton being demanded by the British to make finished cloth. And also, since he took great responsibility to the whole America (let’s say), he was really kind to people, yet really caring to each other.
To get to know more about him, below are the other facts about John Quincy Adams to you may be interested in. Then spent five months travelling through Europe on his own before returning to America at age of 17. Interestingly, despite being a famed diplomat, Adams did not bring the same skills to his time in Congress where he served from 1802-1808. In 1878 he became assistant secretary of state and became part of a Washington group that included Henry Adams, Henry Cabot Lodge, and others.
From September 1787 to July 1788, the states meet, talked about, and finally voted to approve the Constitution.

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