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Now the game where very, very smart people do something very, very dumb - they play Not My Job.
SAGAL: So as the only guy with a doctorate in physics at the White House, the smartest guy there, do you know how to keep people out the front door? MONIZ: Well, I'm afraid it's been described for me, for example, on the blogosphere, the best hair in the Cabinet since 1794. MONIZ: I've been compared with the psychotic assassin in "No Country For Old Men," the Javier Bardem figure.
SAGAL: I wanted to ask you - as someone who has to translate science to the layperson, to congressmen in particular - what is it like to explain, say climate change, right, to someone who is really dumb?
MONIZ: I can assure you I have some excellent conversations with members of Congress, both parties, both chambers.
POUNDSTONE: Where you were somewhere sir, you were out just at a 7-11 or something and someone came up with admiration over your scientific achievements. MONIZ: Be quite serious about it, a number of young scientists around the country considered the pathway I've taken one that inspires them. SAGAL: When we found out we were going to be honored to have you on the show, the first thing we did is we looked up where you are on the line of succession. PIERCE: It goes by the creation - the date of the creation of the Cabinet department, I believe.
SAGAL: I thought housing - we need housing more than we need energy, so energy goes beneath housing. MONIZ: I have a perhaps favorite energy technology, which is solar energy, which I think will be very, very big as we go forward. SAGAL: We were going to get you to wade into that controversial issue of Gatorade versus Powerade, but you went right to your preferred topic. SAGAL: Get two right, you'll win our prize for one of our listeners - Carl Kasell's voice on their voicemail. SAGAL: Ever since Bert and Ernie were introduced on "Sesame Street" as roommates who shared a bedroom, they have been supposed of being gay partners - but not so.
SAGAL: Back around 2000-2001, some wag put up a site called Evil Bert, depicting Bert from Sesame Street doing evil things including being dressed as Mujahideen next to Osama bin Laden. SAGAL: So, in fact, Bert from Sesame Street appeared multiple times at these pro-Osama protests in Afghanistan.
KURTIS: Well, the secretary got one out of three, which is exactly what the previous secretary got. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. At official state dinners, the Secretary of State is the first Cabinet member to sit next to the President, immediately preceding any former Presidents and former First Ladies, who are followed by the rest of the Cabinet. The Secretary is responsible for managing the Department of State and all of its overseas missions, including some 67,000 employees in 2011.
Global leadership is a strategic imperative for America, not a favor we do for other countries. Moniz said NETL has and will continue to play an important role in fossil fuels research and development. In his remarks at the nation’s only federal laboratory dedicated to fossil fuel research, Moniz said that the Administration has spent $6 billion in clean-coal research, largely in the area of carbon capture, utilization and storage. Moniz, who was unanimously confirmed as Energy Secretary earlier this year, cited NETL’s role in developing unconventional shale gas drilling technology as an example of the kind of public-private partnership that leads to innovation.  He credited that partnership, coupled with a time-limited tax incentive, for developments that have increased opportunities in natural gas production and downstream manufacturing. He also predicted that more emphasis will be placed on working with states and regions on energy needs, resources and regulatory structures, because “it’s not one size fits all” across the nation.
TechConnectWV was represented at the event by Anne Barth, Executive Director, Russ Lorince, Chair, and Scott Rotruck, Board Member. Center for Rural AffairsA leading force engaging people and ideas in building a better future for rural America.

The Washington Post and other media outlets have reported that Governor Tom Vilsack is the "near shoo-in" in this process. Historically, Governor Vilsack has shown consistent support for reforming farm programs; especially making farm program payment limits more effective, reducing subsidies to the nation's largest farms and investing the savings in conservation, rural development, nutrition, etc. Politicians such as Vilsack have joined a host of interest groups from across the political spectrum that are pressing for changes in government assistance to agriculture.
Governor Vilsack has reiterated these positions since that time, both publicly and, quite recently, to me. Governor Vilsack's most ardent detractors have focused on his promotion of biotechnology as an economic opportunity for Iowa and Iowa farmers.
Because those concern are, arguably, the most significant criticism of Governor Vilsack as a potential Secretary of Agriculture and because the conflict between biotechnology and organic farming is so fundamental and structural in nature, I felt there was no other way of finding out more than to ask him. He offered his priorities for protecting organic farmers and organic production systems: labeling to provide consumers a stronger voice in the marketplace and create opportunities for farmers to develop high-valued markets for their products, coupled with separation distances and other similar production, transportation and processing requirements that would protect organic crops from contamination, and establishment of clear liability from the biotechnology company, processor or handler responsible for the contamination when it occurs. I still have the pen that Governor Vilsack gave me that he used to sign the livestock market reform and price reporting legislation that I worked on in the Iowa Legislature in 1999. I asked Governor Vilsack how USDA should address the challenge of more effective enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards Act, considering the abysmal record of the Packers and Stockyards Administration over the last decade. He also told me, "I agree with President-elect Obama's support for the provision in the farm bill that would have prohibited packers from owning livestock - support that he expressed both during the farm bill debate and his campaign. Reforming livestock markets is another one of those crucial, fundamental, structural issues that is, in my opinion, a litmus test for the next Secretary of Agriculture.
Vertical integration decreases market access for family farmers, decreases prices paid to independent producers, and fuels the construction of more and more CAFOs and the demise of more and more family farms.
During the last 12 years, three Secretaries of Agriculture have said virtually nothing and never lifted a finger to do anything about this issue (despite considerable authority under existing laws and myriad opportunities in both farm bill debates). It is difficult, if not impossible, to predict when, where and from whom leadership will emerge.
I hope that, at the end of the day, our next Secretary of Agriculture is the kind of leader that can help create a future for rural America with thriving family farms and ranches and vibrant rural communities. Secretary of Energy, is a professor emeritus of physics at MIT, where he served as the head of the physics department and directed the Bates Linear Accelerator Center. No, I mean - what I mean to say is when did you first adopt this hairstyle is what I meant to say? And frankly, I believe the argument is largely over as to whether we need to address climate change. Steven Chu came on the show about four years ago - soon after his appointment, and lost big time. In fact, the makers of "Sesame Street" early on tried to show that Bert was happily heterosexual by showing him doing what?
Bert and Ernie have had many things named after them in the many years they've been around including which of these? You believe that at George Clooney's wedding just last week in Venice to the acclaimed civil rights lawyer he married, one of the guests of honor was Bert? And some protesters who were protesting in favor of Osama in Afghanistan, printed out these pictures of Osama, not noticing that there was a bearded evil looking Bert next to him.
He or she travels around the world to build good relationships, advance American interests, and negotiate treaties and agreements on a vast range of issues.
If the President were to resign or die, the Secretary of State is fourth in line of succession after the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, and the President pro tempore of the Senate. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz toured the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown on July 29, addressing employees at the site, as well as at other NETL staff in locations around the country, including Pittsburgh, Oregon, Alaska, and Texas. Considering all the ongoing speculation and critique of the former Governor, I thought I should weigh in. They want the money moved from large farmers to conservation, nutrition, rural development and energy research.

Organic farmers and organic consumer advocates have great trepidation regarding Vilsack's full-throated support for biotechnology, fearing the destruction of the integrity of identity-preserved and organic production, processing, transportation and marketing systems from contamination by genetically modified materials. The introduction of pharmaceutical corn in Iowa, for example, could threaten conventional markets for export and domestic human consumption as well as organic farmers.
I know from the experience of working on that legislation and during subsequent debates over livestock market reforms that Governor Vilsack has consistently supported crucial livestock market reforms.
He pointed out that the 2008 farm bill contains, for the first time ever, a livestock competition title and that the first priority for USDA's enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards Act will be proper implementation and aggressive enforcement of the provisions in that title.
The Senate has twice passed the legislation banning packer ownership of livestock - in two farm bills - but both times it was removed in conference. Support from the Secretary of Agriculture and the White House could make all the difference in finally securing this necessary reform.
Duncan, an ardent proponent of gun control, hails from Chicago, where such shootings are ridiculously common despite gun control. Maybe he would just be punching his pillow, and his mother would still be here to give him support.
The nuclear physicist was previously an undersecretary of energy during the Clinton administration.
You - and I think this is true more than any other political figure today - you're known for your hair. Our big one, of course, right now, is supporting the president's initiative on climate change, going to clean energy. And we know, obviously, the president, then the vice president, then the speaker of the house, then the president pro tempore of the Senate.
A, a pair of high-energy particles from outside of the galaxy; B, the fists of Ultimate Fighting champion Demetrious Johnson - Bert and Ernie; or C, two gay penguins at the Pittsburgh Zoo?
NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. In early American history, the position of Secretary was seen as a steppingstone to the Presidency. It is the key to jobs, the fulcrum of our influence, and it matters – it really matters to the daily lives of Americans.
I asked him what areas need investment the most, to which he responded that such a question is like asking which of his two sons he loves the best. And, he added, that prioritization includes writing effective rules for enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards prohibition of "unreasonable preferences" in order to prevent price discrimination by packers against family farm livestock producers.
His public statements as Governor and as a candidate for President have been supportive of livestock market reforms, but have never figured prominently in either his campaigns or his gubernatorial priorities. And so long as the left claims, without evidence, that killers turn into frustrated teddy bears when gun laws are passed, they will continue to lose their argument.
But I might also add the Department of Energy has a second side, which goes back literally to World War II in terms of managing our nuclear weapons and trying to free the world of dangerous materials. Although, to be honest, that does not separate him from most other elected officials or public figures at this level. But, when I disagree with him in the future I will continue to engage him, just as I always have, whether he is a private citizen or the Secretary of Agriculture. He is probably the smartest person in President Obama's Cabinet, but he certainly has the best hair.
The Conservation Stewardship Program must be more adequately funded than in the past to preserve our most precious resources - our soil and water. In fact, he was once seen A, breaking into the White House; B, attending George Clooney's wedding; or C, declaring his allegiance to Osama bin Laden?

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